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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chemtrails/ possible link to skin and clothing

I dont know what to think of this subject matter. I understand what they are saying about the way they look in the sky but what proof is there that they have any chemicals in them?

However I do know that certain factions are documented as to have been experimenting with drugs to control humans- 'mind control'. Thier thoughts, feelings/emotions,etc.
Psychological warfare- to gain peoples hearts and minds. Wouldnt this make it outright easier.

So spreading such drugs or chemicals either on a large scale or targeting just one person or group is definitely feasible.

Many TIs have personally experienced being what could be described as 'dosed' with a surprise attack via spray bottle. There are other ways of delivery as well.
It must be assumed that if one faction has this resource and power then others do to.


If you want to try and waste your time trying to figure out who is doing this exactly then you do that. I dont have any idea becuz I dont have the data or the connections. Just follow paper trails about who has been experimenting etc.

One of the reasons its so fun for perps is that alot of people know what is up and TIs seem to know things they shouldnt or be against what is going on. Its fun for them to be informed and to watch the TI struggle to understand.
They believe we are inferior often becuz we are ignorant...well alot less ignorant than the average person out there thats for sure. And if we are so inferior then why the need suppress what we think and say or oppress us as people?

I have noticed something concerning the clothing issue.
Also being dirty oppossed to showering frequently.

As a traveler now I run into alot of people who feel its better to be dirty. For health reasons I do not wish to be a dirty kid..also if I do not shower I feel unhealthy and even depressed. In certian areas where I travel I feel lets say much more strong and mentally coherent when I shower. There may actually be things that can stick to the skin and stay in the clothing. How the delivery system works I do know. If it is air born like chemtrails makes sense.

I felt a profound change after dealing with a health issue involving my skin.
My fear is that should I post it then the system will change the way it does things to make this way of fixing the problem ineffective. You have to understand that alot of what is going on targeting us is to see just how far each of us can be pushed until we give in or wear down into the behavior modification system/program we are in. This also might involve taking any info we present and using it to show that someone smart but not knowledgeable could figure this out and make a simple cure or remedy. We may very well be helping these assholes test thier damn prison system. That is why I dont just publish all the ways I fight what is going on. Why so the perps can make improvements? F*ck them.

So that is a recent discovery.

I will not get into this becuz it really sounds paranoid but there is a story about a person on a bus who was convinced that they experienced alot of people getting sleepy at the same time on this bus. That the public may well be chemically dosed in lots of ways of delivery. If it can happen to one person why not many?
However, not only would this cause hysteria among sheep but it sounds way to out there. Even though its have to be careful with this one. Claiming that one person gets messed with by a group targeting them is unbelievable enough but to claim some faction is messing with mass mind control of the populous.

I just cant go near that one. I would rather illustrate how it is done to one person and let other people reach the conclusion that other uses for such things are possible.

It could even be to target only certain groups in the population as you would target a TI individually.

Another reason I am not comfortable with posting all my ideas is becuz the military or NASA I forget were having sci fi writers and other creative people think up scenarios and then put them up for feasibility testing. With TIs someone could be getting that free. Possibly.

I only know what TIs tell me and what I have experienced. Most of the public wont care about this anyway..they havent been cheated out of thier health, youth, mind and out of their lives. They are satisfied and have no reason to chase answers. To expose things as the only means of revenge. Anyone who wants the info can have it. They would have to be looking for this subject matter anyway.


Anonymous said...

I've experienced plenty of these "surprise attacks" via spray bottle, as well as assholes in cars driving past with "Super Soaker" guns but I believe they were just water. That's what they're telling me, anyways. If that's true (only water), I'm not sure what purpose that serves, but I'm sure it could be a placebo effect testing, to test against a larger control group. Or, maybe water has some electrical properties that aid the remote detection, as it helps the skin conduct incident electromagnetic waves better. It could be something to aid the remote harassment.

Well, psychological attacks are plenty enough for me, and those mental attacks can cause the body to attack itself via its own chemicals. I have nearly constant psychological attacks that are used to traumatize me and turn my own thoughts against myself. It's like they are putting me in "thought prison" to traumatize me if I think certain thoughts.

Notice how perp "smarts" are different than normal scholar smarts: perp "smarts" are just knowing stuff they shouldn't know. They live in a shallow, superficial world where they are convinced that everything is cut and dried, and stereotypes are always law. Oops, I gave the arseholes another idea for a psychological attack.

I have noticed that they believe themselves to be a superior species to us TIs. Again, it's because of their shallow, superficial world where because you can't see past the horizon, duh it means the world is flat. How stupid of some non-conformist scientist to tell us otherwise.

On that last idea, consider what happened to people like Galileo and Newton who dared challenge the notion that all the planets revolve around the Sun instead of the earth. The general population never liked that sort of thing: they want what they are familiar with, and everything to be nice and cut and dried. It's like when I wanted to turn some people on to Linux, and they said no, because they wanted to run what the rest of the world is running: Windows. Thinking differently than others gives most people a bad feeling. They are so resistant to change. Yet this "change" thing is used on us constantly by the perps to convert us to their ways: always hounding us about how come we're so scared of "change". Yet they can't seem to think for themselves.

Medawar said...

BAe used to run something via the University of Manchester called "Project Greenglow" to deal with any generals or Air Vice Marshals who tried to actually order something they'd seen working on "Star Trek" or "Doctor Who". No anti-grav drive that Medawar's aware of, but it did produce a stick-on stealth film for aircraft whose characteristics were electrically adjustable. So the aircraft can change itself to be most stealthy to whatever's the most dangerous thing that's looking its way.
This is a couple of generations ahead of the thick daub of carbon and silver flakes coating the F22 (and flaking off and sodding up the engines, by all accounts.)

I think that you, like Medawar, are being targeted with toxic chemicals, primarily, rather than anything EM (unless you're in a library or somewhere where they might have the equipment ready), and that washing self and clothes every couple of days is probably a good idea. Wash your face at least if you can't shower.

Whatever the chemical is, it's attracted to hair, wool and synthetic fibre. Probably, it'll turn out to be something really basic and widely available, rather than anything greenglowish. Think wasp-nest destroyer and GBL and you'll probably be on the right lines.

Harassment waxes and wanes a bit, Michelle Looney found a bomb in her cooker at one stage; most things are a step down from that. That was a panic reaction and she must have been pretty close to doing her perps some useful harm.

Medawar has had the same impression when narrowly missed by a stolen Peugeot 205 driven straight at him, with a head stuck out the passenger window screaming hate-filled threats.

Medawar said...

This could help explain why it's so hard to stay healthy when living rough:

Anonymous said...

I've noticed there is an all-out assault to purify my thoughts as much as possible. Could there be something to mind control, that they require the target to have 100% "clean" thoughts? I've noticed that when I think something negative about someone, they will send in a clone of the person saying things to "counteract" any negative thoughts I was thinking about the person. Any hints as to why that is? I've read where thought purity is of the utmost importance in "rehabilitating" someone, although it could merely be an excuse to harass me further.