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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

disclosure= discreditation

Remember for most people involved in betraying a TI if the person tells their side this will be a relief for them. Finally the person can be fully discredited and they can be rid of them for good.   I can feel it. That is what everyone is waiting for.  

'Its almost over ' is what most of the *ssholes in my life are probably thinking.  Finally we can be rid of her.  In a very final sort of way, not just me wondering around still holding it together not saying anything. 

Just watch how true this prediction is going to be.  Watch how no one blinks an eye to anything I say or do just like its been  the whole time.  Systematic ignoring of the target/victim is the only way to ensure complete blocking of the person and their testimony.

I only care that other TIs hear what I have to say and to use it against any and all enemies, betrayers and perpetrators. 

This system lays lives to waste and then ignores what remains of the person. 

My ghost and your's deserves more.


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why the people actually WANT this. Is it because they believe it will give them all kinds of magical powers? You've always read about the allegorical stories in various forms of people who "sold out" to get their "wishes", only to discover they didn't get what they thought they would. Maybe the Adam and Eve story, how they thought they would have all kinds of wisdom. Think of how old that story is. Could it have been referring to the same system as today, i.e., one is "empowered" with all kinds of wisdom, only to discover they have been "banished" from the "garden". I guess it's a story about becoming enslaved when the victim thought he would be getting untold wisdom and wealth. What he got was some "knowledge" (Could be in the form of info about his enemies), and a life of slavery, and toil.

But I keep hearing that was stolen from an even older story by ancient Mesopotamia. Wow, if that's the case, imagine how old this system really is? Perps in the know tell me it (organized stalking type slavery) goes back to the evolution of man itself. Maybe the story refers to this, and the people who wrote it knew something about it? They were well-studied scholars after all, and you can't dispute that fact even if you aren't religious. Man is, after all, a hunter, who stalks not only animals, but human prey as well. This has never changed, despite the technology.

Rachael O. said...

Read up on MK Ultra as part of Nazi human experimentation. The creation of the Superman. Read about the US military working on creating a self healing soldier. Or working on using what sounds like V2K to create soldiers who can take instructions on the battlefield 'telepathically'.

Why WOULDNT anyone 'want this?'

Also its to keep programmed people who wake up and survive quiet.

Look up Technomancers if you want to go deeper.