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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suffering greatly in Boston..a model for a mind controlled false environment/ prison

This has to be the most evil place I have ever had to deal with. There has become something intrinsically evil about Boston over the years. Maybe it was always this way.

I am experiencing alot of the same effects of what must logically be tech. And its in the same ways in the same places as my last run through here. The MBTA train system is god damn managed by that Pavlovian bell system they have on the can feel it just eventually disturbing the private councousness of every patron and hypnotizing them along the way. Everyone looks so depressed. If they are at all successful they look like total stress cases and if they arent they all look like they are in a permanent statue pose of someone considering suicide.

Its awful. The kids are the only ones who seem to be enjoying themselves.

This place is a prison to begin with as the social class system and heirchy has always been but now it seems that tech and psych warfare on the masses has built upon that. I rate this very high on the list of cities I have been to that seems a model of a prison.

Now for practical reasons I understand that even more than NYC Boston must and will be protected from any and all terrorist threats. Notice how Boston never sees damage like other cities.
Youve got Raytheon here, MIT, Harvard, the mob, old money, new money, important politicians,the hospitals, prominent WASPS, Catholics and Jews. 128 in Waltham etc. There is no way that this place is getting touched by anything. Plus numerous college students to make money off of.

The amount of anti terror that I can tell from experience that is used here is incredible and sophisticated.
Perhaps they felt that only a prison type environment that only served to benefit the populations they wanted protected was in order. The problem with this is that any corruption on the part of the system will be deadly towards a target.  Any threat to anyone here who they feel is worth more than the target.

In other words it becomes an extension of how corrupt and paid off cops take care of inconvenient people for crooks. 
Perhaps its business as usual when rich criminals are worth protecting opposed to someone who cant pay off the system.

Also I can say that I am being tortured here now daily and one of the results desired seems to be that I should run off and start ratting on my old associates in order to save my life. I am actively being tortured with that ideation.   The physical sensations are horrible.  And you dont even want to know what goes on mentally.

Its not that I dont think they all deserve total ruination considering what they helped do to my life.  And if ever they thought I was ever going to do anything to them thus thier part in this campaign, they were fooled by the same system.  Its called a set up.   (Also none of my eccentricities ever mattered before 2003 and everyone getting busted. I notice its just easier to get rid of me than for anyone else to be wrong. I have been dealing with being targeted my whole life and especially since 1996 after my mother tried to go to the Presidents Advisory Commitee for Human Radiation Experiments and dropped it due to being 'followed'. (When is everyone going to get a clue that that is probably what this is really about?  Its so damn obvious. Just the timing in itself is enough.)

Its that I do not think the feds or whoever should conduct themselves this way and if they insist on such methods I  dont want to deal with them anyway.  Its called a subpeaona. Unless you have one I dont have anything to say to you.   Its a set up.  This is what was happening in 2006. People who looked like feds in sedans were messing with me and people were accusing me of running from the FBI.   Its all b*llshit.  The people who were my old associates will never be touched by anyone and we all know it.  Also its a bit late for that now and finally its been intimated to me that I have been discredited due to me acting crazy publically while being targeted over the years anyway.

So why the continued harassment over such an issue?

Part of MK Ultra was to gain confession from 'agents'..anyone who knows anything about this will know that they are simply trying to beat a survivor's programming.  
From what I have seen there is an effort to get confession out of programmed people as well as test the limits of programming that resembles that of a suicide bomber.  A terrorist. 

The behavior modification programs that alot of us are in are to reform people who are programmed and to see if programmed people can be modified.  There has been much in the news over the past years dealing with trying to get suicide bombers to convert their ways or beliefs.  On higher levels that do not want the public to know about programming...ever.. these actions are done covertly.

THIS is why I will not comply as my Will is being bent.  Becuz its all about human experimentation not me being a real threat. And its about the factions..the powers that be continung to want to use mind control to get things done.

I will not take part in continuing these horrors of the human race.  I dont care who's security is at stake.  My life has been ruined and I have no peace and no future.   I will now not just turn around and behave.    As far as I have researched I was doing everything I was supposed to the right way to become a healed person with a productive life. Other survivors have identified the same methods that I was using intutively as the right way to go about healing.

The threat is ultimately that one could become self programming. I believe this is the ultimate thing they dont want happening.  Also it seems that to test the limits of someone's internal systems is the end to these means. 

Why was it so impossible for me to go to school and get a therapist who could actually help me put my intense creative energy into something channeled properly?  I used to ask for help all the time and people would just stale mate me constantly.  However, no one ever accused me of being as crazy as I magically was percieved as during getting targetd around the time of that federal investigation.  So no one before the take down in 2005 accused me of being nuts, however no one would really help me help myself either. 

Its called handling.

Then when you wont be handled you get destroyed.


Medawar said...

Boston was where all the IRA terrorist campaigns were actually conceived and planned, as well as where nine tenths of the funds came from.

Irish mafia in Boston control most of the Cocaine distribution in the USA and are heavily involved into attempts to run it directly to Europe from Columbia. They use horse-racing and breeding to launder ill-gotten loot and cover up shipments.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Boston. It was always that way - i mean I remember getting the creeps there when I was under 2 years old! We luckily moved away soon after to another creepy American town.

BTW, found some material you might be interested in but be warned, it's on GLP.

Thanks for sticking with the blog. ~