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Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Are Gang Stalking Perps? (OnMC Wordpress post)

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Anonymous said...

They could be indeed clones or some sort of human-tech hybrid but 90% of them are humans. But knowing the type of things they have done and are doing secretly, they could be replacing people with programmed clones.

I happen to be RH Negative and there is informacion online statting these people cannot be cloned and therefore this might be on of the reasons of my targeting since birth. (Yes, targeted since birth, very sick)

The type of perps they send over depend on you as how you react as a TI, your personality and what is available around the area.
In my case I have had all sorts of perps but they usually assign one or two "dangerous" perps to keep me in line whenever I fight back or go against programming. The perp - TI relationship is that of a us vs them, this in itself is a form of mind inluence.