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Thursday, December 10, 2015

McDonalds Downtown Boston Its Still Ridiculous

This older white thin lady works there and has been a gang stalking fool for years. Why is she so nasty or indignant (in that quiet way with total deniability.that only the Irish can come up with)?

This town takes business way to personal.

If you want organized crime crooked cops elite pedophile networks the scam known as the homeless industry drug dealers corporate America and basically the NWO thats your business.

Take being an uppity self righteous bitch and shove it up your ass.

Its so tiring. My grandmother used to pull the same tedious Irish Catholic bullshit her whole life.  The kid in the family who is realizes how messed up the family really is and is too smart or asks too many questions HAS TO BE SHUT DOWN, BLOCKED, INVALIDATED, VILLIFIED and SLANDERED AS CRAZY.

This is why I can deal with this system so well. I grew up with this foolishness. This is what families do and entire towns, cities, companies even countries. Its all the same set up. You see these poor souls on the street and in shelters all the time. Then when they drop dead the family does this barely plausible act like they gave a shit but its more obvious they are finally glad their problem is now gone.
Not me f&ckers. It aint gonna be me.

Its such a shitty act.

Oh...have pic of yet another Boston black that was doing gesturing, staring like a menacing idiot and being a general pain in the ass.

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