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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lemmy Kilmister, Lead Singer Of MOTÖRHEAD 1945-2015

Motörhead. Godfathers of metal.

With us since childhood. Respectable. Dependable. Inspirational. Point of reference for what decent metal should be.

Invaluable to this project they and other bands have provided not only wortjy battle music for daily struggle but very approporiate material for inspiring people to fight for themselves.

Like other bands of English descent they also provided a connection to sounds and concepts lost to those living in the new world. Awakening the Celtic and Anglo Saxon DNA.

Lemmy once said their success was simply their refusal to "go away". Ive used that many times.
Lemmy is always an inspiration. Thats why his death isnt sad.

Everyone dies. It will happen to all of us. Old age. Then death.

Its the warriors that go to Vallhall. They dont die they live on as examples.

Also people who are commited and responsible to what they do and do it well are not sad losses. He did his job while he was here its that simple.

Perhaps I should have told him while he was alive.

And this comes just one month after their long time drummer passed away.

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