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Friday, December 11, 2015

Runaway Train And No Longer Being Able To Sleep In Common Spot Might Be Retaliation For My Work

I was on a train headed to Braintree yesterday morning very early. They made us all get off in JFK Station (before trains split off to Braintree and Ashmont) but the trains that this one might have crashed into were on outbound side going to Alewife Station Cambridge).

As I was sitting on the platform of Central Sq station last night an MBTA worker walked by me and said something very quickly which sounded like "you're getting us in trouble (over) here".

Last few nights have been fairly quiet where I sleep often enough and many of the regular people who stay there who try to befriend me or do tactical gesturing HAVEN'T BEEN THERE. The T police have been waking people up at 5 which wasnt happening before.

If I stay away from the place and show up then they dont come to wake people. If I begin going every nite they come around again.

This morning they said there were so many complants in the last week.that no one is going to be allowed to sleep there anymore. They didnt tell everyone that however.

The cop in the video I posted earlier was there.this morning and he wasnt before.

This doesnt make sense becuz weeks have gone past where their little rats or minions have been there smoking during the day and still sleeping on the floor in the daytime totally disrespectful of the priveledge.

The same people who have been there for weeks magically aren't there when its time for taking names so they know who's been told they cant stay there.

Even I didnt think the day time thing was ok.

So why were they there? And they were all people who would do gesturing. Chronic drunks who are low functioning and some have mental illness issues but they can still perform gang stalking?

One woman an older blonde whos very messed up has repeatedly stated she is or was a Harvard employee.  Its not like these people are faking being drunk.

Last night i had to deal with a well known drunk  from Harvard who's inside now, and moved from booze to nasty habits- coming over to the station from where he stays just to pretend not to know me so he could gain my trust for a few minutes then start doing gesturing halfway through the conversation.

He kept saying he liked his new girlfriend becuz among other things she's not a rat. I also asked him what hw thought of Harvard now and he wouldnt even talk about it or agree it has changed etc.

So as Ive posted before many places that seem randomly messed up are that way by design.

And if this blog is considered ratting you are completely full of shit becuz Im not the one being paid off to help commit war crimes against other US citizens.

I should be able to use any sleep space anyone else does as long as I need to stay here til i go away for the winter. And i bet you they relax the rules again once I leave.

It was hard to sleep anyways becuz once it was obvious I was going to be there regularly mysteriously people would show up and disrupt the place.   Then i would stay away for a few days and show up and it would be perfectly peaceful and quiet for that night.

Just like when I used to stay in Harvard. Same cycle.

To be fair I had a strong intuition not to go there last night and a few nights ago but stubbornly did. This would have prevented me from being one of the people who had been told not to stay there anymore.

Im also wondering if this is some sort of nastiness to scare people into privitizing the T. It was the govenor who said it was tampering not the MBTA heads.

The T is facing a hefty multi billion dollar cost in getting the system up to par. Ive seen in the past everyone from Museum Of Fine Arts to the bar in Brighton across the street from my apartment get renovations and extensions built seemingly for cooperating with gang stalking a TI which just screams Masonic involvement.

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