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Monday, December 7, 2015

Circle Laundry aka Laundry Unlimited In Medford Heavy GS And Owner Uses Black & Red POC Core For Psych Warfare Strong Arming

Older white male owner employs Latinos liklwy south Americans it appeared one or two blacks. TOTAL racist hiring practices.

ONE OF THE WORST most active gang stalking businesses Ive experienced in eastern MA-metro Boston area.

State police barracks and courthouse for Cambridge located here.
Im tryung to get rid of whatever thus is i caught in Prov that also seems to be in parts of Cambridge, Somerville and poorer neighborhoods south of Boston.
I got there and realized I didnt have time to dry if I washed so I began packing up and the employees started mobbing me.
(I believe this is part of the 'make the Target lose or leave behind their possessions' part of the campaign. Becuz Boston is a major thieving city it makes sense that this has always been one of their biggest tactics. To make me loose things.

If Im correct a guy told me recently that my Templar ring that everyone thinks is a Christian cross-is worth 12000 or 1200 dollars.

So they must be paying for TI objects or posessions which is why they want you to lose them. This would also explain whI NEVER get lost property turned in or returned to me.

Becuz perps are lazy, greedy assholes of the highest degree who are murderous and dont care about anyone but themselves. If it rains or is too cold these scumbags wont be outside chasing TIs around. They really have convinced themselves they deserve to be superior to others just becuz they are in a mob.
Wouldnt the military have an interest in bringing in South Americans also?)

After giving it right back to them for being perps (so much black and red as usual) the owner showed his true colors.

So hes org crime connected becuz Ive noticed that the Italian strong hold areas ARE USING SOUTH AMERICANS HEAVILY like in Providence RI.

The Irish seem quietly compliant but they dont move into their areas. Blacks do.

Which keeps telling me something every time this occurs: organized crime from decades ago has a very strong interest and was active in the war crimes perpetrated by the US Gov, military, military indutrial complex and contractors.

I mentioned mafia just to piss them off and see what they would do and they got visibly offended or angry with me. They had this unbelievably ARROGANT authority over me which like blacks pisses me off BECUZ ITS TOTALLY UNNATURAL.

Theres no way people like this should have authority over ME.

Also the owner looked possibly like Jewish mafia could have been also aa they worked closely with Italians.

None of the other kinds of people I deal with have ever been this obnoxious. Why are South Americans such assholes in this game? Mexicans are consistent gang stalkers down near the US border but they seem generally happier more positive people. Their energy is..higher. They are even more pleasant even when they pull obnoxious stunts and believe me they do. But its like children.
In RI the south Americans were impossible to be around and these people were too.

One young kid looked at me with this warlike look that triggered into some DNA I have and I almost went charging at him out of instinct. Perhaps some Native thing. Mexicans dont piss like that. No wonder they dont want to come up north. Its fucking miserable and only these South Americans can be as disgusting as the whites running things into the ground up here.

(And its interesting that the S Americans can co exist with the shittiest blacks (like Providence RI) but Mexicans would have gotten into total war with them by now, as they are in CA or other parts of southern most USA.
Shows a marked difference in nature.

Vegas shocks me. I dont know how Mexicans are living with black gangs who've taken over Vegas and brought in these bizarre backwards deep South blacks that now make living off the strip absolutely miserable.

At this point Im all for AztecLand. It was theirs anyway.  I hope to return to the ancestral homelands soon anyway.)

So these people truly are HANDLERS for the citizens of the USA. Diverisity serves only to cover for organized crime and authorities joining forces to fill businesses and cities and towns with their muscle which now is also defined as psychological warfare.

These fat bitches can all go fuck themselves.

I hope the place floods out beyond repaie or worse. And the owner should get cancer of the most painful terminal kind. Asshole.

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