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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Perps Using School Kids And Developmentally Disabled People To Perform Psychological Harassment

Gang Stalkers in Boston MA are using CHILDREN from school or daycare programs as well as DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED PEOPLE.

This is how viscous and competitive my hometown is. They've simply removed all the decency and kept the cut throat competitiveness, using it for evil and the New World Order.

These choices in perps are probably to get me to act out publicly against such types so that not only am I further discredited but so i appear even more in bad character.

My doing my community service hours with vulnerable populations as well as my public affections for dogs and children makes it very important for them to take these things away from me and to destroy what few things people can bare witness to that I am friendly pleasant and caring in social interactions.

The children were in the Boston Commons yesterday right near where the old Jewish man was cleaning and caring for the Chanukah lighting.display which is up on a lift.

They passed  by all bomded together like good little future cult members pn one of those things that makes it look like little kids on a chain gang.

The white whispered something to the kids and shockingly they passed by and a few did tsctical gesturing. Kids only do the hand over the hair or ear tactic for some reason they never perform side taps or back pocket taps. Its also more obvious its gesturing becuz little girls and boys dont usually concern themselves with hair flipping caused by vanity in the same style as adults.

They would only brush the hair out of their faces for practical reasons logically.

And also this Arab Americanized looking woman wearing Black & Red holding the reigns at the end of one of the lines of kids did the same tactic and made sure it was overt.

Just now on the turnstile waiting for the Alewife train in Downtown Crossing station in Boston of course there was gesturing and perps as downtown xing has Always been absolutely ridiculous for harassment and arrogant mocking Boston blacks.

The arrogance and mocking is died down nowadays but the harassment is still constant.

This group of disabled young people like late teens or so with some handlers got front of me in a group as I was sitting on one of the benches.

I knew they were.going to gang stalk me becuz obvious set up. Also i know this city has NO SHAME and is viscous with psych warfare and will use anyone to win.

One disabled  man in thw place in TX I volunteered at did gesturing and was in on it with some staff. They also seemed to be trying to spread the slander I was in the broad spectrum of Autistic and was hyperactive. THIS MAN FIT THE PROFILE FOR A PERP MOTIVATED BY BEING CAUGHT WITH ILLEGAL PORN OR OTHER SEXUAL DEVIANCY AS MOTIVE.

So it didn't surprise me.

However I often wonder if the retarded type people I just got harassed by are simply employed by intelligence services.

If actors can be children or developmentally disabled or have Downs Syndrome then why cant gang stalking perps?

So this is how low.these people will go to win.

Remember the Satanic pics of Sandy Hook kids? Black and red and devilsih faces? That one little.blonde girl making the Sign Of The Horns by putting her two middle fingers in her mouth?

Remember the gs system harasses Survivors. Pedophiles who lay down Satanic programming are major perps in this.

Its just that years ago this was hidden from the public..Now they are forcing people to live with this in their faces all the time. They are trying to take over the world.

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