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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gang Stalking Groups In The USA Should Now Be Regarded Strictly As CULTS

From my experience over the last few years we've gone from what seemed like professionals and very hidden, sick messed up-Jonestownesque sort of intense organized stalking groups used on TI experimentees or hardcore gangs (or thier jerk off affiliates in certain cities) to what seems like a cult movement thats sucking in normal people across the USA.

This has become like a cult thats taken over the country.  It doesnt make sense. You ask why people would take part in such a thing. Dont they know by now its about ritual abuse and MK Ultra.

Firstly realize that the average person even if they understand this doesnt want to deal with it.  The scumbags of the world on the lower levels seem to actually know whats on my blog. They are just so stupid, so uneducated and basically without the intelligence to understand the artfulness and complexity of it- both the good and evil side. Perps in higher positions are more apt to understand the depth of whats going on than the idiots I have to deal with in the street.

They refer to MK Ultra as being about "sex slaves" or they read the blog and simply mirror what theyve read or have low level understanding of Satanism. One red headed little bastard from Harvard had been starting to act up under the guidance of people there and I heard him say something about "Oh if she thinks dealing with the devil was bad".

These people take the power they have OVER ME AT THAT MOMENT becuz I am in thier direct contact or if they are higher up in society-thier little fish bowl of a city or town etc-as having MORE power than that of this system. When if fact they are simply empowered becuz they are part of the mobbing system.

This has been a problem lately. Average citizens seeming very arrogant and taking personal power in my being a long time target for political reasons.

Its been turned into community mobbing or a huge problem right now is its being based into the race war thats emerging. Somehow war crimes during  Bush and rooting out of decades old MK Ultra projects have been twisted into having something to do with the Black & Red core of POC trying to take over society in the NWO. At least in Liberal areas.

If I go to Austin its going to be from Mexicans and locals who seem to be part of the upper middle to upper classes of whites. So there its not used as a race war tool but whats so bizarre about it is in Boston it is.

(This always makes  TIs confused: how can people who have opposing political and social views partake in harassing the same Target?)

First and foremost:  THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS UNDER HEAVY MIND CONTROL. This consists of and for years now consisted of technologies, chemical influences and ongoing domestic psy ops.  Probably the use of Psychic Warriors (Cheney's Spoon Benders) as is used on TIs in covert warfare but I cant tell if that is used on the public generally.

The daily doses of tech-chem psycho management of society, Monday through Friday is heavier for these last few years than has been in the entirety of my campaign.
I believe Fukushima radiation is part of the effect but Im not a scientist I cant say just how it just seems that way. As if the environment is getting really bad.

The public are so far gone now in large part I dont even think its negotiable. Only people who are established or have means seem able to have any independent actions from the gang stalking system. Its like a fucking competition out there now. The young kids seem to do it as if its normal every day fare for them.

There are people who arent into this now but its less than it ever was it seems. People have stopped using thier minds, stopped thinking, stopped fighting.

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