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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Long Time Black Male From rvard Square Threatens Me (Just Wanna Document )/Boston Area Is COINTELPRO hell

I was dumb enough to stay in the Harvars Sq Homeless Shelter last night which ever since it became a lottery system and other factors like the new administrations, is no longer a peaceable place full of just houseless people from our little village of Harvard Square but outsiders and it seems alot of rats.

Onyx is a longtime Harvard street kid. Used to be ok but everything has gotten bad and alot of people seem to have also. Peoples worst behaviors and qualities define them now. Its all very sad.

I was trying to get this old bastard Peter off my ass becuz he harasses young women with flirting and older women with just plain old harassment.

I said theres alot of pedos in here and other lovely sort of criminal types and he butts in and starts thoroughly minding his own business.

He asked.if I was talking about him but thats never been anything Ive heard about him which makes it more strange.
Then he authoritarily tells me to watch my mouth..whenever that's said you have to assume that 'or else' follows. Then he also added that Im always "out there running your mouth".

I said I dont hang in Harvard anymore so whats he talking about.

So becuz I consider this person dangerous compared to most of the people who engage in harassment Im posting this here.   There are things Ive been told that make that fear very realistic.

Also I dont recall being under juristiction of any black males at any time as well as I dont do jail mentality and Im not anyone's bitch.

This sexist pig can go straight to hell. Gang stalking is one thing. Overt crap like this is another.

Theres a very dangerous trend right now of African Americans being given power positions in the metro Boston area and unlike other cities and perhaps like some others the racial conflict here might lead to alot of living out cultural and ethnic revenge fantasies.

The new head of the MBTA police is an Africsn American male (why not a woman? Its never a black WOMAN. Feminism is such BS becuz black males simply work with white males to oppress women. And it may be WHITE women specificaly. Feminims has failed.) who hails from a housing project in Boston. This might be part of my problem with the transit cops lately showing up wherever I sleep (and I might have an actual single stalker which is easy enough to report).
Or it might be an older white male who also just recently took power. Im not sure.

Diversity in Boston the way its being pushed  by Liberals now where positions are being given out just to silence the Intelligentsia and the mobs of citizens swept up in the Black Lives Matter designed diversion from other politics- is going to lead to abuse of power that is going to be based on revenge.

They will destroy anything good that's hidden like Harvard Sq was and they will go after any dissident whos against the NWO. For obvious reasons.

This is a major site for COINTEPRO in the old days and nothing much has changed.

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