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Monday, December 7, 2015

Long Time TI Author of JBHfile blog Posts Losing Long Time Trusted Friend

We have so few people we can trust this is very sad and scary. I have liked this blog for years from the beginning of my awareness of my situation being gang stalking, becuz he, like myself tries to have a separate existence from the situation. It was BUSH that told us that we shouldn't let terrorism interfere with our lives. That we should go on living.

He focuses on positive things going on in his life. In a way the more selfish, self possessed and focused TIs are the ones who make it. People who don't sit around making vids asking 'WHY?' or asking for sympathy or doing like Jesus Mendoza did like make vids where he said 'god bless you' to his perpetrators.

They want that sh*t. They want you to be in so much pain you seek your own death. Its like a black metal song I have where the lyrics read: "your death is your ecstasy/and it means..nothing to me

This is the way this system works and the way many of these people think. The people who matter who are for real or at the top. The force multipliers as I call them- the pseudo Satanists who are just part of cult mind control which commercial and pop Satanism is used for now (see Jonestown experiment)don't count. If you got them alone you could destroy them, they only exist due to being part of a mob. And hey, peasants with pitch forks and torches have been around for thousands of years. Its the truly cold hearted killers who are to be respected but dealt with as enemies

Ignore the pawns on the chess board. Look at the bigger pieces.

Its interesting that he claims to get ridiculous slander or attempted frame ups. The underwear stealing is notable becuz years ago, perps would steal mine from laundry dryers. A perp from a cohesive group told me that someone was paying for these. That "some people never outgrow their immaturity". Hey, give ME the money directly assh*le. Sheesh..

His blog is also really simple and well laid out there was a couple of parts to it when it started. And hes still writing which I love becuz soooo many TIs give in and stop writing or pull down their blogs. Whining about how it gives perps material to work with. WHAT-EVER.

Enjoy the house JBH. But be ware the gremlins love house break ins and putting LSD like sh*t in your food..or rat poison....or leaving the gas on..etc. You know the drill.----

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