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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


For those of you far enough along to understand what the purpose of sheilding is about I wont get into why one would need to read this at all.

There are plenty of sites on BUYING stuff but if you have reached my level and cant afford anything or are in the 'on the run' phase so that you feel targeted just staying in one location to long, if your situation is similar to mine then use my experience for what its worth.

Old buildings- It seems that old buildings at least here in the northeast and some I have encountered in the mid west are built in such a way as to be more solid. I talked to a few contruction types in passing, older guys, and they said that the old buildings are steel and concrete with alot of stuff that no one can afford anymore or dont want to pay for. I notice time and again that anything steel and concrete, anything that solid, always brings relief to me.

Examples are old hospitals, libraries, hotels. These are still solid but may have variable such as tech inside the building.

You will get relief from hospitals and govt buildings, I assume due to the medical equipment being protected and the other is obvious. If you are a TI your thinking along these lines is much faster than the uninitiated, most people not targeted have to think this over for a second and then say " well, yeah, the medical equipment is protected so I can see that"..these people are still wasting time trying to weigh on the scales if this shit is really happening or not....a luxury targeted individuals no longer have.

There are some colleges that are solidly built that provide some relief but most I find are targeted heavily especially via the computer systems.

Underground: Ahhh, the relief felt at subterranean levels cannot be compared. Going underground when riding the train (the tunnels between stations, not always the platforms at the stations). And anything in a solid building at the levels below street level are so wonderful. Each level downward is more relief.

I dont know about other old buildings like churches etc. Experiement and see what you find. The churches here in New England range from the little wooden kind (useless) to the old stone ones that may provide relief. I hate to be obvious, but there is no more time for secrets or games. Anything built in a Masonic way as it used to be built as it should be built. SOLID and impenetrable. A temple feel to it. THOSE seem safer. A mosoleum, temple feel. Safer than that modern, cheap crap they throw together.
Old hotels that are solid. Unfortunately not only does a computer wireless ruin these safe places a cell repeater on top will mess you up bigtime. Dont beleive me? Good then you arent targeted so go read another blog. I had someone give me a packet of papers that had a diagram and info about the cell repeater towers on top of 335 Washington St in Brighton, MA...they were trying to warn me. I have also stayed at a hotel was old and felt solid but then I slept too high up near the cell tower and...lets say bad things happened to me that night. And I didnt know what it was until I realized that on the third floor I had some difficulty but on the 5th floor it was awful..just awful.
So old buildings that might be safe places are now rendered useless by people adding stuff to them.

Also, if you are in a building where you have to go outside to get cell reception you have what I would consider another safe place. That means it is most likely steel and concrete and maybe you are in a basement apartement. Sounds nice just thinking about it.

I also notice that the sun during the day makes things much worse. In St Louis, when it snowed, which I was told it rarely does there, the disturbances stopped and I felt the level of relief that one may feel underground almost. Dark skies also gave a bit of releif. But here in Boston that has never been the case, the snow brings no relief at all. Storms in St Loius, the near tornado kind, also brought relief.

I have no record of how humidity may fit into the effects. Personally I do alot better in less humidity, especially post mycotoxicosis. But that is a personal health issue, and I have not noticed a difference in humidity as far as relief goes for these other issues.

Magnets- do your own research.

Metal- in some instances a key or other metal object can be of assistance but I have read it can make it worse. I dont have the money to see which metal was which on which key that was helpful...but I know that keys vary in metalic maybe different metals?

There are books on this and if you are richer and smarter than me then you should be able to figure it out. But if you are in my position just do your best I guess.

Moving from one location to another- daily move about. And also it might be good to not stay in one state or location too long or in certain seasons. It is not so much the frying that is the problem its the other your mind starting to get, shall we say, tangled up in thier webs.

You know what I mean. Just find out how long you can stay somewhere without getting brainwashed into forgetting who the hell you are and stick to that.

Weather may be a factor for your physical make up. You as an individual, may do better in low humidty, sunshine, snow, or humid enviroments. Prepare for these as far as you know how it will affect you personally along with how you feel you are targeted. ( gauge this the best you can).

Also, I got away from this idiot I was with by going cross country for a month or two. What I realized is the harassment is nationwide as well as you get fried nationwide...but moreso in some places than others and the gang stalking varies according to city and region. The remote influence does as well.

In St Loius, MO they might want a TI dead due to suicide end of story or commited where as in Boston, MA they may just want you fat, happy, and in some little job somewhere out of everyones way. In other places there may be attempts to get you to join gangs or other types of attempted recruitment. Each place seems to be 'run' by somebody(s) who think they know what is best for the target..but always the targets personal will power is denied. You are still seen as a peice of meat and a non entity. A problem to be either wiped out, shelved neatly or recruited for further use by..whoever.

Water- going over bridges with large bodies of water, being in large bodies of water or even the bathtub seems to help.
Showers are helpful- to get you clean in more ways than one now adays, and to get the circulation going.

Take care of your health and look up diet and herbs. Approach herbs like a doc approaches chemicals. Dont mess with anything you havent read up on and I mean thouroughly. And look up interactions with other herbs and drugs. There are websites where you can look up contraindications ( I am too tired to look up to see if that word is correct or not..sadly a few years ago I would have known if it was right away).

Cut out or down on sugar. I dont care what kind of immune system you have. All of the USA is on a mass sugar high and that is why thier thinking even differs from non sugar takers. I eat like one treat a day and with Candida from Mycotoxicosis THAT is too much. But I survive-why? Becuz I am doing what my body was supposed to before the modern world's invention of junk food of the mind, body and spirit. Perps are shocked and amazed I have lived thru this..OK I was programmed and 'helped' alot by outside forces, that is a definate edge, but me returning to a prmitive state is what saved me generally. And without the health of the physical body, you're done. My youth was also a factor.

Dont be afraid to move around, change your diet and do research.

All your body needs is protien, vegetables, fruits, water and juice, some grain and excercise, sex and you need to excercise your mind, which TI's do without wanting to anyway by necessity.
Yes, orgasms. Laugh all you want. I would say that my health has gone down hill and irreversible damage has been done becuz I have stopped sexual excersise. Look it up.
Along with laughter, this has been proven to strenghten the immune system.

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Anonymous said...


You are so right! Especially about diet and health! If you eat nothing but junk food/restaurant food, drink soda, avoid veggies and fruit and fill yourself with those psychopharmaceuticals you become--junk! I just posted re: food on my blog as well. As for ahem, sex, my "handlers" do not want me to self-stimulate, and now I can see why. I was told it was a "sin" and the "body is a temple" all true, but with no partner and none to come, celibacy becomes a life sentence. I do see the lack of immune response.

Snow sometimes quiets the freaks but they steer severe weather around this city so as not to disturb the electronic surveillance blanket. Eleanor White said they do the same in her city. It did not hardly rain at all this summer due to them wanting extra "control" over the population. Guess I better stop there: the perps have really gone to town on me lately.

I would say to anyone reading, also, do NOT drink since it creates depression and lower intelligence. I would also say do NOT use street drugs as this makes it easier for them to control the mind just the way psycho prescription drugs do.

Have a happy holiday.