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Friday, December 5, 2008

More Doc Bell/Psychiatry (long post)


Here is a page on alot of his contributions..

I am so glad you are established...but I highly suggest you stay in your yard and every one like you can do the same.

You are actually STILL into the idea of 'magical thinking' when the police have psychics helping them solve crimes, and there is much evidence of years of research into the paranormal and psychic in many countries?

You have an entire industry including educational institutions based on the avoidance of certain facts...its like driving a car even though you know the realities of pollution, or the cost of the vehicle, or the effect on your health by lack of exercise. Still they come out with beautiful exxpensive models every year...and anyone with a brain knows it is an illusion.

Start taking into account parasitic disease and other organic brain diseases as responsible for not only mental illness but physical illness- then I can take you seriously.

Psychiatry is like economics....it is far too complicated and that is becuz it is based on the false construct that man calls the 'real world'. The man made world and culture.

You might not need to know about economics if you had your own land, house and food growing and a few animals in the back yard for further food production...the natural world will do what it is intended to do. Feed, shelter, please and support all human life. Disease and death are a part of nature as well as threats from predators. But these things run themselves and man need only react or alter nature slightly.

When things get complicated....like global economics you can guarantee that man has played god and created systems of his own that need to be managed and handled by him..not 'Nature'.

Some of us are quite natural people still...call us primitives if you like. Perhaps we have innate self respect and good taste and the man made world only offers us small returns and meager rationings of hope, happiness, health, wealth or art and beauty.
The artist no matter how he is a possession or a darling of the man made world..is always partially existing in the primitive. He is a child of the primitive and you cannot take this away from him. He is the only example of the living god within man...he is-Creativity.

This is a force represented and reflected in nature by the power of a bursting volcano or the gentlest breeze through a field of flowers or wheat. The staring into a fire or the math or music to be seen in the patterns of raindrops making circles in puddles. The same patterns in space that make up shapes on a huge scale can be seen here on earth on a small scale.
This is continuum...this is what people trust about Nature.

If you want to be trusted, you must build sophisticated systems on this self evident truth and continuity in Nature. If you do not, your system is contrived and thus not to be trusted.

If I can predict that I should not go into a store becuz a few minutes from now something is going to go down, and it does, I am not imagining that happened. And you will not explain it away...in fact I do not see your profession explaining it away I see you denying it ever happened.

This is unacceptable. You are creating a system of governance of the human mind by selective reality.
If you were to say "well, there is experimentation going on with the military wants to be able to issue commands to soldiers remotely" and this is considered as a cause THEN you would be being realistic..or you would have to start looking at the possibility of the person having some ability to predict the future or some connection to a guide of some sort..then from there find out where that guide resides exactly.
IF you choose to not even entertain that these occurrences are real, and that the human mind has no power to put forth will and real power thru thought and emotion, then you are leaving those matters out of your own will.
You have CHOSEN what is real and what is not.
This is not acceptable to all peoples...and by the way 'culture' and its abnormalities or normalcy should not be the measuring stick then for what is abnormal.

This is why psychiatry seems to work backwards or inside out.
It works off the premise that the man made creation of men's minds known as culture and majority rules IS the ultimate REALITY. Then it looks for deviance or abnormalities from there.

Someone thinking that his sipping from a fountain is draining the worlds water supply has been terrorized to death about what humanity's future holds. Common sense will tell you that.

What is DISorder? This indicates that there is an order by which you are judging...this means you can create whatever you like out of the order, as defined BY YOU and peers you consider worthy and righteous..the makers of the reality..the order of things.

If you DARE to EVER define something you must do it based on investigation of all aspects of the reality that is already present and also the intersections OF ALOT OF CULTURES AND PEOPLES DIFFERENT REALITIES, especially in the USA where it is really a country of regions with many dissimilarities.

You must also take in all the good and the bad about your own culture, and yourself.

The only painters I am truly impressed with or trust are those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and journey...the self portrait. If you have not taken into account your own face with the detached eye of the observer, and painted a portrait with a steady hand, then you have not created the truest view of reality.

Perhaps you have not looked at the highly educated's bad habit of not heeding common sense. Or the sciences lack of ability to appreciate the thought processes of the artist. Or the professions leaning towards thinking they know what is best for everyone without having understanding of everyone..or their own bias.

Psychiatry has an entire kingdom and it exists at the top and is a powerful entity that goes unchallenged..there is something innately wrong with a system that cannot be questioned or challenged or worse yet, refuses any kind of criticism at all from the outside.

And nowhere does it state that psychiatry is the state mandated religion....though nowadays it is that way but unwritten.

People question you and you refuse to be questioned. Like Greenspan on issues of economics when he doesn't want to be questioned, he goes so far into his superior knowledge that the critic is lost in the argument that now consists of information that is above and beyond his understanding.

Psychiatry is a much overrated luxury that some of us do not care for any longer in our lives or our culture. It is as deniable as the television set but just as omnipresent.
We should be allowed to throw it out the window and live without it if we choose.

The one thing that is never taken into account is the fact that it is populated by human beings. These judgements are handed down by human beings...human beings are ALL predatory mammals. Human beings are ALL vulnerable...to corruption to intimidation.

In order to have as much unquestionable power as psychiatry does it would have to have more of a checks and balances process. Not an attitude of 'if you do not agree that is becuz we are right about you being a loonie' or worse 'you just dont understand what is wrong with you becuz our knowledge is greater than yours' (on the subject of your own mind).

The day that psychiatry has to go thru the rigors of the law sciences and investigation to come up with its reasoning....is the day it become truly respectable.

Too many instances of abusing power have occurred. Of simple human failings like greed or falling to intimidation.

In order to prove someone is guilty of a murder that they are implicated in there has to be evidence. Psychiatry says there is implications for delusional thinking, yet withholds evidence...thus they resemble a corrupt court.
If they are a science they should be held up to the same standards. Plenty of corruption goes on in all the sciences due to the fact that none of these readily admits that human frailties is behind the practice of any science.
However, the public is aware that the police are corrupt. They are aware that lawyers are crooked, law is biased, that judges can be bought. Now they know that medical doctors make human mistakes, a view years ago that was unpopular.
Psychiatry and nowadays scientists reveal their actions selectively and are marketed to the public as good angels who are only out to help humanity. They are perceived as benign for the most part and they are trusted. Their crimes and actions of a darker nature are not included in the ongoing PR campaign that is present with every new discovery and study.

Also, they are in a profession where their dealings with the public are kept very controlled. Meeting with a lawyer one may consider he may be crooked or compromised. Psychiatrists seem fully aware that their power is only two sided like a coin... either unquestionable authority or the discovery of a total charlatan. It seems that if they loose this unquestioned authority position, the total validity of them and all their profession, that one might be close to discovering the whole profession is..questionable.
Why do they have this insecurity? All of human society is compromised in some way...but rarely have I seen a lawyer totally loose faith in his profession even if her gets caught or reflect the total invalidity of it by him personally loosing ground.
There is still the concept that the system of Law exists as an entity unto itself. That this system is like a structure that houses many who pass through its halls and retains its general integrity of structure throughout the years.
Most of all one can make legislation, vote and question what suits them. In a country where this is not so, there is rebellion and uprising.

Psychiatry seems a house of cards though an elaborate one. And alot is weighing on upholding the illusion that the structure has integrity.

If they wish to perpetuate this on an unwitting public then ignorance is their greatest ally. However, they should NOT have the system of law and governance backing up their authority without the same rigors and checks and balances. Also, they should never be taken seriously as an impartial system of judgement or even a science until they engage in investigation of circumstances like criminal justice undertakes to determine what is really transpiring in any given case.

Law enforcement is smarter...when it comes to corruption, especially something they might be forced to support or that they willingly support they simply ignore the subject and deny any claims...but really the balance of power in such a situation is that if they do not act to protect the public from crime and also actively participate in that crime or harmful behavior...they are then unable to judge the situation without drawing attention to their own involvement.
Thus the public are left with a reasonable doubt about them and their part. They cannot be part of the crime and then go after the victims for claiming such.

Psychiatry however, somehow being perceived above involvement in such crimes, then actually tries to seek out the victim population for destruction or at least re assignment of the claims of criminals activity to claims of delusion or insanity.
They can do so because they are not held to the level of questioning circumstances realistically like criminal justice.
This may be their purpose in the corrupt system and many suspect that it is-to go after a population that is the victim of unethical or criminal behavior that can make claims that dare not be addressed by the institutions of law or government. And they may do so from a detached and uninvolved position , seemingly anyway.
For example law enforcement, which would be forced into investigating circumstances to see cause and effect and determine if in fact there is something going on interfering with peoples rights or the laws of the land, is NOT interested in organized stalking but out of nowhere the psychiatric profession is very interested indeed.

I do not recall going to Dr. Bell for his opinion or diagnoses...no target claimant has. Yet, he plays the role of policeman by somehow seeking us out on his own accord and 'noticing' our existence on the internet and taking action of his own accord.
This is illogical and offensive.

He is not a criminal justice practitioner, lest he be bound to a reasonable investigation of claims. And any interest he may have as an academic or a doctor of social science of interest in culture or the human mind or any phenomena involving a human population should be approaching claimants in a clinical manner, in a clinical setting with controls, gathering of information about a case..not just on some here say interviews over a phone or voyuerisically studying peoples websites. Or worse trolling forums misrepresenting himself. In this way, he plays more of an intelligence operative or an undercover law enforcement investigator.

Any of these parties would have to show cause thru evidence as well as prove their case to make arrests and then the suspects would have right to trials before sentencing.

He has already within the structure of his profession, made arrests, judgements and is now proposing sentencing.

Psychiatrists need to stop being perceived in the popular imagination (and the ancient primitive mind) as these angels who appear from a mountain top, holy, pure and unquestionable, to judge beyond a doubt the nature of human behavior and to 'clean up' human affairs. The answer to all the corruption that occurs from those devils the police, the politicians, the privileged.
Psychiatrists present as men of medicine with a little more knowledge than that. They know your mind, your culture and how to fix you.
They are not law makers or sociologists..it is not their job to deal with the possible realities of what may be transpiring or to observe it from a detached viewpoint and make assessments as to what is going on. No, they have a very real hand in human affairs and they will flap their wings from the top of the mountain, glowing, pure, meaning humans no harm, only wanting to help or fix people, and they will wave their hands over a person or an entire group and their judgements will be law. And they shall make it right again.

This is when the concept of magical thinking need be addressed. When it ceases to be thought form and manifests itself in the physical realm as a presentation of magic, mystery and authority. And the very real threat of an abusive authority figure, not bound to the regulation or checks and balances or other authority.

The only thing I can think of that is more damaging is military power which goes unquestioned out of patriotism or fear or ignorance.
The kingdom never changes. We have the governing body, the militant body and the magician at the throne's side. Psychiatry now plays that role, moreso than the church nowadays.


  1. If it helps, Rachel, Kings College, London, is the original "haunt of vice and perversity." It's for the ones who are not really proper scientists -a bit like the University of Sussex.

    For any actual science, go to University College, London, or Imperial College, London. Or Durham (the theological college of which has been there since the sixth century). King's College, London, is never to be confused with King's College, Cambridge (where the Christmas Carol concert comes from), or the King's School in Ely.

    I know of someone who nearly died because she complained to her GP about "noises in her head" and was referred to a psychiatrist, who had her locked up and forcibly administered anti-scziophrenic drugs for several months. (These are not pleasant even if you need them.) Then one day, much against the wishes of the psychiatrist, she managed to see a neurologist. Who, being a scientist and not a self-appointed God, had her head scanned to see if the psychiatrist had missed anything obvious.

    Like an untreated depressed fracture of the skull. She had heard "noises in her head" because the loose bit of her head was grating against the rest of her head. Psychiatrists are congentially incapable of taking any simple statement at face value, the poor girl was trying to tell her GP and the psychiatrist that she'd heard a noise in her head, in the same way she'd tell a mechanic that there was a funny grating sound from the gearbox.

    The GP who referred her to the psychiatrist knew from her notes that she'd been in an accident a little while before and complained of terrible headaches, did he refer her for an x-ray or a scan? No, he sent her to a shrink. (Do GPs get incentives to refer patients to psychiatrists rather than neurologists, or even x-ray technicians, who could have spotted the problem in less than an hour?)

    Once a SCIENTIFIC approach was taken, and the broken skull noticed, a surgeon was able to fix it. But she could have died at any time she was locked up and being restrained so she could be forcibly given drugs that were actually putting her at further risk.

    Another friend was killed by a psychiatrist ignoring her physical illnesses and prescribing drugs which were contra-indicated (ie: do not prescribe) for her condition. Only a tiny minority of psychiatric professionals are safe with a prescription pad.

    Having poisoned his patient, psychiatrist then rang some of the young lady's friends (but not her parents or her better-informed friends) saying that he could help them to arrange a quick funeral. There then followed a six-week stand-off between the psychiatric profession and Her Majesty's Coroner for South Hertfordshire, who took the dimmest of views of such a blatant attempt to bury a mistake! Psychiatrist needed all his professional contacts and "pull" to avoid being jailed for attempting to mislead the coroner.

    The psychiatrists have placed themselves, by and large, above the scientific discipline of meaningful peer review, but they are not yet completely above the law. Although their aspirations are clear.

    This is why they enjoy being called as expert witnesses in court cases: by using a crackpot and untested theory in evidence, they can get it into the public domain without rigorous scrutiny from other scientists. Lawyers don't generally know enough to give a "scientific" witness a hard time. Send the theory to "Nature" or even "The New Scientist" and the editor will promptly send copies to people he thinks can try tearing it apart. If you're not willing to undergo this, you can't get your theory published!

    So you make friends with the police instead, and use your crackpot theory to help them put people away. Then, one fine day, the world finds that not only are innocent people in jail, but the "crimes" they were convicted of may never even have been crimes in the first place.

    I think judges need to send scientific evidence for peer review by other scientists before they allow it to be heard in court.

  2. Thank You very much for your input, it is appreciated. It sounds like you are familiar with or from the UK.
    Your input was valuable to this post and to the story overall.

  3. Dear Rachel.
    The following link gives some insight as to what it's like for a straight policeman where the corrupt ones are in charge.


    Things were far worse in London than in the Midlands, things got worse after Tony Blair became Prime Minister and Ian Blair (no relation that anyone knows of) became Commissioner.

    Interestingly, the Daily Mail initially vilified the officer who wrote this article, until they discovered the extent to which all the compromising information on him coming in through their "contacts" was being planted.

    So there is a tiny glimmer of hope.