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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I curse the cast of this BS "LonelyGirl" series..

So, where are these spoiled brats from LA getting the material for this awful internet show...and yet another way to
1) trivialize those of us that are real tbmc survivors and targeted individuals who end up destitute...
2) teaches the public by example how to confuse reality with reality shows..thus serving the purpose of #1.

Not only is the acting unforgivably bad, it is very self serving (Gen Y self serving ???No f*cking way!)..

Why dont you get out there and help people who actually could use a safe house or a 'resistance network' to help them...and show some psychological warfare in your show. Want me to map out the shit that they do to targets that someone either wants to reprogram, get rid of or re-condition into prostitution- this time as a slave (via my last handlers attempts which I had to get on a bus and go all the way across country and back to show him I was serious about not being abused and stalked.)

I hope all you little nothings suffer for what you have done. And your all, collectively the height of mediocrety...REAL tbmc slaves are highly creative, intelligent and beutifully formed. Which is why its fun for the jerks to destroy us is we dont suicide.

As my mother used to takes many of this kind of average person to make one special person.
The collective Nothing...yep, thats the 20 somethings.

Like the title of this one..real original. You need to steal ...becuz you cannot manifest, invoke or evoke...and emote obviously.

I hope you all get targeted in real life someday.

And why cant the resistance head be a woman?? If you knew anything about REAL secret societies, you'd know its all based on female worship, and that the women possess an a natural aggression and masculinity that is war like and fierce..which is why they have to be beaten down and programmed.

You are so off track its laughable..keep living in a bad public access moment, or an add for MTV's the Lame world.

I bet you people like this support that NY Times Dr. Cameron...I mean Dr. Bell.. becuz then they get away with it all.

Its great you can imitate Power...real power suffers and is hunted until it is dead. Keep on being safe and fake.

And I suggest you take your group and abduct an acting coach at some point...jsut do a Patty Hearst on him..lock him in a closet and make him watch your show for hours..viz a form of psychic driving. Well, no becuz then he would be a brain dead and wiped as all your actors seem when they recite their lines.
Just put a gun to his head and make him teach you method at least..dont try for anything beyond actual acting.

Oh, and here is what an actual hard core situation looks may want to attempt it at some point. Put down the Mentos and the X and the Redbulls and pick up a toy gun for this scene.

Oh yeah...and you might want to get some things that people actually on the run living under duress have --A SET OF BIG BALLS AND A LOOK OF WORLDLINESS THAT COULD TAKE THEM INTO THE NEXT THREE LIVES.

And a sign somewhere in the backround that says "I'll go to heaven because I've done my time in hell"....please refrain from the obnoxious overdone Nietzche quote about if it dont kill you it makes you stronger...he did say other things you know. Things you little posers would never dare quote.

Why dont you make poser war and soldier series next, and trivialize some overt forms of people sacrificing thier lives for the good fight. Oh, that would be too obvious..

Tell me kids...where DO you get your material from?? POSERCENTRAL

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