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Sunday, December 21, 2008

organized crime..another possible part of being a TI


I know this is just about Ana Nicole but the piece written in it is very telling.. that they never forget a 'vendetta' and that it goes out to the person's family. Could be why some people are targeted..if it sounds familiar then this might be something you want to consider. Looks alot more logical at times than 'the govt'....unless of course your govt is now totally corrupt and fond of working with criminals.. more so than other administrations.

It also illustrates what everyone with radar and a brain knows..that these businesses go legit and quiet as soon as they can. So the statement 'under the radar of public scrutiny'.

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  1. I think that organised crime is a better fit than any intelligence agency at an official level.

    However, organised crime corrupts a lot a policemen, so it's not impossible that they would corrupt CIA or MI5 men from time to time, more especially, they might succeed in recruiting retired or sacked intelligence agents.

    However, in the UK, we've had several separate cases where conmen have convinced groups of people, in one case a group of policemen, that they are MI5 or M16 agents. One managed to control a group of people for several years, and got them to leave home and live with him in various parts of the country, all in the belief that they were the targets of an IRA hitsquad and he was protecting them. In the course of this, he got them to do things which were quite like the sort of gangstalking we're all complaining of!

    The most recent act legalising the activities of MI5 and MI6 makes it an offence to misrepresent the service, and at the time it was passed, a lot of people wondered what sinister purpose this clause served. It now becomes abundantly clear that it's an anti-conman clause.

    As my blog explains, pathological liars are not compelled to tell plausible lies, they are compelled to make people believe things which their reason wishes to reject, and this is a form of sadism.

    So, I think it's a COMBINATION of organised crime (especially druggies), the odd lone criminal genius conning people into "going undercover" so he can gratify himself by getting them to do ludicrous things -and some genuinely subversive and dangerous extremist groups. In the UK, these are:

    Neo Nazi Groups:

    "Column 88" the deepest-buried, best-resourced and most dangerous. They managed to get one of their supporters into a job liasing between industry and the army over the mobilization of army reservists and volunteers in wartime. If a Russian FSB officer had got an agent into such a job, he'd be made a general and given all sorts of medals, Column 88 managed it without really trying too hard.

    "Combat 18" a sort of less educated, more public version of the above, presumably created to draw attention away from Column 88 and its successful (and hitherto undisclosed) penetration of the Ministry of Defence, Metropolitan Police and Home Office.

    "The November the Ninth Society". Hitler-worship cult, but they all seem to be Irish! Has far more links with animal rights groups than either would like to admit. I suspect that this group stalks and targets people, entirely as a way of keeping alive the intelligence-gathering and intimidation skills of the Provisional IRA, without any danger of compromising the political fiction that the IRA is effectively disbanded and non-violent. I can't offer a link proving this, but look out for news items about my being done in! Their HQ is in Queen's Park, Bedford, rather than London. If I am killed, these are the suspects.

    Animal Rights Groups -and similar:

    Animal Liberation Front. Founded in Luton, as a relaunch of the "Band of Mercy" who used to burn laboratories down with animals inside to "set them free".

    Animal Rights Militia:
    Founded in Brighton; the name used by animal liberation front when trying to kill someone, as ALF intermittently claims to be non-violent. Basically, it's the same people, but which name they claim credit under depends on how close the victim came to death.

    Earth Liberation Front:
    Also founded in Brighton (there's a direct train from Luton, same bunch) The name used by the animal liberation front when the attack has no plausible connection with animal rights, but was basically just done because they like to see houses burn.

    Earth First!
    Name used by the animal liberation front when there's a real danger of someone being killed and the target has no plausible connection to animal rights.

    Historic Building Liberation Front: name used by animal liberation front members from Mid Bedfordshire (near Luton) when they've done something so weird that even other animal rights activists cannot even begin to understand why they did it.

    Bedford Animal Action:
    Named used by animal liberation front when booking a function room in a pub, hotel, social club or town hall, for ALF terrorists to meet and discuss terrorist tactics.

    Stevenage Animal Rights, SHAC, NARN, WARN, SPEAK, etc, etc: names used by animal liberation front when asking general public for money.

    Gateway to Hell. Name used by Keith Mann and his Dutch friend when threatening airport employees with death, or setting fire to their houses.

    Then there are a lot of anarchist groups, which, by and large, are the animal rights people with different hats on.

    Roman Catholic Stalking Gangs:
    Opus Dei. (Only one of these groups to trump Column 88's infiltration of key jobs, by getting a member into the Cabinet. (She's now left the cabinet.))
    Their targets are almost exclusively Baptists and Pentacostalists: Opus Dei members will invariably use whatever power their own job gives them, to deny non-conformist Christians in the same organisation -promotion, fair pay, shifts or holidays. This may sound relatively minor, but I know a senior nurse, in North Herts, who was forced to work every Sunday and every Christmas day for seventeen years, by a senior nursing officer (a Mr Brown) who took pride in giving Catholic nurses promotions, training courses, their choice of shifts and every day off they wanted. The nurse in question had founded a Baptist Sunday School, and she was told that if she wanted a Sunday off, ever, she had to stop the Sunday School, or give up being a nurse. What she did was hold the Sunday School on a Wednesday and tell the children to keep it quiet.
    Opus Dei actually prefers atheists and muslims to Baptists!

    This kind of sectarian career-blighting, if carried on by the many thousands of Opus Dei members around the world, could seriously harm society and the economy, so it needs to be taken seriously.

    Communist and Marxist groups also exist, but will usually try and entrap people in sexual vice and blackmail them, rather than stalking them in the ways described on your blog. They are more interested in getting you to work for them, than in driving you bonkers and sadistically destroying you. They can still get stuffed, but stalking isn't really their thing.

    None of these groups is stalking people as part of a "legitimate" experiment or corrective treatment. They are doing it to harm people, and largely because the individuals involved enjoy slowly and sadistically destroying the reason of their victims. Their leaders may have a variety of "higher" (political or financial) motives, but many of those involved are simply sadistic. Some, as described above, have been brainwashed by conmen and the stalking is a way of controlling those taking part, although the effect on the targets is no less destructive.