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Friday, December 5, 2008

Sarah Kershaw ny times article writer

Then there is the person who wrote the article..this is one of her other deep pieces..a piece that muses 'How much girl talk it too much'?

It is a piece that discusses how teenage females, perhaps the most talkative people on the face of the planet at any one given moment, should be reigned in and reformed becuz their communication structure and the mechanix of it seem..not productive enough. Its like time management, but for 14 year old females.

You or any other human is going to now engage in advocating ways to get the species most avid communicators , females, to stop talking, stop talking so much, or start using thier talk time more effectively.

If you wanted to do that then you need to start with the minds of these young women...thier time wasting is a reflection of the culture we live in..they end up communicating based on what they have taken into thier minds to begin with.
Also, females need this crazed active period of seemingly wasteful is what later makes the human female able to have intuition as well as communicate easily with other human females.
This writer has an intense dislike of the primitive and of natures ways.

I live in Boston..when you find a way to get black women to stop talking you let me know. Why are all the girls black? Is the intimation once again that the African American community needs professionals to restructure thier society? To tell them the best ways to live? Look we all hate the loud mouths on the train sometimes but the sounds of young girls especially black girls using the force of speech and voice to rule a room with primitive energy is hopefully never going to go away.
As someone who has been cut off from human contact, especially the kind between girl or women friends that is silly, indulgent, comforting and sympathetic this article is hard to take. I miss my goofy women friends. I miss the sound of my mothers baratone, always a bit deeper than mine. Or the remnince of my great grandmothers brogue within my grandmothers old new england accent.
I miss communicating with other women so fast that sometimes words get skipped..for they do not need to be said..there is a point where girlfriends not only finish each others sentences readily or interrupt each other freely but know what the other is thinking.

The removal of girliness and girl talk from my life has had a direct affect on my health as a female of the species. Like the lack of touch, joy, sex , dance, or expression it has lead to me aging very quickly and putting my health in jeopardy as well as affected my cardiovascular system.

Even just the sight of seemingly useless girl talk if it is not stressful by it being aggressive is comforting.

What you are asking is 'how can we make girls more sensible like boys?'..

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