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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Story to steal- # ?

Management of the mind:

Imagine if you were controlled where everything you watched and did was scanned. Imagine that people screwed you over and they want to get rid of you so they set you up or made bogus claims of a violent nature, when you were being harassed and this is what brings on that much pressure...etc.

Imagine if you were writing something on the internet on one screen and watching a video on the had the video screen hidden and was listening to music...all of a sudden you got very disturbing 'news' or indications concerning the song you were listening to. Like it was too could sense someone being concerned for you ...thier nervousness was felt by you. However you cant figure this out becuz you are just listening to something.

However something is then look at the video at its end and realize the poster of the video had added violent scenes from a movie of people being set on fire and such..the emotions you were feeling were of fear from these images but 1) these images would not shock you if you personally viewed them
2) you were not viewing them when you were experiencing these emotions.

In fact there was no stimulus to cause these 'feelings' in you at all, except when you realize that the video had disturbing content you were not aware of.

Its as if there are others who can view the content of what you view on computer systems.
Then somehow they can 'warn' you, it seems like a judgement is being made of you. You dare not watch too violent content.

Either someone is very controlling in forming you by controlling what you watch
Someone is constantly watching to judge you a danger or not and someone else knows this and is countering this with warnings to'protect' you.
There is only one system/game and that is to fake you out that all that is real when in fact someone is trying to test something or a system and you are a guinea pig.

It keeps you a slave becuz it appears you are always being judged and in danger if you do not always do the right thing.

The tech has been documented as being in the works or being tested to have a psychic hook up of multiple persons.

This wouldnt be so bad if it was only used to warn you in real danger or for benign communication. In the old days when you were younger actually, these strong urges were in fact used to keep you safe..however recently the control has become so strangling and inhumane that rebellion is the only option.

Never before were you being encouraged to go brain dead or treated so roughly or with such disregard.

Rebellion is the only option.

Imagine maybe if you were born connected to this system and some IDIOTS sold you out to some MORONS who have NO IDEA what they are doing with you and all they care about is abuse, control and playing games. Someone who is unlike whoever was in charge before.
The influence now is mind numbing, oppressive, destructive and outrageously demanding of your energy.

It seeks only to flatten you. To make you into a lifeless zombie with no independent mind or emotions. Like tech prozac...

Horrible. Lifeless, obedient. Just not even human. Certainly not machine. idiot.

Its like brain mapping and taking signatures...all of this is fusing the human with machine to the point where there is no freedom. And you can feel it..its a burning out of all that is you with these tech collected signatures of 'you'.

Like cloning via mapping out everything about the person. Then dispensing with any soul or spirit.

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