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Friday, December 5, 2008

For Dr. Bell (humor/sarcasm)

I have decided to dedicate some videos to our friend and protector...the ever trusted Dr.Bell. .

As you know he is a British psychologist or psychiatrist..oh, I don't know. He is someone with a great big degree from somewhere Important -he is one of those people who Matters. I am so weak, and uneducated and really very, very dim to the ways of our world. I was spending all my time and energy in fierce defense of others suffering the same fate as I, while living in poverty, doing research and acquiring knowledge..perhaps Dr. Bell may have studied this behavior in his history classes at his Big School...there are a few orders and instances of people making great sacrifice to do what is right for humanity throughout history.
His England having many a great example of these.

It gives me great relief that I now know my proper place, and that I can give up this silly idea of a fight to the death against oppression of the worst kind-all becuz the good doctor waved his magi's wand over all TI's and declared, without much investigation, that we, in fact, were all Loonies.
From these videos I can see this is the Brit psychiatrist's customary mode of operation.

In fact, the men in these videos seem to engage in much behavior that is similar to real psychiatrists and related mental health professionals. Perhaps it is the fact that the Monty's all attended either Cambridge or Oxford that they seem to hash it out with Reason....the essence of true magick..not random claims from 'on high'.

Yes, the days of blind obedience from the Unseen in the castle at the top of the hill are supposed to be a thing of the past. Certain people still seem to reside there however.

Well, I send a loving two fingers up and a raspberries to the good doctor...Best wishes, dear.
Happy viewing!

The Psychiatrist:

Could this be the real cause of V2K?:

When your full of crap..just confuse em:

Here in this historical footage, in the opening we see a team of psychiatrists at the origins of the practice, hooded performing a very early version of what would become shock therapy. All they had back then were wooden boards. Thank goodness for advancement in science!!
The reasoning processes that the crowd engages in with the wise sage to decide if she is indeed afflicted, is basically the same logical processes that go on today in modern psychiatry!

Its so great that someone preserved this footage from the medieval days. I mean it is real documentation right? All I did was look at it without really knowing what I was looking at and well, I never asked any further about it must be what it appears without investigation!!! (Like his assesment if us in the NY Times article).
Later I will post some footage on the ancient wise ones of this same era proving theories of spontaneous generation: that mice are born of haystacks and such. More basis for modern psychiatry's ever wise practices!

Perhaps Dr. Bell fancies himself our new king of a sort..I thought we were an autonomous collective! : ("Well, I AM King"..)

Imagine if Dr. Bell and company tries to get rid of another Target with a gross misdiagnoses!! (that we are deceased..becuz that is what that article is trying to do. Put us away nice and tidy)
More proof that it is always going to be harder to get rid of us than anyone expects!!

Hey, I think I'll go for a walk also! All other genuine TI's do the same...and forget about the diversions.

(If any of these videos strike you as disturbing or less than humorous/funny try going to youtube seperately and dont use the links from this page.)


Anonymous said...

I forgot what those Monty Python shows were like...kind of silly! The shrink skits were good, though. They are hardly worth more than that. Is psychiatry a science? I used to think so. I swallowed the Kool Aid and believed only a dedicated shrink could cure the "disturbed" individual as portrayed in movies and books. Now I see the shrink as a tool of the repressive state--a very dangerous person indeed. Today's modern shrink does not want to examine issues of a patient's past and present and help him/her cope with it, rather, he/she is a pill pusher, a tool for the pharmaceutical industry and a tool for the increasingly repressive state. It is especially hard for ti's since they have few or no people to talk to about problems and to then find out that the "professionals" that we were meant to talk to are deadly enemies dedicated to the ti's mental death and discrediting is almost too much. Oh well, I always was suspicious of them since the shrink I had as a teen put me on schizophrenia drugs for not being able to make friends at school! I was already a target! duh! Wonder what all the little shrinkies would do for "work" if they could not practice their "profession"? I'd rather not know, actually, but I have a few suspicions.

Rachael O. said...

I disagree only on one thing..Monty Python should be made an institution. And we should worship there. Lots of people do already.

That group of writers and that show is one of the most valueable peices of work of the 20th century.
Python rules!

There is so much subversion and rebellion, and its done by these educated men, who were not only writers of this show and other TV shows of the time, but they were all professionals. Cleese was a lawyer, Chapman a physician, I believe that the others were historians and an english major.

And they can write and act thier own material!?? Who does that?

Its silly on the surface..which is such great cover.

Thanks for the input..its all true, and alot of people are not happy with the situation but feel intimidated by the authorities. It will either have to change or it the chains will only get tighter.