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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

(The ending of this post may be offensive to some)Cops as obstacles/ Masons as a practical suspect crime organization(non conspiracy)

Because often they are lied to and believe what they are told. Cops are often in full agreement with corruption being part of the system, and its alot easier for him to either 1) believe the slander about ANY target or person he is handed from sources or 2) know the truth but be self righteous enough to believe that what he is doing is for the general good of the public (ie-rich people including criminals wealthy enough to carve themselves a secure place in the system).

I wonder what he would do if I went up to him and started telling him parts of the true story...just the low levels like the local criminal element that is part of the system who wants me gone becuz I worked for them for 10 years.

The police are a bunch of conditioned programmed individuals who work as a force of one. Often they stay compartmentalized until they are very old and alot of them never 'wake up'. They endure massive amounts of stress and abuse on the job thus their programming or conditioning. I also suspect they are intergenerationaly carrying some genes that make them more predisposed to this sort of work, thus more 'fit' to be military in a job becuz it is their 'nature'.
I understand this more than they realize but it is MY duty, according to MY inner commands to do what I am doing everyday and nothing but death is going to stop me.
This creates an unfortunate clash among people. Often I think they either believe its corruption as usual or they believe slander about the TI that is negative.

Dealing with anyone who is in a uniform that we in our society have been conditioned to spot immediately as helpful or life saving, and now having to 1) deal with them as potential covert enemies and 2) try to remain fair by not judging ALL uniformed personnel as 'the enemy' is not only extremely tiring but heart breaking. One should never have to deal with this kind of betrayal as well as this kind of stress. They may have to deal with the public with this mentality every day or night but TI's often have no obvious training or even a declaration of war as a warning of coming events. TI's are also not getting paid nor promised retirement.

Also, on a more emotionally sensitive level, police by thier nature have to be somewhat helpful or into assisting the public or they would not be capable of performing their functions. When I spoke of mouthing off to those transit police a few posts ago, I noted that their first reaction was to be startled. Only men with some sort of good intentions at deeper levels would be startled. Really stealth criminals would have not been moved at snakes or made of stone. The most dangerous people I have had to deal with are able somehow to actually stand near me for a long period of time and not be sensed by me until much later. THIS is what is really 'negative' or evil. The true killers. And this is the essence also of bad cops...really bad. The killers do not shine, they are not 'good' and they have no presence. 'Death' is all over them when you look at them. They have this they have been buried underground for living corpses. Their is no true humanity that emanates from the truly bad element of crime-the faction that seems to be very stealth in nature. Maybe the men that I have seen that have this 'look' or vibe do more than just murder...there is something else about them. Some other taste for other crimes.

Unfortunately, other cops get pulled into this as pawns on the chess board. Because they believe what they are told they can be big obstacles. I had one who was in the RI commuter rail station who after some of trying to mess with my head said to me " NO more alibis!!" and dramatically put his finger forth pointing at me.
OK, so there is a rich madam and a drug dealer who actually do BETTER in life after I get my life ruined, and my mother is trying to put me away so I don't write a family expose and then their is the jealous and who ever else want to see me gone for what ever, alibis for what? Everyone who is out to destroy me has a career criminal background or they have crooked lawsuits/fraud or something that really needs hiding.
What alibis? What the hell was he talking about??? Like none of it makes sense. Until you realize that 1) it was done during the peak of war time where humans are easily swept into a killing/mob like hysteria and need little cause to go after anyone deemed target 2) If lies and slander come down from 'credible' sources and also the Target never gets to publicly tell their story people will be naive enough to go with the lies 3) If you hate the target for personal reasons like you hate women, working girls, non career criminals(people corrupt cops and other militants might deem "stupid people"), seemingly weak or stupid people, ethnic groups or people that can be mistaken for a certain ethnic group ( a whole portion of my ex associates contacts tried to work on me as a Jew because they were so stupid they thought that because I looked a Jew I was a Jew, and this is from one of them who was of Italian descent also...but unlike her I did not don a mustache or was I as dark so I guess she thought I wasn't Italian. Which is bizarre because there was a crowd of wealthy and criminal Jews involved...don't ya think they would know if I was a Jew?? I think these people are either idiots big time or they will believe anything in order to get rid of someone.) Also, it might just appeal to someone, anyone to do the immoral indecent thing and beat down and destroy someone because they can. That seems most viable.

There should be tests to see if someone who is a cop or uniformed personnel in our society is truly of good character but that will never happen because the wealthy criminals wont allow it most likely.

The people who are civil servants because they want to help people will often get crushed under the corruption that goes on...and if they are used by them being misinformed its actually worse because you are dealing with someone who actually believes what they are doing is in the right and the good.

What is worse is the police, who have the worst affect on targets, are the greatest threat due to them utilizing their training for the purposes of harassment. This makes them #1 as the worst perps ever. They are the most nerve wracking and do the most damage. Firemen need to work as a unit and mostly on noise campaigns to get the same results.

And if they are not handled the right way they may become stalkers without realizing the nature of the game....they of course will think they are just doing their jobs but they are so innately territorial that stalking to them is monitoring the parameters or keeping a perceived threat out of area.

I have also encountered police stalking a target as a warning that the target is in danger or around the wrong people...OK so how is a TI supposed to get all this or tell friend from foe? None of it really makes any sense, and sometimes the police are doing stalking or harassment in order to just do damage it seems but then other times they warn of much more covert perp activity taking place in an area.

In the end the cumulative affect is that this game wears out a TI's mind and senses and I think that that might be the desired result.

It seems there is a definite end that all the people involved want to reach which is to take any predatory urges out of the target to render them harmless, docile, 'good', and no longer a threat. To rid the TI of their psychic ability, their territoriality, their sense of self and their high intelligence.
This system creates a vegetable and in the end is a great big memory wipe. Its part of re-traumatizing a trauma victim so they can be reduced to the level of a child.

They want to cleanse people with this system ultimately. They want to make the women virgin again, wife friendly material. They want to erase all you have learned in life about business, crime, authority, your own pride and abilities. They want an average citizen of average experience and average intelligence. They do not want a threat and the people in this system feel it is their duty to erase who you are in order to protect the status quo. They are destroying great artistic potential, great emotional depth, true spirituality, massive psychic energy and ability, true love of humanity, great physical beauty or handsomeness.

All in the name of destroying something are treated like a dangerous criminal who is put in jail until you are docile and old...too old to really do anything anymore-to be of any real danger. The gang stalking system ensures that you are weakened to the level of a 50 or 60 year old in just 10 years. Ultimately robbing you of your life force through heavy psychological warfare.

And somewhere in these people, they actually believe that they have done the right thing, that what they did is good for everyone. That the target will adjust or be've got complete psychos out there playing god nowadays with dangerous technologies and age old human tactics of social control.

The police have a key role in all this and I see that but dont quite know why that is....I know alot of my ex associates people were Masons and I know that a key few people who were involved were Masons as well. I have seen the idiots who go into that Mason Lodge downtown here in Boston, MA. Funny, they dont look like the descendants of the Pharaohs or of the great sun worshipping cult. They look more like Seth's people who caused unrest in the temples.
That is becuz the Masons have become a self serving greedy overconfident bunch of power loving mindless wonders who will let ANYONE into thier ranks...yeah, that pretty much will ruin the temple. They are NOT Rosicrucian's...obviously. And I think we have all had enough of impostors.
One conversation I had once with someone in an awkward situation was that this man was talking to me like an idiot, cuz he thought I was, then I asked about his Masonic tattoo (so much for the secret in secret society) and his whole personality and demeanor changed. He started speaking intelligently and told me of his actual funeral and his Masonic one when he dies.

Have you ever seen the Youtube videos of the reenactments of some of their rites? Or the fact they have always been anti-female (hmm, your whole deal is based on female worship yet...hmmm, I guess we are only good for a source of energy but not to utilize that ourselves). In the re enactments you can plainly see that they do a good amount of switching of personalities.

There are too many non bloodline idiots running around in this group..PI John?? THAT is a Mason? He's a jerk off compared to what real power is and he is corrupt. THAT is who is trying to destroy me?? HA HA HA HA..

So I dearly hope that none of these clowns thinks that their screwed up boys club (with a few token females these days set strategically to keep away accusations of boys club..and they are as screwed up as the men so rendered useless anyway), their little gang so typical of men, is ever going to be truly effective. And I AM highly suspect of their involvement...not in a mystical, conspiracy sort of way but in a practical kind of alot of the people involved I can say are admitted Masons and it wouldn't be too far out to say that this sort of organization can be used to cover for organized crime.

If you are stupid enough on the lower levels.
Don't you think that the greater brothers are watching you??Or don't you think that there are other factions who are maybe sick of your crap and abuses.

Keep it up geniuses. And I dearly hope that the cops are just corrupt greedy keystones who are either intimidated into going along or stupidly believe that they are doing the right thing for misguided reasons. Becuz if you think that you are secretly in on anything in THIS day and age you are a joke. Nothing is truly secret anymore, unless it is on super high levels that would never even involve me or your sorry asses for that matter.

You wanna know what the grail is?? It is the gold on your badge that stands for doing the right is spiritual gold. And if you have been in on this nonsense at all you've lost in the journey to seek and find it. Your an idiot first class.

No go play with your friends in the brotherhood, the fraternal order of, or the lodge. Boys and their tree houses are always going to be and are really of little consequence in the end.

While those in the know are at it, look up at a piece of architecture today that is 'Masonic' in nature. Notice those shield like oval shapes always with greenery around them? That mark the entrances? I have one of those between my legs and by virtue of that YOU LOSE and you always always will and don't ever forget it. And that is EXACTLY what it is supposed to represent as well.

You can beat women down as much as you want, you still lose...maybe you shouldn't have fucked with a woman to begin with FOR NO GOOD REASON.

Have a nice xmas all you bastards and remember that all your Christian crap is an illusion. Just you mind that pussy over your heads as you walk into sacred buildings on Xmas day or any other day. THIS is the real structure of power all over the world....and it can bury you just as much as it can give birth to you.

Have a nice f*ckin day.

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