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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, December 29, 2008

2007 Mother Jones article on surveillance /its not over

This is bad enough but imagine, like me, your health and life ..your FUTURE have been completely ruined. And they aren't done yet, now they are trying to manage and silence victims of these abuses. This article just touches the tip of an ice that needs to be exposed and I am confident will one day.

They want to keep it minimal I assume. Like all they did was spy or use force on people at rallies and protests.

Does anyone in the USA have any sense of reality left at all?? Do you realize just how corrupt and part of organized crime the police force of every city are, especially Boston and NY? This is why there is an internal affairs department (duh), because of the fact that everyone knows they are too trained, too armed and too smart and think like criminals themselves to be trusted with any amount of power that is not policed itself.
What has happened over the past eight to 12 years if not longer, but with special attention to 2003 onward, is that too many factions of authorities have been created as well as given assignments they cant and shouldn't handle.
With terrorism as an excuse they have indulged in victim witness intimidation and the destruction of many many 'inconvenient' people.

Aside from my claims concerning MK Ultra and my mothers connection to the human radiation experimentation, there are issues concerning me locally, involving local criminals and I was told that the confusion of the last 8 years was used to make me manageable.

People make fun of me by saying things like " don't blow anything up" and all kinds of intimations that I am dangerous or capable of some sort of terrorism.

I will never forget the arrogance on the faces of some cops in the courthouse in Brighton (D-14) as Scott was in there, dragging me through the mud with domestic abuse nonsense; another diversion as well as info gathering on his part. I did not deserve what was done to me and it will be exposed.
Brighton police are, from back at the days of Kens pub where my mother worked, some of the most arrogant connected jerks and why they had some hair across their ass when it came to me I will never understand. If you dont like my family then go after them....not me.

I was one of the most vulnerable people in this population..a struggling single female trying to change her life in a very sensitive place in a ling transition, a sequence of an equation that had to be worked out to the number and letter or the result would not come out correctly.

They interfered with that sequence. They helped change the outcome. They are accountable.
They helped destroy what I was building, they are accountable.

There is evidence all over the Internet of police abusing their authority in the USA on behalf of the govt against its people, but behind the scenes this has been a criminals field day due to the local and state police abusing their fed given authority to please the same criminals they were jerking off before the damn war.

People do not change their intent because they are handed more responsibility or because there is a war on.

And if you want to keep fooling the public with that Holier than thou right wing crap you can sick are not crusaders and this is not a holy war..those were full of shit as well as this whole campaign was and everyone knows it.

The absolute arrogance of the armed forces who are civil servants over the last 10 years has grown to frightening proportions and the worst part is : they are convinced that the USA is so beat down and scared for its economic future that they feel they are going to walk off into the damn sunset.
A foreign war is not supposed to be one against a countries own people, and what they have done nation wide is not, could never be validated by everyone making sacrifices in wartime.

A lot of what they did comes under pure raping and pillaging plain and simple. A lot of what they did is just for kicks in the heat of war. Their behavior is the most disgusting thing I have ever scene because unlike the shenanigans of the 1970's these a-holes are actually pretending to be on the straight and narrow now, playing it from the end of righteousness.

The worst deception ever and the most dishonesty I have ever seen. What kind of authority other than an abusive arrogant, sick one demands YOU get clean and sober-YOU get your life together, YOU change how you are, YOU need reforming yet they have only changed their appearance so they can get away with the same shit only now look squeaky clean doin it.

Its called an arrogant, paternal, controlling authority figure that is ultimately abusive therefore it seeks to hide its true nature from the public. Nothing has changed...they just let the Feds streamline them so they can hide corruption better now.

The NY city police??Give it UP. Corruption central. People should be spying on THEM not the other way around. How arrogant is this?? I dont care how clean cut and self righteous the Republicans think they can pull off as a front. Still criminals, still human, still thieves.

I notice that they are more creative, their suites look better and they have more style. Great, the Repubs are better more polished artists...that doesn't take away from their crimes.

There is a very suspect feeling in the country right now, like too peaceful. Like the whole thing is over. YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE IN THIS MANNER.

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