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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

OK I am sure you all have seen this...


At first I thought it was a book and I thought...yes, its good symbolism. Someone at some point should throw the book at him. Was disappointed to learn was shoes. In Muslim culture, sole of shoe is very insulting. You cannot put your leg across your other leg to sit becuz the sole of your shoe might point at someone, insulting them.

However, this guy didnt do his homework becuz an American would just think it was nothing really. Would have been better to have thrown book at him for symbolism...or maybe camera. It only makes the Iraqi look backwards and like a fringe person anyway.

He did what he's been doing for years..'I and mine have the power and we aer seeing this thru to the end we will get this done'. I mean that is the attitude and he probably wouldnt change his mind at anytime in the last 8 years if you did something more drastic. If you are really hip, I dont need to tell you why. Its his mission and he is GOING to have to see it til the end.

I have never really bitched all that much about this administration nor about Bush. Targets get messed with thru every administration so its not HIM entirely...but alot of us are really down and out and have ruined lives becuz the gang stalking seemed to increase to the point of ruining peoples lives entirely after 2003.

I still say, that no matter what happens next all targets should keep going and never forget what happened.

I personally will never have my health, my youth or my intelligence that I had. The best anyone can do is what the NY Times tried to pull which is deny it even exists. They will keep this up as long as they can until someone admits these technologies exist. Until then dont you think they wont try to get rid of or brain wash as many survivors as they can..to lower the amount of people later who will claim that they were illegally experimented on.

They are going to pull something, I just dont know what it is. These are not people who lose or plan to lose easily.

In fact as TI's we are pretty much at the corrupt systems mercy and the only thing we can do IS to expose what is happening.

You have to remember that Bush will never admit to doing anything wrong, that is why he makes positive of a free society with the shoe throwing. 'Look the guy can express himself! Its now a free society! And WE did this!! Isnt it great! And I am not offended by democracy one bit'.

Thats wonderful. Now explain to them how a woman like myself was not ABLE to express herself for years while being gang stalked IN A FREE SOCIETY becuz of remote influencing technolgies and covert warfare actions like harassment and stalking. Tell them about how in 'free societies' if someone who is TARGETED goes to a rally or throws a shoe, then they are in more danger than anyone else to be put away as mental or jailed.

Tell them....

No one is going to tell anyone anything.
Those of you out there who are naive enough to think that these seasoned career criminals or people in office with knowledge of the criminals actions are going to admit to what is neatly covered up now ....you havent dealt with criminals very long.

These people make it into an art..and it is thier art. And they will never break the illusion. I highly suspect that if any illusions were broken THEY would be broken, and so would the meaning of thier lives.

Something did indeed go down over the last few years that was so horrible, so mind breaking, that the nation incuding TI's (who obviously have very elastic minds and can take alot more than most people becuz we are dealing with what everyone else is dealing with as a nation AS WELL AS personally being terrorized and we have plenty of people trying to say it isnt happening.

The system is hoping we and the nation are so numb, so traumatized that we will forget and give in to the next phase of brainwashing. Total control of the abuser...total thought reform. As the nation gives up and gives in TI's may find themselves getting 'comfortable' as well.

WE cannot afford to do that.

I suspect that these last 8 years are used to really beat us down to near dead, continue to disavow any actions as well as deny us outright, and then in the next few years maybe they can just sit back and watch the results of what they did that was heavy handed. Just keep ignoring us, keep denying us, bring the rest of the nation back from near death (Hmmm, sounds familiar..a near death experience to mind control someone..beleive me, this is par the course for what they are trying to do.)

And we...the targets...they will just leave us for absolute dead. Becuz thats what was planned. And also we are obviously people who are expendable and of no use anymore anyway.

I fear for those who did not die during Bush, who fought harder during Bush, the danger now lies in NOT being enflamed to fight during the promised peaceful reign or Obama.

First everyone ignored us becuz there was too much going on, now everyone is going to ignore us becuz life is good again. Its a danger and its real. Bush pissed people off....what if Obama makes SURE he does not. Then this is the handler after the traumatising abuser. We will most likely be asked 'what are you on about? Life is good again! No one wants to talk about what happened..'..or some similar cop out. Then of course those of us who burned our brains out fighting will just drift off into true mental illness, or just existing or worse..Alzheimers. Very common for CERTAIN types of people they want to get rid of I was told that years ago.

Started losing it at 40? Little suspect dont you think? Just ask me or any other TI. I can actually tell you how they do it! HA!

We must remember that for us there is no future or good life. For me at least there isnt. If there is a lull I have learned it is to get me to comply or to see how docile I will remain for a time. They can start up again anytime they want to...and I am sure they will start up again.

Isnt it nice that I can replay my own families words to me in 2006 " There is no gurantee they will stop following you"...and all they have to do is deny they ever said it. OR perpetuate that I am crazy...and soceity can go along, forever if necessary. I already have young college kids refering to me as 'the crazy lady' what does that tell you? It tells me that as I age there is a bunch of younger people who will support what everyone else has done to me and their lies as well. This means that as I get older their agenda will always be in place and nothing will change for me.

Nothing is going to change as long as no one is admitting to the existence of covert warfare.

The idiots who think this was merely behavior modification are everywhere and they either dont care that the target is going to lose thier minds becuz of brain damage or they are to ignorant to realize that is the planned outcome.

If you are willing to control someones life or watch someone destroyed YOU are the one who is extremely sick sick sick and you will NEVER understand what you did wrong.

Destroying artists and keeping people from becoming artists is not natural or natures way. It is the sign of an EXTREMELY controlled society and if you beleive in that AT ALL there is something wrong with YOU not I...and you better feel blessed every day that society seems to be really into destroying people in this manner.

Yer too stupid to think for yourselves anyway so you might as well rely on the group to validate your sick actions..the way you always do.

As for geuine TI's I am sure we will keep fighting for what is FACTUAL and TRUE.

Fact: I am not mentally ill or crazy though I was eccentric and ingeneous in finding invetive coping skills for my trauma backround.
Fact: I have been harassed and stalked by parties unknown and betrayed by intimates and family...all of which were either involved in criminal activity or were never really loyal to begin with. This gave the perps alot to bater with.( blackamail).

Fact: My life has been ruined and I did not deserve it...not at all. This was ridiculous and everyone knows it. In fact people I suspect have no idea what happened all around and what happened on the road is just outrageous.
Fact: I was born into a criminals family and surrounded by criminals and I was raised not to think or ask questions. WHen I wanted to grow up and start my own life in earnest THIS is when I was destroyed. I WAS ONLY DESTROYED AND ATTACKED BECUZ I WANTED TO GROW UP AND BE SOMEONE..... That is ALL.

And so...is this a free society? It can only remain a perfect little paradise of democracy and freedom if you deny that I and my situation exists.

I am sure you bastards all will contunue to do so. You love it. You can get a cheap power thrill out of it especially the nobodies.

One must ask, how is it that one woman, with no education and no money and no family, can be SUCH a big deal to an entire nation of people that everyone hates her so much. And if people are just beleiveing what they are told without even considering its a set up then this country is much stupider than I ever suspected and its game over then anyway.

I know damn well that if I ever write my story that only a few people will read it and the rest of the nation will have head up ass condition as usual.

And you look at the amount of perps and say " what is the point, they think they know my story anyway" and if they do know the WHOLE story, like why I am targeted and what they did to me on the road..then this country is f*cked and worse than I ever imagined and it is then very far from what it is claimed to be.

No matter what the perps do they lose..they are in the WRONG and they are unjust liars. They murder people through means that are worse than just execution. THAT would have been not only preferable but easy as hell compared to the death of ones mind, and spirit. These are all that make up life. The physical body means nothing.

We have some real problems in the USA..however, I must say that I have heard this is world wide for TI's.
That is even more disturbing.

The last thing I want after all this is to go docile..its disgusting.

I dont think that survivors of covert war ever recover or get anywhere. They just drop off into the past...THAT is really the desired effect of gang stalking. Its easily deniable, and it is murder. The person becomes a memory that no one can recall or will and what really happened fades away with them.

DO NOT let this happen...to you or your story. I'll draw my own blood if I have to to stay 'awake' and out of the clutches of the coming sleep. Cuz that is what is happening. Everyday I get this sickening feeling of fake peace in my center...I should no be feeling this considering what has happened. Its so...FALSE. Faked. Unatural.
BULLSHIT...and I will not accept it into my life. They dont want you imprisoned, they want you willingly jailed. Housed, shelved and fucking content about it.

F*ck them. I will never forgive or forget their arrogance and what they took from me. They are STILL in the red with me on the ledger and all crimes are NOT paid. Dont even think about it.

Somone owes me and the debt doesnt just go away cuz YOU DONT FEEL LIKE PAYING.

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