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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, September 27, 2015

TI Driving, A World On Camera (Truck Accident Vid)

I was watching some truck vids and this came up.

Being so isolated and refusing to drive for safety I had not realized how common internationally vehicle cameras are.

Imagine the footage of Targeted Individuals you could get if you used these cams while harassing TIs in vehicles (as 'gang stalking' perps very frequently do).  This might explain the set up of a car pointed at the TI as we are harassed even though we don't see a perp with a camera.

The public now have access to spy equipment and its a nightmare. Agents or anyone working for anyone can blend in with the masses and hide while greatly abusing power and literally torment and torture someone to death even just in part, by these means.

Putting such technology unchecked out to the public SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

And this vid exhibits WHY I DONT DRIVE a vehicle.

Far too many Targets both great and small have perished from vehicular 'accidents'. It could happen anyway if you were a pedestrian or a passenger.

Watching the video feel grateful you are alive and it seems that if you havent experienced this they dont want you dead at least in this manner.

After years of seeing the inner machinations of this world-civilization and humanity I believe HUMANS DO NOT BELONG IN MAN MADE VEHICLES and shouldnt be driving.
 At least not in cars and trucks as they are today.

Viewing so much of foriegn lands natural landscapes that have been  altered to accommodate motor vehicles is shocking to me.  Everything looks the same.

It all might as well be America. Its kind of depressing actually.

Oh boy. I can drive on a similar highway in another country and go to a similar or same corporate eatery or store. I can watch the same shows and churned out Hollywood movies.

This is not tradition this is not a world to leave our children. This is a corporate controlled false environment engineered to house humans like animals and we may as well be living under a dome on the moon.

Which is probably what humanity is being slowly modified for by these changes. That or underground when the radiation becomes too great.

Im also surpised by all the electric towers. It looks like TX or anywhere outside the cities and towns in the northeast (the Libs keep it hidden here so people dont realize how unhealthy their environment is. Northeast people like illusionary environments of health and prosperity. Like Whole Foods etc. Many a cell repeater is hidden here dressed up as brick or pine trees. In Cali they have entire fake palm trees that are full fledged towers. Its funny..but its not in the long term).

Whats most interesting is how humans react when they realize they've lost comtrol.

The bodies that fly from the carts, bikes and cars just prove we are so vulnerable, made of flesh up against a world of steel, mechanical and technological power and few realize how its armed against us and that we are victimized by this structure in different ways every day.

Also realizing that an entire generation thinks and perceives differently than any natural born humans prior due to being raised 'native' within technologies was also disturbing but is something I need to realize and keep in mind.
Older people's minds are now programmed by living within technologies.

Thus the sick world that TIs get to view daily as those in power take advantage of humans' natural instinct at mobbing and form and direct this primitive behavior into something sick twisted evil unrealistic and very much part of a totally false reality much of modern humans are now trapped in.

Just take advantage of that feeling humans have when they lose control. Study it and make the perps experience that as much as possible.

I also got the distinct impression that no matter how many f*cktards here try to convince me my book and activism isnt important and ineffectual the REALITY is that an entire world outside the USA is awaiting my activism and other TIs, Truthers, resistors and freedom fighters to be released to them.

Dont believe what my mother said one day over a decade ago when this first began in earnest:
"You can write a book but no one is going to believe you" with a snide, obnoxious demeaner.

These are your jailers and their purpose is to make sure no one knows how bad and far reaching and depraved these war crimes have been over these many years.

If its unbelievable why target people so hard into silence and distraction?

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