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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Harvard Square- Total War (In My Now Enemy Occupied Home Base)

Heres how it seems to work.

By tracking me the Target through technologies as well as information from spies and local informants etc and predicting a Targets activities and routines the 'gang stalking' system seems to be able to put a perp group into population and surround the target, making it seem to the person thst this is in place everywhere all the time.

Ive outrun this system with getting away from predictable routine or breaking up their surveillance track such as taking a cab between points instead of a bus or a cab partway.

I can't survive and do it but if you have the money it provides relief and shakes off the perps as well as seems to shake off the tech as well.

Every single street kid and most old timer homeless in Harvard Sq is now taking part in gang stalking activity. Alot of these people were always aligned with the system but used to counter me in small ways or sneakily. I see that clearly now but didnt really have to before. I just noted who seemed to be messing with me and who seemed neutral. Now formerly neutral people are doing the same tactical gesturing that gang stalking perps are. And of course those people who always seemed to be against my project and this blog or my trying to change things are doing the same.

So instead of my having any safe zones or normalcy everyone has taken to side with the system.

People have been feeding me probably disinfo like everyone's being busted and turned into a rat or the DEA are here posing as regular under covers. Really then why has Harvard been introduced to crystal meth lately unlike any time before I can recall? This area is being flooded with it and this isnt a meth area. Its a opiate, crack and pot area and of course alcohol. It goes with the weather and the disposition of the people.

San Diego and Austin have meth scenes. The people function and have their own scenes and subculture and always live away from other factions. The weather in these places makes more sense for meth use also.

The people getting into this drug here have no experience with it and there's no pre existing drug subculture for this substance and no elders to keep things in line or form any sort of livable situation. What are these people going to do when winter comes stay up for days in the snow? Thats not usually how it works.

And in Austin if you have tweekers acting like people are starting to here now they get beat up by drunk Woods. In San Diego they dont mess with other kinds of homeless people. In San Francisco thats what my legal taser is for.

Harvard is way too small for this kind of drug and introducing it here is nothing short of purposely destroying Harvard Squares bohemian street scene or what remained of it.

No one has been controlling the drunks here lately either. They are beyond sloppy and make huge messes and sleep wherever they want and lay around in the morning and no one says anything. Howevsr i notice now the students are here this weekend ALONG WITH MANY PARENTS they aren't here. They get tipped off all the time it seems.

Obviously rats or doing dirty work or favored by authorities. Ive also experienced a few people that seemed totally crazy yet they can do tactical gesturing. One guy I thought was totally gone mentally Ive known for years two days ago he had his hands down his pants scratching laying on a bench I went to cops and told them he's getting out of control they said they would see if he needed help and that if he went away to a hospital it would actually extend his life becuz they would get him healthy.

The NEXT DAY he had his hair combed and wetted was wearing a black and red outfit ive never seen him in and his composure was much more together.

And alot of the drunks disappeared or toned it down.

So it seems Im the only normal genuine houseless person in Harvard. And maybe a few others. Mostly it seems like actors or agents or people working for the authorities-dealer axis. Ive seen fake crazies being targeted in shelters but..I guess this was such an easy flowing and structured tribal scene before it wasnt important or evident.

I also now am wondering if all the things that happened prior like people finding needles in parks etc wasnt a set up to get rid of the heroin scene. Great so shitty drunks who are basically using Harvard Sq as hospice and kids taking meth with no subculture at all is an acceptable alternative?

Thers been obvious ongoing psy ops and black ops to destroy this street scene and the formerly quiet local homeless scene for years now but the people involved only got really obnoxious and arrogant a year or two ago.

The RKP (Rich Kid Posers) have always been a staple out here. It was fine when that worked out to us all existing together before but over the years I would see them actually scatter when I arrived back in town and then things would start to suck, Id leave and upon return things were back to normal but everyone would scatter again. This started happening when the sneaky crap began to start destroying the scene here.

So its true what an art teacher from SMFA told me when this first started: they will act in defense of "daddy's castle". In other words they will always be aligned with system and the status quo. Which has been proven lately.

Nixon used to describe Harvard U as "Kremlin on the Charles". So it stands to reason that either this area has been surrounded with COINTELPRO type networks for decades or Harvard has their own intel network like this. Once again it serves as a moat around the castle.

Last few days the homeless have been really desperate and annoying by trying to pry out of me stupid questions like am I staying for the winter and am I staying today or not. All the crap I have been getting from the gs system outside my safety zone for years. Now I have to have that here??

The look on the little rich bitches faces in Tasty Burger when I walked in rownstairs was priceless. They were surprised I was back and it wasn't a good surprise.

The entire area was lacking in gang stalking activity. A few perps were trying to do their best to try to put something down due to the lack of troops present in area.

All the homeless seem absent. Lately this bitch who Ive known for years has been stalking me in every sleep spot and bringing this red head meth kid with her to try to make it so I cant sleep. Hes fine until she gets him going then hes hateful. Shes a punk ass who will fight over anything so becuz of my age and health I can't tell her off.

Ive also felt the place is so full of scum that people are just dying to find an opportunity to rob me.

The kids they have doing harassment here this summer are especially aggressive MALES. Hmmm so much for feminism.

One younger cop piped up a few weeks ago when I visited to do an errand as last few days ive been, that someone stealing from us is the consequences of the " way you live". There's enough gs going on from cops here in the past that I dont heed mind fucks from anyone on this force. I used my age to ignore and focus on the older responsible cop. They got all overdramatic like they here and some older high authority guy came out and chatted and hung out with mr young conservative cop as if some sort of buffer in case I had an issue with what was said.
You know the level of authority in the force where you can't tell if they are mob types or cops becuz they start to look the same? I

I remember when the cops in this area helped harass me into signing out of court on my mold lawsuit with Olnick. They acted like I didnt deserve justice for the damage that messed me up for life. They were hateful.

I recall Harvard and Cambridge helping to chase me out of my apartment then out of town so I would be chased righr into the gang stalking system in each place and to the clutches of the people continuing MK Ultra-the southwest where that MILAB occured.

I was almost killed many times.

I keep in mind always and always will that my own mother, community, lovers and 'friends' and acquaintances all had not a care if I lived or died. That includes the police.

I dont take much of what police do here seriously. I dont care.

Harvard does what it wants. Everyone here are their personal Pretorian guard. The racist hiring practices they and most of Boston and Cambridge partake in are simply the norm to them. Tradition. The way it was back in great great grand dads day. And the blacks protect them from folk or the middle class having access to their resources or education system. They're akin to alligators in the moat surrounding the castle..or is that the homeless they have out here now?

Be grateful I can write. And Im full of estrogen not testosterone.

Think about it EVERY-FUCKING-DAY.

As Ive had to run over in my head everything thats happened to me since 2001 every day.

My book is my lone shooting. It is my act of terrorism, its my nuclear bomb. And I want it to blow out every single last brick of this motherfucker til there's nothing left.

I want the whole world to know the reality of Harvard, Boston, the northeast, the USA and the military industrial complex.

Be fortunate that most won't read...NOW that is. But years from now when Im dead. Like Claudius buried the unofficial family history for the future to read and know. Im going to fuck your descendants out of a perfect inheritance just like you ensured I would never have any children.

Keep sendin em and Ill keep knockin em down.

The scum from the underworld and their legit friends didnt name me 'the Champ' for nothin.

Total war.

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  1. This is what it all boils down to. It's very simple.

    All the money, resources, efforts, manpower used... just think if all of than tonnage were used for the actual REAL good, like fighting starvation, diseases, corruption, abuse, child abuse and rape, torture, instead of the PRETEND good. The PRETEND good is perpetrated by the actual bullies themselves, and does nothing to aid anyone except the BULLIES of course. With all this impressive manpower, connecting groups to individuals to other groups, as well-connected as they are, they could clean up all crime, homelessness, and really help mankind get better. It would take no time at all.

    These campaigns are really nothing but this on a massive scale. A lot of effort is being used in stopping bullying, but what if bullying IS taking place, but everyone is denying it? How many times has a person said to you, "oh but that isn't harassment" or "are you SURE they were talking to YOU" or "why would anyone want to track/stalk/harass YOU"? See, because gangstalking is this continual denial thing that has been going on for decades, and it's always the victim imagining that people are persecuting him/her.

    And with all this surveillance, the huge number of civilian spies, continual tracking and spying, imagine that something like child molestation could be eliminated in a big hurry. But, why is there so much child sexuality being flaunted everywhere you look? I've seen a lot of youtube videos of young kids in skimpy revealing bathing suits doing sexual stuff, even overt stuff like tongue flicking, and they'd be like 10 years old. And the reason for this is the gangstalking system itself, which shows me that this system does not have the aim of doing GOOD like they claim. If they were doing good, then how come so many young children are doing bathing suit stuff showing off their bodies in a sexual manner on youtube? And they are synchronizing all of this stuff in a well-connected manner, in a very cult-like manner.

    I suppose that old rich guy throwing his little tantrum was part of the pedo network. They have to know you were sexually exploited as a child, and hence, know something about these networks. So perhaps that old guy has a guilty conscience, and is pissed that you were not gone?

    I'm sure he was a peon compared to people like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Rothchild families anyways. They let pedo networks thrive, because they benefit from the power and destruction and allows them to directly benefit from the mind control these abuse networks utilize and they can use this as a necessary evil in order to reign over the population and manipulate them as they see fit.

    Aww, poor Free Masons. I know a Free Mason older guy, really no personality, who is not a very good teacher, but somehow, he is teaching classes at a 2-yr branch of a university, and everyone tells me that he doesn't know what he's doing. Like, you'd ask him a question, and he tells them he doesn't know how he got the answer. Brilliant. All because he's a Free Mason, and an old bald guy. He told me that he'd "love" to teach female high school students. haha. Yeah, Free Masons deserve to have everything they want, even if they don't have talent. But rich elite who wish to dominate the world are Masons, too, so the lower-level creepy older guys who are part of the old boys club benefit too.

    And if they want to throw tantrums, too bad. I and other targets aren't going to go quietly simply because pedos and sick megalomaniacs want to take over the world. Because they are sick, they simply do not know how to rule over the world, and hence, should not be in power. That's why they and their lower-level tramps are so in denial and have to be all sneaky, like the CREEPS they are.