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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Anonymous said...

Oh, but those people are little angels, remember? WE are the troublemakers, not the degerates screaming and fucking things up.

A parallel is something that came up at work: I am a target, and made out to be a dangerous person. If something falls that I am placing on a belt, it's because I am out of control, being "mean", or intentionally trying to hurt or kill somebody. But I can't win against them, because they are all together in this. They all stick up for each other, and subconsciously, agree that they are all good people and that I am the bad one.

One girl here who does things to harass me is a "good girl" because "she works". Oh, so because "she works" that qualifies her as a "good girl"? She's been playing mind games, like telling my boss that when something falls and falls near her by accident, that I was "being meannnnnn-aaaa". And then she tell me that I hit her all the time (which I don't) and that I do it intentionally. Meanwhile, she drilled me in the head with an envelope with a metal plate in it. And then she did this half-hearted attempt to put a huge 50 lb. box on a belt overhead, and then it falls and drills me on the head. So after all this shit she pulls, she goes and screams that I am being mean when something I put on a belt falls and nearly hits her?

Amazing how they can do anything they want, but if something I do by accident happens, all of a sudden, I'm this out of control killer?

My one coworker thinks she's so wonderful, and told me "maybe SHE needs to stay away from YOU". Like I am the bad person, not her. She is a little angel, remember? Like all perps. All little angels. We targets are always the bad ones. We cause all the problems in the world, and when we happen to do something accidentally, it's not only because we are "mean" and do things intentionally to harm them, but we are also trying to kill them. And then they make it seem like we do it all the time when we don't.

So we are dealing with little angels with no flaws. And if they work, they are automatically "good" people. if they are perps, they really aren't; we just have a persecution complex and think everyone is stalking us and out to get us. And if we do something by accident, we're really doing it with the intent to cause harm because we are so violent.

THEY are little angels. WE are mean and violent and crazy and weird and need to be watched. They can do whatever they want.

Oh, and this girl tells me stuff she knows about me but shouldn't. That's why she is a good girl and must be protected by her mob of horny guys.