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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harvard Sq Is Actually Scary Now With Shady People And Alot Of Disrespect Towards Me

Harvard Square is completely infiltrated by informant scumbags.  Most of the kids are mindless idiots who are in on gang stalking.

Older Harvard regulars who I always kept in mind were of bad character due to some instance where I experienced red flags now have no problem coming out and being completely obnoxious and open about their being shitty human beings.

Theres a few new people and they are just as shitty. One of them is plain scary like the pedo or serial killer hiding out as a homeless guy in Harvard.

This one older guy who sits in front of the Coop i thought was cool is the scary one.  Hes nice when we are away from crowds but outside hes a jerk who laughs at me when I walk away. Like my being stuck in my situation and my recently being discredited by that arrest has made me so powerless that no one has to show me respect anymore.

This drunk younger woman whos a mess all the time out here rolls her eyes at me when she thinks I dont see as shes approaching me.

Part of this is becuz last fall alot of shitbum drunks and new people were messing up Harvard and the authorities were letting them sleep in the MBTA etc it was just disgusting.  Many of the good people or solid ones are gone and now we are left with people whove turned informant and so they get away with blowing up the street scene becuz obviously police allow it. Like.i said this new administration are horrible or the foriegn money influence. Its starting to loook like frickin China out here for f*cks sake.

They stopped power washing the stone structures people sit on and less cleaning generally so its filthy. That and the drunks was just disgusting.

So i would complain or ask why they wete allowed to make a mess. Once in the shelter that winter I complained about the small stuffy room five women were stuck in as smelling like alcohol. Again the normal standards had been lowered or rules not observed to cause chaos and discomfort it seems and to encourage such conditions.

Nelly (whos now dying in hospice from drinking) and another newer local drunk decided to twist this around and discredit the shit out of me partially becuz i think thats what authorities wanted at that time and also becuz ive noticed drunks remember things their way not the way things actually happened and its usually a self pitying version where they are the victims.

I understand this is the norm for addicts but with all the drunkeness and small fights that used to occur out here when it was a small family of us out here that was never an issue.

It was run more tribally with self discipline and self policing.

Now its just shady people using Harvard as a place to die of alcoholism or other illness or a place to pass out and throw up.

It was a colorful tribe and now its  been reduced to non stop psy ops and some really uncaring, selfish, dirty, slovenly weak minded dependent easy to control half dead humans.

I can deal with Harvard in this death lhase becuz chances are it will live again but i cannot deal with the total lack of respect from people who obviously hate me becuz they know damm well they never would have fit into or been allowed into the old Harvard street scene that Im from.

Theres also ALOT of black gangsta types walking around as opposed to the Irish mob lookin guys in the old days. That cant be good. And look at this place.

Its not good. The shelter has become opened up to chaos and there's no preservation of that either.  Last year it was all drunks, blacks out to destroy anything good thats not theres and alot of white shills wearing black and red.

Who exactly has taken power here and decided to destroy the bohemian street scene here?

Also I believe after so much strain in past two years Im actually starting to look my age.  So naturally this place is mindlessly reactionary and wants me to quietly fade instead of become a tribal elder. Im getting disrespected on an unconscious level to a point becuz the structured patriarchal society fears and rejects female age based (natural) authority unless its based on motherhood or coming from a position bested in the woman by the patriarchy itself (employment of some kind giving authority).

This is part of destroying the tribalism that existed in Harvard and discrediting me was very necessary to ensure I cant contribute like starting to go to town meetings etc.

Imagine me after that arrest showing up in a town meeting here in Libtard USA.
Harvard and formerly a part of MIT might understand what Im doing but the city of Cambridge wouldnt.

The place has lost its special energy. Its got a awful soulless dead feel to it.

Its so hard to take. The students the shopkeeps the street people-90% of everyone are really fucked up. Just a few people remain that act normal.

That kid I was with was in on it and he kept sometimes saying I imagined thinga that werent there..then he would switch to admitting the psy ops was real in small ways.

So that lets me know that the purpose of this and all these scumbags intentions is to do this so much that i look nuts by claiming Im being harassed in such a way by a huge network in the area.

See before years ago it was strangers mixing with the population doing the harassment or shady store employees or regular working guys like city workers or the small tradesmen or Harvard employees-union types.

Now its like everyone all the time and people Ive known for years who've been respectful of me just turning on me.
New people are just obnoxious..this fat oppy kid with a black beard and a little black dog is very intimidating towards me and he does tactical gesturing but hes fucking goofy aggressive too. He claims hes a Traveler. Hes a pig. All the trin kids I know would have fucked him up by now.

(Midway thru writing this someone took my picture. Me and this kid saw a flash. Thats an old intimidation tactic).

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  1. I'm sure there are diehard people in on this who are professionals working for black ops teams. It seems to be very professionally designed. However, it doesn't always seem that way, because all we are exposed to are the lower-level degerates; the useful degenerates and idiots. All we see are the clowns. So that serves to disguise these operations as a special club for jealous idiots and fools. But behind the curtains are the pros; I believe they work for intelligence agencies and other military branches that utilitizes various ops that have coded operation names, like HUMINT, for example. But you'd never know that seeing as to the many jealous selfish asses we encounter who are nothing more than mere monkeys and clowns.