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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Expendable Is Driven Nuts To Murder And Of Course Poor Whites, Heroin and OCCUPY Are Involved (Just Keep Counting Down To White House Moving Day-Better Than Xmas)

If someone has seizures hallucinations are very likely. Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker had intense seizures as a child due to his father's beatings causing injury.

Also H is a huge problem in Southie and its a drug used to.keep  poor white Irish down as drinking has become less popular as a drug of choice traditional to the Irish.

The bullshit dig to OCCUPY is just another  move from Boston to keep on working on be half of the 1%, elite and banksters.

So anyone talking about the occult is a dangerous weirdo who will murder your kid?  And lets throw OCCUPY into the mix.

These pathetic attempts at framing expendable people and useful idiots is right in line with the Boston Bombing being a False Flag op.

If the truth threatens your agenda, make shit happen thats really messed up and blame whatevet threatens you.


Only a few hundred days left til MOVING DAY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

Better try harder Boston (and Cambridge).

Thousands of people have died for the agenda including the wars since 2001. Lets not quip over trifles.

Ive been dealing with this system all my life. The elite and military industrial complex are ruthless and dont care who dies if its necessary or they get in the way.

Remember its a very sick, cult mind controlled, brainwashed country right now. Many people cannot accept what their actions and complacency have done over the past 16 plus years. They fear being found out or even facing reality themselves and will delve ever deeper into the sick lies that have kept them going for over a decade.

Its almost time hopefully for the truth to come out. Then the dead may truly rest and we, the light bearers and workers can finally get on with our lives.

Hanging onto the truth all these years has been basically akin to holding a timeline in place that huge repeated waves of combines force have been trying to obliterate.

Like all liars they have to keep in lying to cover the original lie. Even children know that.

Unfortunately adults act worse than children and no one is there to stop them if the mob is big enough.

Boston has been causing people to go nuts for the past few years as if its an industry now. Disgusting.

Probably to support Obamas mental health/gun grabbing line of policy.

How does heroin get into such a small area as Southie with drug cops everywhere anyways??

Exactly. Boston is mob and mafia. Police and elite institutions as well as old, new and foriegn money and major military indutrial complex -DARPA contractors.

Your telling me they dont know who is who, who is where and when? I can tell you that they do.

For this guy to slip by is bullshit. For him to be driven to insanity is predictable unfortunately in the current climate of Libtard areas that are trying to support Obamas ditch efforts to cover his ass as it goes out the door.

Having policies to end homelessness is another example of trying to get rid of dissidents whistleblowers etc and I've seen problems purposely created so that order can be made out of the chaos theyve created.

Dont let this intimidate you.
Remember in the movie Blade Runner when the female replicant has a tantrum becuz she does not want to die?
That is this administration.

So much more damage and race warring they could have caused. If only dictatorships were possible like the good old days!

Leave a mess to cover what might be found. The sign of a good career criminal.

My old friend used to laugh and muse that if the cops ever raided her place it was such a (purposeful) mess that they wouldn't be able to find anything.

Dont mind the mess. Just stick to the facts and what you know and have known to be true.

I have no idea what the next horror show might consist of. It might be worse. Still you must persist.

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