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Saturday, September 5, 2015

HAha! China Drops Cisco Systems (Evil Bastards) And Apple Due To Espionage

I have posted about the torture and gang stalking related to the military contractor CISCO SYSTEMS due to their technologies being utilized by civilian businesses, institutions and individuals.

APPLE Ive never experienced as problematic outside of perhaps experiencing weird feelings of maybe being watched through the cams on the screens or a few experiences where perps iPhones seemed to bring electromagnetic torture or spying into my environment.

Actually APPLE at some points seemed more helpful through their tech than oprressive or harmful.

Alot of people think Job's death was suspect but I don't know much about the circumstances for a conspiracy theory or legit foul play scenerio.

Mass College Of Art and MIT use Cisco routers and Ive experienced and posted about much torture through the tech systems in those places.

Also ive posted that in my experience an actual TI torture chamber can be constructed by the combination of satellite tv and a Cisco router being used in the same home or business.

Once you leave the physical building it ceases. Upon entry the effects return.

Interestingly this is the same constructing of a virtual or electromagnetic 'structure' via technologies that I conceptualized long ago and posted on my OnMC blog connected to this one.

A sort of grand plan for any environments humans exist in. The ultimate False Environment.

The electromagnetic field is akin to a web thats draped over the in place physical structure thus altering the Natural and the Man Made Physical environment and turning it into whatever the designers desire.

My own conceptualization (or what was shown to me by higher powers to pass on to you) so long ago was abstract and I had not really understood my experiences as that concept in practice.

But Ive written about over the years since Bush got in seeing those in power construct public spaces to be falsified environments, designed to control human populations' behaviors, thoughts and actions.

The experience of a chamber of torment created by these technologies is the creation of a false environment on a small scale.

I've conceived of that mentally being used to cover entire cities.

One perp who was part of a small group (on a Greyhound bus of course) circa 2007 or 2008 said he was addicted to World Of Warcraft (priming the mind for gang stalking 'games' probably) and his father worked for Cisco Systems.

However this is the very same kid who walked with me into South Station as I recall this was very early on, on one of my first trips back to my hometown and it was especially scary and surreal becuz it had become obvious I was in part being harassed to chase me out of Boston.
I distinctly remember a scary evil seeming twisted old skinny male in a suit see us arriving or after we arrived and he was huffy and having an old rich guy tantrum as he got into his car and slammed the door seemingly becuz how dare I come back to Boston and how dare I not be dead by that time.

So how can people associated with Cisco Systems be involved in MK Ultra continued unethical human experimentation yet at the same time be countering the actions of evil people obviously trying to do away with me.(straight up wealthy ass EVIL. Not the people you see and know about rich but the people you dont see. Scary people.)

And that same company seems connected to torture of myself as a Targeted MK Kid or experimentee.

Its possible that the espionage was necessary. As if China is innocent. Here they do their damndest to make sure you cant utilize your freedom of speech, right to protest, get a lawyer etc.

There they just harvest your organs or imprison you or block the internet and censor you.

Im just angry with Cisco for the gang stalking and electromag torture connected to them- and the arrogant lite pricks who do gang stalking.

The public needs to know about the true potential for misuse of technologies. They can decide for themselves then. Most will probably remain slaves out of convenience.

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  1. Probably because Jobs was the visionary beind Apple, and had a lot of influence on the way Apple was going as a company. Where it becomes suspect, I'd think, is that he had a lot of decision-making power. Since he's been gone, the company has gotten progressively more in like with the Agenda. So that's where it would be useful to "off" him. You have to give him credit: he hung in there many years. Not many people could do that. Frank Zappa just sort of died in short order. Zappa was weird, but still very intelligent, creative, and talented, but must of all, he was very independent. And the system does not like that. They kill off anyone that they can't control or manipulate.