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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Providence Getting Desperate-Trying To Entrap, Bait And Frame Up Just As Cambridge Did

Having goofy little black kids wearing red t shirts and black and red push me as they walk by so I will react physically. It seems no matter how small the reaction they are trying to make it into something bigger.

And then an onlooker will get into the situation SEEMING to defend me but their purpose actually is to recount the event incorrectly.
"SHE bumped into HIM accidentally and then..etc".

So im made to appear to be bumping into people then reacting becuz I have to be made to look paranoid and violent.

There enuf cameras in that place to capture an event from multiple angles. And it shouldn't conveniently be missing or the cams go out mysteriously.

Todays intimidation may have included being transferred to the trauma unit instead of main number at hospital where i have appt. Remember this is mafia town. Little messages and hints is their style.

Seems Harvard medical schools wanna to be my health care provider not any place in RI. Possibly?

This is occuring at Kennedy Plaza of course. The very nasty perp ridden bus station in Providence where everyone has to go to get buses going anywhere in the area.

So the same old tactics are being employed. Blacks want to seem victimized and I am to be portrayed as violent.

Really then how could i fullfill my community service at an art studio for physically and mentally disabled people? Or in a thrift store where lots of people bump into each other?

The kids were laughing and smirking about it afterwards.

So its the same games as a a year or so ago.

The people doing harassment NEVER did spacial blocking or invasion until recently. People change their path of walking quickly to get in my way or move in front of my path.

This is all new behavior as of that new administration in MA of many political offices and police.

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