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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nazi Germany Had The Brown Shirts, Now We Have The Red Shirts!ämpferbund

Gang stalkers frequently wear the black and red combination. African Americans, Africans and other 'People Of Color' as well as people of European decent wear this clothing color combination.

In photos of mass immigration thats been steadily destroying Europe as well as quality of life and potentially thousands of years of history and culture, immigrants from Africa as well as angry young Muslims from Middle Eastern countries are seen sporting the same color combination.

I have a title for the piece I want to write about it: Color of Conspiracy.

Becuz thats exactly what it is. And its gang type intimidation on a global level as well as psychological warfare utilizing color.

The second link, the raised fist is eerily similar to some of Fairey's artwork whom made Obamas famous 'HOPE' poster.

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Anonymous said...

I've had this theory that red has been used as the most often used color in mind control, if not the predominant color. And note that when LED indicator lights first hit the scene in 1970 or so, the predominant color was red. I've noted that red lights were almost always used as "indicators" for a lot of electrical equipment for the longest time. Brake lights are also red--- interesting, because cars will do this thing where they tap their brakes at various points, allowing the bright flash of red to show.

There has to be a reason red has been used. Why not Amber or Cyan? Why red?