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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Realism About The Conspiracy Of Color Used By The Elite To Complete The NWO Agenda (Obama's HUD Housing Project Initiative)

I observed that Middletown has a few streets of housing projects. They have all been redone and look like they fit into the Newport nice decent house type.

Its right across from where Hendrix and Joplin played where festivals used to be held.

I worry about Obamas initiative to put housing projects into nice neighborhoods. Its the same as mass immigration into Europe.

If the POC community has so many willing to take part in domestic spying and active psychological harassment of Targeted Individuals or anyone else for that matter then we as a nation must consider what this means for every city and town across the USA.

We MUST look at the history of COINTELPRO in the African American community as well as Iran Contra and rhe creation of black gangs by rogue authorites to deal crack.

We must follow the timeline and observe the creation of the military-entertainment-private prison complex. Rap music is hijacked and remade into something that serves an agenda not the people. Its investors know that it will encourage behavior to keep prisons at 90% capacity.

If black and Latino gangs are not govt connected then why do they take part in harassing govt whistle blowers?!

Before the problem gets any worse we must fight the fear being induced by possible accusations of being 'racist' and look at whats happening to the world around us.

COINTELPRO was racist and kept the black community from ever healing slavery from its inception. It kept African American down so they might only gain their Constitutional rights by continuing to play house slave to the power structure. A role theyve played all along in this country and one that should not be demanded as the price of being an American especialy considering the decades if not centuries of forced, unpaid labor and inhuman work conditions.

These people are being used as the ultimate spy and crime network in the United States as well as Europe it seems.

Obama spoke of a Civilian Security Force and of course whatever an elected president says as of the past many admins its only a partial truth or twisted around.

This is why having so much racial unrest and that being a focus now is more important than foreign terrorism. This network is being put in place and it must not be disturbed or detected by outsiders.

People who spoke against Obama were called racist just for having an independent opinion. Now this is the same line of strong arm tactics (psychological) that are being employed to create a nation if not world wide network of this kind.

Its not racist its natural and sensible.

CLASS WARFARE is being covered up by racial issues. Thats obvious but no one wants to look at it.

The mafia, Irish mob, Chinese, Russian and other old organized crime syndicates are involved in this so be sure its unsavory.

If you want to live as a prisoner in your own country go ahead. I dont.

You're brainwashed as if you were in a cult which is why its hard to feel safe to say anything or even consciously realize whats happening.

If you want to know how bad continued black on black crime and oppression is just listen to the many Targets who are People Of Color themselves.

For them it must be most difficult, both being oppressed by this system and being suspected and hated for the conspiracy of color that many are benefiting from.

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