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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

New Video OnGS YouTube: Perp Motives (Finally)

Its the best i cud do. Remember ive been really diverted this year from activism and even basic daily living. So give me a break.

Ive also run into a lot of people who say things like they felt bad for me when the situation began but they cant stand me now.

My concern is not with what people think of me. My job and obligation is to deliver a message. Im only a coureir and I will fight through circumstance to get info from A to B as well as protect information with my life. You ro your job i will do mine. Get in my wsy, then you get pushed out of the way.

This isnt about social approval in fact denying a Target social contact and peer or societal approval is one of the main tactics used to destroy us.

And perhaps before i was easily handled and not quite aware or compliant. That would make me more likable to people involved in these war crimes wouldnt it.

I will tell you that it seems the harassment has increased becuz the use of other means of control has been pulled and that occured when my state and a few cities of power here got new people in key positions of power.

Governor mayors, police, city managers. Places like Boston and Cambridge that hold international power.

It seems complicated and overwhelming but when you use my GS Rule Of Thumb its very simple.

To maintain control in any given area

Wherever there is heavy technologies and chemical influence being used
There will be less harassment from human forces (street harassment, in person harassmemt and traps set up by local authorities)

Or the opposite is true

Wherever theres heavy organized stalking and harassment (psy ops) and set ups etc
There will be minimal use of technologies (and perhaps chemical influence I cant be sure.)

If you are a seasoned TI you can tell the difference. Ive traveled the countru for years and gang stalking programs change with each region and state.

I hope this vid is helpful. Keep fighting.

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  1. i find it to be the exact opposite on gs'ign with heavy tech. san diego is heavily into gang stalking. as you know they have strong military presence here. i've been a ti my whole life but i thought with less tech means less gs'ing.