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Friday, September 4, 2015

Harvard And Cambridge MA Supposedly Taken Over By "A Cartel". Oh Those Libtard Elitists Are SUCH Fashionistas

Someone said that "the cartel" has taken over here and the place sucks now.

I agree.

And I assume everyone buys into this cartel front which seemed to come in fully with the administration changes ij Cambridge, Boston and the new govenor.

However I know from being targeted on this level for many years that anyone and everyone who deals in black market anything IS ALLOWED TO EXIST AND OPERATE by those truly in power.

The idiots running around Harvard living out ethnic revenge fantasies by ruining a very European type area, being obnoxious f*cks and wearing black and red are nothing more than what the Italians once were or the Cubans and Columbians in Florida during the 80s etc.

One screw up against REAL power and theu are finished. All the stupid gang crap, ritualised behavior and ridiculous fingernail colors are all psychological warfare on other gangs, on the community, on targets like me the big boys give the pawns to harass and its ritual cult mind control on the gang members themselves.

What appears to be a takeover by a cartel is simply a new set of chess pieces for those in power play with on the board.

But this does explain why I was chased out to another state. Someone knew this would be miserable for me and they wouldantagonize me much worse than the people running things before.

Makes sense I suppose.

MILABs scare me more than any gang. The people involved in unethical human experimentation are way more fucked up.

The gang of rich local assholes who tried playing games with me before the govt stepped in and handed them their asses are more disturbing than cult members pledging their lives to crime syndacates.

When you see wtf is out in that desert or the midwest far from the watchful eyes of big coastal cities you realize how planned and controlled everything is in society...and that true power is beyond the scope of most peoples understanding.

Yay. Obamas haters get to fuck Harvard up a little bit.

Oooh. Scary.

Just wait til u r replaced by the next group of useful bodies who make them money.

Good luck.

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