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Monday, September 28, 2015

Disillusioned With How Many Christians Involved In GS And Torment

What is with the church people around here in Cambridge and the Catholics in Providence?

Ive met Christians down south who seem genuine who want to find out more about me but werent doing crazy harassment. They claimed alot of the types of people believing in these types of religions weren't genuine.

So they dont scare me. They are playing more to the agenda that protects mass and individual mind control for profit.

As ive stated before its not rhe overt Satanic types you have to worry about. Black pieces on chess boards can be played becuz theyve identified themselves. Besides I admire the honesty and that includes them utilizing deception on people who still fall for it even after they themselves have been forthcoming about their true natures.

Things are more complicated than black and white. The Satanism I worry about is whats being used as basically cult mind control in entertainment specifically rap music and related to gang activity. Of course. The modern mindset is that you have to be part of a group- military. Gang. Illuminati. Community. Corporation. Masons. Etc.

Its Satanism marketed for the purppse of cult mind control. In itself its agenda is Satanic I suppose...but theres something off about our world generally nowadays.

Why would this system send people posing as Satanists after me saying things like "Where's your god now?" back in early 2000s and then after all this time have people who are Christians come after me or join in with overt gesturing?

Ive been confused before when in some churches (connected to shelters or to get food) there was a sermon with some references to make me uncomfortable. And a weird kid referring to someone having alot to atone for.

The fact as of last year I am totally surrounded by perps and treated like a leper wherever I go in the United States and this all started becuz Im a second generation MK Ultra experimentee who refused to be intimidated shows that theres as much effort as possible to daily try and divert me and the public away from what this is really supposed to be about.

Alot of the cultish Satanic or  'Illuminati' propaganda in media and gangs now is akin to the churches popping up everywhere that seem to be for YUPpies, Hipsters and other millenials whom religion seems to have lost control over.

Instead of seeing the truth about the wprld and having further evolution of humanity they provide something to provide for that need within that's not being fulfilled.

I am hoping this is all just the viscous Obama admin's death throws.

But then again it might just be time to leave the US becuz nothing here is ever going to change.

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