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Friday, September 25, 2015

Realizing How Libtarded And Corrupt Rhode Island Is...Oops

This is what RI is really about and it shows in my experience.

Its also very a pathetic kind of way.

Its a fish bowl and the people genuinely believe they are happening. Its becuz they live in a little world all to themselves and no one is paying attention or challenging them.

It was much better a few decades ago. If I had understood it was even more Libtard than MA I wouldnt have moved here. My bad.

And they have absolutely no bohemian scene or anything distinguishing lower to lower middle EuroAmericans from ghetto culture. In dont think Providence even has a hostel! Thats how HOSTILE they are to EuroAmerican ethnic identity outside of mob culture and corporate YUPpie bullshit.

Forget about being an outsider artist. RISD is completely gone to the assholes.

Just like other parts of New England the exposure to globalism has caused disease to form and thus destroyed culture, govt and everything else that was fostered here and formed locally over hundreds of years.

Another casuality of New England being destroyed by outside forces being allowed in as part of modern western progress.

The old fashoined Liberal and Democrat were tolerable and fair. Whatever this new breed is in the last two decades sucks. Its not even real politics or ideology. Its just more cover for the NWO to operate under.

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