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Sunday, August 31, 2014

TI Blog From Boston, Massachusetts


Took a glance at it. Looks pretty good. Its always a possibility however that it may be a fake like a disinfo agent or a blog meant to replace mine as I'm a pretty active Target from this area that's been losing steam lately or even block out mine.

It would be nice to start a TI group here but the chances of infiltration are very high if security isn't handled right such as in TI forums such as FFCHs.


  1. There seems to be a lot of sites like this, a little too well-written and coherent to be legit. And then there are others, like http://www.stalkedbymorons.com/, which are on the other end of the extreme. This guy, Scott D. Schnitzer, if I have this right, comments frequently on neverending1.wordpress.com's blog, and the content of his comments always seem to match what's going on with my campaign. I've noticed that with other commenters on her blog, such as dmatic4, whose comments reflect things the specific perps have done to me.

    It's like they are supposed to be "normal" random people, but that are specifically placed as a "halfway point" for TI's to help drop them some info so they can survive. This schnitzer uses abrasive language all the time directed at the perps, and it always seems to reflect my own personal attitudes towards the perps who run things at high levels.

    And sometimes disinfo agents are very subtle. I've had some "random" acquaintances come into my life, and they were not always very perp-like at all, but very good at maintaining a facade of normalcy. Some people live the role of perp so well, they seem to be legit all the way. But they are simply living their roles, like an actor studying for a character but never really playing the character for real.

  2. Some perps seem to be halfway, as in they are rebelling against the system, yet at the same time, they are dedicated to misleading targets. It's another category of perps, and they are really perps, but they seem to be "rebellious" perps. For example, this stalkedbymorons.com "ti" seems to have inside info, as though he were one of them, yet at the same time, his rants show that he truly hates the perps and what they do. Yet he still has info about certain TI's and is there possibly to perp and harass certain TI's. It's like he's on the side of the TI but he's still a perp insider who hates the system. There are a few perps like this. Maybe they don't like the system, and this is the way of exposing it without becoming a full-blown TI. They know how dangerous it is for a perp to become a TI and then expose everything. Too risky, they'd get destroyed outright. So they are renegade perps who rant about the system whilst perping targets as though they were normal disinfo agents.

  3. idk, be careful! Seems to me like dude is either a newbie or infiltrator. Thats only my personal opinion though, so who knows? Its cool finding other truth seekers but you always run the risk of perps tryin to come at you with a new tactic. Its better to stand alone in my opinion. I've been truth searching for 6 years now and have never met anyone or joined any groups, and believe I have come a long way and remain mentally grounded at the same time. Anyway if the guy is just a newbie then he seems like he has a lot of good heart. Either way good find Rachel, I love ur blog. YAH bless!!!!!!!

  4. The sheep can do a lot of damage to a TI, too. They serve as the triggers of the memories of the harassment that has been done to us. They key is to remain calm. It's so funny how many shoppers at the mall (or any other place) are really planted perps milling around. And when I started going off on perps, it seemed like they called off the gangstalking, and the amount of "shoppers" there were so few it was almost dead.

    Are we supposed to believe that having all these perps in the guise of fake shoppers and customers are really good for the economy? There'd be perps at those booths in the center of the walkways, but otherwise, I didn't see perps really buy much of anything. And perps with their bullshit scares away legit customers who are trying to do some shopping. When the mall is loaded with fake shoppers like that, most legit customers will be deterred from going there to do business.

    I don't see how having perps running around places is good for the economy. I think they do more harm than good. And it's important to defend yourselves as TI's, because it's well-known that basic perps and sheep know nothing about the huge scope of these operations. So hence, their arrogance can be written off as stupidity. They just don't know they are just tiny bits of a larger psychological operations designed to destroy us. And yes we are very strong compared to them. There is always this huge FRONT that is always put up. Like if they were more aware or intelligent, they'd realize they weren't really all that great. But in fact, they aren't great at all. They are just bit players in covering up child molestation by clever pedophiles who have massive resources to help beat down people who know about this shit.

    The psyches of the common sheep have this walled-off comparment which prevents any further form of learning or awareness from getting in. In other words, there is a castle wall that is preventing their brains from expanding. Hence, they will always think they are superior to targets, because they are limited by their own programming. But that was just a clever trick on the hands of the designers, who are intelligently exploiting these traits and then utilizing their huge numbers.

    With all the snobby weaklings walking around getting in targets' faces putting on this front that we are somehow the weak ones, not them, it can assist in breaking down a target. Like I'd see females walking in pairs busting out laughing when they see me. Nice ladies, stick up for those child molesters and murderers and rapists. You're all dirty whores. And once we expose all of you, you'll have to come home to your weak middle-aged husbands who won't be able to go out in their expensive trucks and go out harassing what was once stronger females than you.

  5. I had a brief look at the blog that is mentioned here. The style of it reminds me a little of "Bad experiment", only that person, I think wasn't from Boston.
    I am from Europe (East Europe) and I am looking for some content that is a little more closer to me. The pages on covert harassment in Europe are almost exclusively about electronic harassment - the gangstalking part is somehow overlooked here. What is even more interesting (or rather scary) is that not one of my comments on these websites have ever been published. Even EUCACH refuses to publish comments on gangstalking.

    I wish all well intentioned people here all the best.