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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Targeted Individuals Cannot Trust African Americans

I cannot stress this enough. Unfortunately, along with trying to induce other psychological states such as suicide or paranoia using 'gang stalking' this system easily turns a TI into an extremist by utilizing African Americans in thier extensive spy programs as well as, it seems, using people from the US military who are 'black', gang types and of course the worst human beings alive who are obviously criminals of the type that would do anything to anyone and so, are very useful to those behind the gang stalking program, to terrorize Targets.

The practice of using the worst criminals and offenders caught by authorities for dirty work is not new and it is even documented to be use by the CIA abroad and of course, this gives the impression to anyone not using critical thinking and assuming that the CIA's practices are not used domestically by they or other agencies-rogue or legit. At this point, it could even by within the scope of a private black ops company to be able to use such a practice.

If one only looks at the history of blacks in the United States serving as spies from their place as slaves at the countries beginnings, onto the Civil War and so on, one can easily make the leap to imagine that it wasnt that hard to recruit people (or program them from intergenerational lines of such spies) from this already existing population.

The problem with Americans is that they seem very naive about what is hidden. Its part of our unsophisticated culture. I mean think about it- the only people to come to America are people from other countries who couldnt survive as well as the very poor almost peasant like populations.
These are not going to be people who are savvy about about the ways of the world, the elite, money, power or true governance of 'the people'.

Its said that the symbol on our dollar bills- the pyramid with its capstone off, represents the loss of ancient wisdom. You could take that as an ancient loss of such wisdom, as in a loss to all of humanity when such forces as the church took over or even before that.
Its useful however, to perhaps, to consider that the United States is not really a true ancient culture cultivated and evolved from history. Its a false environment, designed by those in power and to a point, allowed to develop from those who exist here as citizens.

Africans have lost thier ancient wisdom and culture. Europeans have as well as Native Americans, who have also lost thier land and populations through genocide.
Asians as they are referred to today- the people of the Oriental countries as well as those around India, and other immigrants with strong ties to thier ancient past where it seems thier religions were an extension of thier culture's historic growth from being indigenous- not a repression of thier ancient pagan heritage- are the only people with a true knowledge of the ancient wisdom of thier people.
Ever notice how strong they are, culturally and as a people? How they stay to themselves, stick together and pull themselves up by thier own boot straps and flourish and succeed?

When you destroy a people's culture and knowledge of themselves, you then control their identities and their perception of who they are. This is what the USA basically has done to every immigrant and tried to do so to the Native peoples, all along its history.
If my great grandmother was ever wise enough to know the truths about the way the world runs or the way those in power conduct affairs in governance, there's a good chance that the American Dream washed all that wisdom away and instead provided her descentands with the naive, almost mindless sense of security about the world and her country. America's greatest trick was getting its entire population for hudreds of years to believe in the US as being safe for its citizens, regardless of what may occur domestically.
The 60's may have been nasty and the government corrupt but its nothing compared to whats going on right now and has been since....well lets say has been obvious since GW Bush. And if it was ever this bad, this corrupt and unsafe and unaffordable for its citizens then that is hidden within the history books, which is a common way for power to get away with its various crimes and scams throughout history.

People from Russia in the mid 80's would tell me its common for them to read the news and 'read between the lines' and get word of mouth to gain the real news becuz they knew they were being lied to. They would lean into me and tell me, almost a warning, that Americans have no idea how to discern reality in this way and believe what they are told.

Americans are extremely spoiled having no other countries in power neighboring us, yet, Americans suffer from a slave like existence where work is long and hard but quality of life as its understood in the lands of our ancestors- is lacking. Buying things is supposed to make everything work in life and its unbelievable that this standard for satisfaction has stood the test of time and remains unchanged.

PC and civil rights movements and feminism tells us to respect and give a chance to every black face we see, while simultaneously creating a gang culture both in the world of organized crime as well as marketing that culture to the public for consumption as a product- that consists mostly of African American ghetto culture. The worst of it I might add. Jazz or any other inovative genius to come out of African American culture is not incorporated- only the most negative, violent, hypnotic, soul stealing, spirit crushing and dumbing down aspects of that demographic's long history in America.
So, then, you are brainwashed to accept blacks on site. To submit. To be nice. To believe. Its also racist as hell becuz it not only demands you abandon your own ethnic backround(s) from whatever foriegn countries your DNA is from, the trick is also to have people believe BLACKS ARE TOO IGNORANT, POOR, STUPID OR INCAPABLE TO BE SPIES.

This is one of the system's greatest weapons in the United States and one can see its growth from the slave days, a long history of spying as well as the example that COINTELPRO provides of just how possible it is to organize such forces in the modern age.

Take COINTELPRO and the presence of gangs who, in order to continue to do business, must do some dirty work for the very people who bring in the drugs to begin with (another thing America doesnt want to admit to. Generals on thier death beds have provided affidavits that state that they witnessed militatry personell, from various countries including Isreal and the US along with important government people and organized crime- all involved in the transport and sale of drugs to the United States. But who cares about a dying General? Americans are satisfied to put yellow ribbons on thier cars, support the troops and perhaps not the war, and instead focus on the latest rap icon who's company exists only becuz of dealing those drugs the General spoke of, on a lower level of organized crime. I suppose 4 or 5 stars isnt very interesting bling compared to what rappers are sporting or the men who have years of fighting expertise and education at the art of war and attend West Point are not half as badass as a scrawny, tattoed, arrogant black male who learned such things sloppily in an urban war zone. By the way, trying to imitate Italian gangsters is almost as annoying as trying to claim Egypt. Keeping African Americans in a fantasy world concerning thier identity is also a method of brain washing and mind control. In reality, outside of these fantasies- they are left with only an identity rooted in American slavery. Which despite all thier bitching at someone like me for not enabling thier bs, is a main reasons I dont support such fantasies. Like COINTELPRO, I believe these fantasies of omnipotent power and glory are products of the powers that be. Its like looking up your geneology and focusing only on a family crest of someone else who happens to share your last name, but isnt possibly the same family name who has a crest or having a past life psychic focus on some outrageous claim to a famous or powerful past life identity. Sure, you may have been someone important but that would also have to come with other lives that were horrible or in poverty or what have you. That is how our souls grow- if those things are actually real at all.
Believing in such things or in glorified ghetto culture is like addiction to drugs. The fantasy is the drug and it leaves us only with illusion instead of living real life. Its ok to fantasize- if we also focus on real life. Its even healthy to excersise the imagination. What kind of culture do we have where the imagination is completely stifled, excersising it is discouraged yet multiple fantasies of identity are pushed on the public like a drug?

Its mind control and its just another way that the powers that be provide 'social control' or even outright control of the American citizenry.

Its also manipulative to try to market blacks as harmless victims in social culture and ettiquette while simultaneously marketing them as intimidating, swarthy criminals who live like animals.

Its wise however and its a tactic used by those in power for as long as there has been civilization. If your ancestors ever knew about these tricks from the upper classes, American dreaming has certainly given them amnesia.

Then, those who see the shadow governance, the old and ancient spying networks, are then totally feared, ignored or persecuted as offenders against peace and harmony and civil rights- all becuz everyone is too brain washed to understand that they protect and defend the Black Victim in the PC reality becuz they actually fear the Black Perpetrator in the entertainment and organized crime culture.
And white guilt helps alot, which is pretty hard to get out of poor whites who have actually had to live among blacks and know the realities.

One of the greatest sicknesses that the GS system induces in its victims is extremism whether its becoming a lone shooter, a bomber or racialist its often a product of years of psychological torment, torture and isolation of a person for them to become of such a belief and mindset. Its always important to stay balanced and get away to safe, trusted place if you can even temporarily. Exposure to GS over time, on your own or with weak allies will leave you brainwashed.

After being among African Americans for many years its been fairly easy from the start to tell who is an agent and who isnt. However, you just dont want to believe it. So many years of society telling us they are our allies in poverty.

It seems from the history books that this was in part never the case. Conversely, those that sympathize and are allies still do exist but its harder to define and one must be discerning.

The amount of TI's who are African American is stifling, which in my mind, only goes to show just how much such programs as linked above never ceased to be in the black community.

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  1. Thanks for your blog. It has helped me stay grounded in reality. And then you have to look at College towns versus non-college cities/towns, so to speak. I have had much better luck in college towns. In those types, the perps stand out more and with all those people around you (students, professionals, etc.), the perps are held in check from doing nasty overt stuff like I get in non-college cities/towns.