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Thursday, June 13, 2013

USA Is Will Never Accept What's Really Going On/Homeless Population So Corrupt Perfect Place To Hide A Body-A Living Dead TI

I realize now the futility of trying to get US citizens to believe how corrupt and deceptive their government is. Ive also discovered just how many deceptive, messed up people are homeless and how perfect that is to drive a whistle blower or victim witness into such a population.

People in 'this area have allwed me to see just how discredited someone like me is to a totally ignorant, stupid public such as they are in the USA.
And how dangerous the masses are becuz they are so ignorant of whats going on.

Its been so easy for this system to get away with black projects and simply dispose of people by targeting them.

Ive got a few things going for me like the conditions of the cover story, like the people around me all being in trouble or potentially so for criminal activity or fraud as well as the timing.
Strange that, only during a federal investigation around friends of my ex associate, whos an untouchable career criminal-would my sanity all of a sudden be in question or concern. Actually I had been alot more screwed up in my younger years-oh, but my mental state and nasty habits weren't of concern then? Not in the 90s? Only when Bush gets in, the war takes off and theirs a federal investigation of people around me as well as early in that time period my ex had been arrested for drugs.

I still find it amusing that someone in a shelter dropped info to me, telling me that a bunch of lawyers got together and plotted to destroy my life and frame me. Maybe I shud actually be THANKING the CIA or military for stopping what they were attempting in Boston..but then, that was all just a cover story convenient enuf to hide the later actions of sources so powerful-it would have to involve one or both of those factions.

I hate the public for believing whatever lies they are told but then again I dont tell anyone whats really going on
It will be interesting to see just what parts of this a lawyer can work with and what parts are going to have to be left out...multiple lawyers?

Anyway, what they want is for me to just disappear into the obscurity that they planned for me. Why shud I? Im a genuinely good person who only wanted to heal, grow up and help others as well as have a nice life.

I had the ability and talents to do that. They took those from me and expect me to just live this horrible nothing life as a nobody theyve set me up in.

The police seem especially involved over the years in keeping me down, which is one of the most disgusting, vile parts of this story.

I also want revenge not to be brain damaged then modified into being some saint for the homeless.

If America wont listen then some other country will.


Anonymous said...

haha ur discredited

Anonymous said...

Honestly you wouldnt have to be homeless if you just forgot about all this.. by fighting you're letting them win. just give up