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Saturday, June 1, 2013

They Are Trying To Get Me Raped Here/Premonition Of Floods, Storms And Going North To Survive

Just saw a carload of Mex looking gangsta types go by and they beeped at me. They are definitely sending in perps from other areas.

Another thing I am getting is this intuition that I am going to get sexually assaulted if I get caught without a place to sleep and end up falling asleep downtown. This is an impression, the kind that i get thats to protect me.

That being the case, i am more and more having to fight being diverted and kept like tonight being forced to stay at McDonald's til closing when I shud have been going to get a space to sleep in thats safe.

Nightly now they try to keep me away from safe sleep spots in what I believe is an attempt to get me attacked by whatever street people are planning this-or that they are putting it into these circles to plan.

(Two guys just walked by and one clapped to startle me, then he said to his male companion "there it is, right there". The back of his shirt said BLACKWATER with the Blackwater symbol. That was just overkill and made it more comical than effective. Retards.)

So i am now being pretty much kept tightly imprisoned by this system here and when not I am foggy and unable to focus.

I wasnt even able to change into my night clothes and have been sitting outside in a sleeveless sundress and sandals for an hour now writing.

This area no matter how hard I've tried has had a slow, degenerative effect on me.

See no place is safe except for the highway and trucking which doesnt have many blacks becuz they bullshit they pull isnt tolerated nor is their culture conducive to the trucking industry-being a good old fashioned hard working American IS..and remember THAT ISNT WHAT THE NWO IS ABOUT, WHICH IS WHY TRUCKERS ARE NOW KEPT DOWN BY BULLYING AND OVER REGULATION.

IMPORTANT: I had a dream last night that there were going to be floods and storms in the US, in this area and the world generally and that I had to continue to flee north to survive.

Horrible premonition with visuals of the destruction.

It was more like an instruction than just a premonition or merely a dream.

Couldnt figure out today, if this is serious or just another ploy to get me far north into Canada to get lost and freeze to death or to get shut out of society into some nowhere mountain town.

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