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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tortured With Physical Pain After Last Posting

After posting that I immediately got painful stabs dow n my right leg muscle in my thigh.

This is standard practice in my case. If i go outside of whats accepted by thjs syste. For conti ued behaviour modification i usually get hurt physically most likely as a way of deterring me from taking that course of action, attitude or staying in that mental state.

Needless to say i doubt they want me to retain what i experienced yesterday.

Either that or its to keep trying to force me out of existing in my internal world by challenging me not to fear plain ...pain and overcome by ignoring it and persevering.

Its all so obviously parallel to military training or boot camp.

Great way to create strong American insect drones for America's future and the NWO but VERY BAD for artistic people or spirituality.

Its bullshit and i am ignoring it.

Why are they so afraid of the females who are Survivors?

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