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Friday, June 7, 2013

Social Networking Sites In GS-Are There Different GS Factions With Different Info Access And Clearances..Or Is It Just Part Of Behavior Modification?

It seems I screwed up today by putting my location on a social network site under my alias.

A few hours later at of course the local large chain supermarket thats connected to one of the major ones in California two females were right there when i came into the store. I averted them, which a Target should do becuz if they keep trying to cross your path you know they...well, the likelihood they are perps increases considerably. I ditchrd down a aisle. One thing about me this system has used against me considerably in psy ops is my natural inclination to show off, especially physically taking center stage or not going off my intended course out of aversion to conflict.

A white female and a black female. Younger. Both did not look like locals. Especially black female. Uncharacteristically wanna be gangsterish. White female had on shirt that said "BOSTON STRONG".

They then circled the store until they crossed my path-no cart and neither with baskets. I saw them again heading to check out, this was a good twenty or 15 later still no items for purchase.

A white female gave my dress a once over with a dirty look then leaving was stalked by black female. Which in this area is absolutely totally unlikely, improbable and isnt what blacks here are about. They're mellow and people here are peacable. Not raving big city assholes, militant yuppy snobs or wanna be gansta house slaves.

I have cut loose alot of people I didt trust on the site and stopped posting in anything but fire ds..friends instead of friends of friends.

It seems as if there is are partiez who can find Targets anywhere without social networkss. The people I dealt with today who seemed to find me from thiz social network were the same style of harassment as the people in norCal who c
would only show up if I accessed this blog from a public library computer.

However, it could alsl be that the behavior modification program requires I be made paranoid or punished for certain actions like posting publicly on a social network.

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  1. I believe they use synthetic telepathy to hear the target's thoughts and have people waiting and prepared to harass at every location. In essentially "rural" Thailand (albeit Phuket is on the circuit route of CCTV cameras everywhere) people are waiting at every location I go to. I am probably the only target in this area, or country, I think there are very few but I can't find a TI site for Thailand that I can read or decipher. People are alerted to me everywhere, like a small town once they are informed to harass me they do so without prompting or coercion of any kind. But it takes far less than listing your location on anything, they already know every single place you go, if you are in any technologically controlled place in the US. I'm not an expert, it's just that I am followed continuously even in places I just suddenly think of going while I am driving, they can monitor every thought you make, if they are so inclined towards that.

    Technology is so pervasive, you have heard about the Verizon case where the US Gov. is monitoring every phone call every citizen is making, all phone logs and calls? Very little protest from the citizens, by the way. In the name of security and peace. Quantum computers have enabled the gov to store and record every bit of information, it's now a mega computerized state.

    The world will improve (for TI's, I believe) if some "act of God" disables satellites and computers. History has shown that people have been brainwashed and controlled throughout history, but still people had privacy in their own thoughts and plans for their next action.