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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is Obama Covering For Saudi Involvement In Boston Bombings? Always Remember Obama's Comment In Interview Supporting The NWO.

..becuz that is really what everything going on in the past ten years is all about.


You've no idea how many Middle Eastern people I've seen in on GS or who are quite aware of who I and other TIs are.

From what I can tell all the false flag and psy ops etc thats gone on to bring in the NWO is a joint effort of many different intelligence networks working together.

Either that or our domestic network has assets from various cou tries ...countries working for them
Israelis, Jews from Boston neighborhoods and Middle Eastern Arab, Iraqi etc types all in on the same thing? Whats up then, how does it work?

All I know is there are people in this country who are seemingly innocent and do not know whats going on and then there are totally sick, selfish, murderous, viscous individuals usully in pairs kr ...or groups that know whats going on, are in on it and live double lives posing as normal, average citizens living in the United States.


  1. William Cooper says that every government in the world has been taken over by the secret societies (middle east included), it is one large umbrella organization splintered off into separate or regional societies, with female lodges working in tandem with the male lodges. He claims that they are orchestrating the NWO to create a "totalitarian socialist state". Right now the "occupy" protests in Turkey are not about Freedom as much as demonstrating to the socialized countries of the EU that Turkey is a willing player in the NWO and wants to get out of the Muslim status and enjoy economic shareholding investments in and in concert with EU. Germany is filled with Turkish immigrants, who cow-tow to the Germans but accept 2nd class status, something the Jews did not do and got murdered en masse for. That practice is still part of the NWO scenario.

    Hour of the Time, Willing Cooper lecture series.

  2. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/obama-nobody-listening-your-telephone-calls_733987.html


    Another secret program came to light when The Washington Post and The Guardian reported that the NSA and FBI can scour the nation's main Internet companies, extracting audio, video, emails and other documents to help analysts track a person's movements and contacts. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple were all included. Most denied giving the government direct access.

    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/news/us/obama-nobody-is-listening-to-your-telephone-calls-690760/#ixzz2VaoEw4xw

    I believe Apple is involved in these programs. If you consider how they've dominated the market and industry since Jobs became CEO, consider also that their products were OK at best but never that great. Well, Mac OS was certainly revolutionary, and of course that was because of geniuses like Wozniak. But Jobs was good at marketing the "just good enough" products that would see the most. But I'll have to get Jobs credit for founding NeXt computers; those were awesome. But that was because Jobs was backed into a corner, and he had to strike back with something actually great.