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Friday, June 7, 2013

Why I Do Not Believe In 'The Satanic Age'

This might be one of the only sane places left in the US. And I am sure that huge mega microwave tower ensures its not all the wonderful it could be-which of course is the entire point of the NWO. To enslave humanity and bring on a reality of strict social control via normalized, daily torture-which the powers like to hide under the conspiracy theory of a Satanic Age. However, I dont recall Satanists being raving conformist assholes and totally boring, no fun dullards.

I think its safe to theorize this is the work of something out of Russia/China. Utilizing the Nazi horrors of experimentation like Project Paperclip etc. This insect like group mentality matches communism. I recall someone telling me he visited Cuba and it was a better experience than what Communism seems to be in Russia or China.
Recall that many Jews who are instrumental in this are Eastern European or Russian in descent. Anton Lavey being one of them.
Any of these people could be programmed and placed expressely for the purpose of using Satanism as an instrument of bringing in oppressive Communist like systems as in the two countries I mentioned. And many perps are brain washed morons who believe in whatever cause they are programmed to believe in. Communism, world peace, equality for all of humanity, the dominance of colored peoples in the future, a Jewish dominated world by Israel, a right wing Christian extremist agenda, infiltration of groups like the Masons who no longer seem picky about who they recruit, even people believing in a Satanic agenda especially with the pop culture content being pushed in past decade by mainstream media, Afrocentrism, Muslim extremism, a moralist outlook-believing in institutions like prisons and a corrupt justice system, etc.

I am not sure if the people I have experienced from all these groups I mentioned really believe and work for these group ideologies and are probably then brainwashed or if psy ops, intelligence ops or whatever trains them to mislead the Target by making sure to mention these things as a cover so the Target is confused about who exactly is behind the organized harassment and thus will accidentally serve as disinformant by CREATING confusion for other victims.

With what we've seen from the Jim Jones case and everything else involved like MK Ultra etc, we can assume the perps are brain washed. I have personally experienced many of them being brain damaged. The people behind this are so viscous, so brutal and inhuman that it seems their m.o. to 'break down' a person through damaging them physically and every other way possible. To them, brain damage of a human being is a practical action to take to get a result.

Programming a small child and creating an alter systems is all done via torture, damaging the human being and brain damage. Its simply that they make sure they choose family lines that are so attractive, so strong and with so much fight, then only allowing the children who fight hardest to survive to live-that when the child grows into young adult hood people only see the super man. And the public only sees what they are allowed to see-the real feats are probably only seen by handlers and may even not be realized by the programmed person themselves. Unless the person is meant to exhibit such things publicly like athletes or entertainers or politicians etc.
'Expendables' high intelligence and multy talent are usually hidden from the world, so when they pass away, no one pays attention or feels there was any great loss.

These methods of altering human beings to fit in with practical tasks may be being employed by a system that produces cult mind controlled people to perform such tasks as organized stalking and they are mind controlled into believing different things.

I know many of them seem aware that society at large does not 'see' them or understand they exist. Like that one little black girl said to her older sister of me: "Can she REALLY see us?".

What I want to know is..who exactly, are 'us'? If its intelligence networks, I can deal with that many blacks involved becuz that lines up with their historical involvement in doing spy work for this country and their massas and plantations back to the slave days. However, if 'us' defines something else way more out of control, there is a serious problem in the US and on this planet. There are waaaayyyyyy to many people of Nubian genetics involved in secretive, controlling, networks that have way too much power and basically run entire sections of the United States.

Imagine having slaves. Now imagine the enormity of the slave population of the USA. Now imagine a large portion of that population was mind controlled intergenerationally from the former slave era, then imagine setting those slaves free, slowly over time and allowing them to define freedom as merely not being physically enslaved by chains, rulership and being kept in a physical location but keeping them enslaved and in the power's service perpetually.

This is the danger to America. This is what they don't want you to know or see.

This is why they will never allow blacks to be truly free people in the United States. They need these people to only define their lineage as being rooted in slavery to the powers here in the USA. This is why this country continues to treat blacks as they do instead of giving every single one of them a free DNA test and having the universities start a massive dna mapping project to finally tell them who they are, where and who they come from-and allowing them to define their identities from their African roots before slavery.

Blacks are an absolute horror show when it comes to organized stalking. They seem especially concerned with destroying mojo if you will or making sure anyone with voodoo to lay down cant even produce energy naturally as Nature intended.
They are the worst inhibitors of psychic energy production specifically in a creative TI.

Imagine a world where such an army with such knowledge and capabilities were not only controlled by the people in power but their capacities were COMPLETELY HIDDEN FROM A NAIVE PUBLIC and they were perceived as mere dim witted, cheated victims of that power's oppression. BUT THEY STILL WORK FOR AND SERVE THE BASTARDS.

I cant think of a better cover for a dangerous, secret weapon than a victim.

So the PC view of being forced to trust, respect even serve every African American you set eyes on and hand them sympathy and respect on sight is the perfect way to disarm any individual, population, group or demographic you are wanting to oppress or destroy.

They did this using blacks AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE in COINTELPRO. I think the conspiracy behind COINTELPRO wasnt that in itself it was that these agents had existed in intel networks for centuries in the USA and were always there and ready to keep their own people down.

This is why black agents are so freaked out about members of the public 'seeing' them. We are all supposed to only 'see' the cover story or identity before us when we see 'black people' in America, not possibly long time agents or spies for the people in power.

Poor whites always laugh about YUPpies in charge of social services who dont see how racist they are by defining blacks only as incapable victims of lower intelligence instead of smart, sneaky tribal people who can function in groups as a unit and posess extraordinary psychic ability.

They too serve the system-their place being to babysit the underclasses.

The Satanic Age is simply another scare tactic and bullshit story to mislead and scare people into submission. Its supposed to be the big secret at the top of what the elite are up to.

If anything was the Satanic wouldve been like the 70s or the like. Why would a Satanic age be this uptight, boring, overly cautious, moralistic, uptight, down on recreatinal drug use (unless its marijuana which even Nixon knew the value of-by having it flown into colleges and universities to 'keep the students quiet' as I was told decades ago by that generation.), putting everyone in jail constantly, right wing conservative ideology, Muslim ideologies (talk about uptight).

Hell supposedly is a firey pit of pain, torment, uncomfortableness etc. Uh, this hasnt exactly defined anything approaching that.

Actually, society believes its being protected from its horrible foreign enemies. The world believes the NWO will provide world peace, cure world hunger and equality for all. People seem naive about technology as divine by nature and a saviour of humanity instead of merely a tool thats effects depend on who's in control of it.
Society has degenerated into a cult that genuinely no longer percieves pain, suffering or any emotions normally as healthy humans should.

If anything it seems like 'Satanism' is being used merely to brainwash and to terrorize as a means of inducing a state of cult mind control.

It should moreso be defined as an age of deception and the torturing of humans generally to create an almost pre death like state of holy light or godliness.
And with the pollution destroying our environment as well as taking away things that would help us survive that, like deforestation of huge areas in.foriegn countries, the process is accelerated.
Electromagnetic and microwave pollution Ive come to believe is also on purpose. To keep creating technologies with planned obsolescence that pollute the environment as well as continuing to add towers, and more powerful signal under the guise of some sort of miraculous system of knowledge and communications that BENEFIT all of humanity is just plain slowly destroying humans and their environment slowly.

Now that seems.Satanic-giving you something fun and addictive to kill yourself off with. That makes sense.

But putting this much evil into the world and preventing people from filtering it using technologies seems to only be creating a kind of god obsessed, uptight society. One that is puritanical certainly doesnt define rebellion.

Humans are supposed to become.evil under such influences not mindless insects. I suppose whoever is behind mind control does indeed create slaves as well as tethers people to them and the gangs or groups they become part of.

I just am not buying the whole Satanic Age thing. With how complicated programming, mind control and the science is behind the technologies and chemical influences its just too easy an answer.

Making humans into slaves, mindless, inhuman ones certainly seems the goal but...where's the evil? If anything people who are this controlled now under this system seem to believe that they are part of a society that's improving and improving conditions for the entire world.
That's not overtly Satanic. Thats being terrorized into being saintly.

Cult controlled people believe the cult is good and does good. Unless they are Satanic cults in which they are brainwashedn to percieve bad as a good thing.

I dont see that in this society. I see alot of misinformation and deception creating the misconception that America is doing good around the world and that the NWO, which isnt even understood as that, is going to make the world a better place.

Destroying the planet and its common people while making plans to either go underground or off to Mars is probably a safer bet. Ive seen plans for Mars colonization in Harvard Sq over the years and that certainly is home to the elite.

If Satan were real and if he were present he would certainly be bored with the culture created by the NWO.

Getting people under mind control by brain damage via psych drugs and pollution while keeping their bodies weak with bad food and destroying their spiritual growth via electromagnetic fields that disrupt the human magnetic field in order to have them adhere to some sacrifice to a promised land seems more like Europe's dark ages brought on by powers like the church.

I think this is just the powerful once again playing their same old games. Even myself I am daily being tormented into a mindless state of goodness and living a Christian life by definition instead of doing what I WANT TO DO with my life and my time as I wish.

Why would a Satanic Age want me to become like that? I think this is all to terrorize people into being under mind control.

You know the Nordics have a way of giving an honest answer but people don't hear it for what it is. One of the black metal bands involved in this from years back has a song where the lyrics actually admit that "weapons of war" are being used to pull this off.

The main member has also said outright that his band is nothing more than a vehicle for Satanic propaganda.

We are given clues and answers over and over again but under mind control the most obvious admission or delivery of information is missed.


Anonymous said...

"We're talkin here goin back to MKULTRA. But we were told all that stopped. Is that untrue?" - Jesse Ventura
"Untrue. These programs continue under new names, new budgets. It's the ultimate weapon." - Robert Duncan

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You're discredited