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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Couldn't handle the Tech In Downtown Portland OR. TIs Warned Don't Go To That Area

Well the system here kept on me and they finally got to me.

I've been aggressively freaking out sporadically for three days and finally the stupidity and hickville environment of downtown Portland got to me. I don't pla ...plan on going back to downtown.

Interestingly the worst of this actually began when I STARTED USING MY MASSACHUSETTS EBT FOODSTAMP CARD HERE.I thought that might cause a problem as Ive experienced anything connected to MA to be heavy hitting and deadly with that state's far reaching technology capacity.

Ive posted before about MA being totally saturated by covert agents, ops and technologies. It seems to be a center for classified human experimentation.
That 70s movie COMA took place in a Boston area hospital and from what Ive seen back east, there's probably truth in it.

Its hard to accept that the old east coast establishment is truly of Illuminati activity in the USA.

Being out of that environment now its frightening how much corrupt, evil, greedy power there is there...yet there are powerful counter forces there.

The massive microwave tower here belongs to AT&T. Its on an ATT building. That right there shud have sent me packing.
I viewed a map of cell and microwave towers here and downtown is packed with wayy to many towers. Once you get away from downtown the numbers drop considerably.

They've been just on my headspace constantly in past week or so. Really pushing hard and I just couldn't take it.

Another city that I cant be in.

Sadly all the efforts of the progressives here and all the kind people in Portland cannot counter the power of the great oppressors of our land nowadays especially since most people don't understand what they are doing to oppress to begin with.

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mej313 said...

When I lived in Dwtn Portland, in The Pearl District at an housing complex near Union Station, called The Yards at Union Station, I was bombarded with electromagnetic energy, and surrounded by stalkers living on every side of me, and it felt like I was gritting my teeth continuously. I moved to Beaverton, only to be viciously harassed by people in groups so badly, with the full participation and cooperation of everyone I met there.

Sorry to hear the situation is not an improvement. I find the alternative people in Portland very fake and superficial. No wonder many people from LA move there, it's as fake in an "alternative" way as LA is superficial.