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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Britain Finds Namez Of Blacklisted Female Activists IN CONSTRUCTION WORKER DATABASES


At least Britain actually admits such things do go on. A story about this happening in the USA would never exist. Yet being targeted, many of us whistleblowers, activists and potential threats to corruption via testifying have been quite aware this system exists for decades.

In the USA Targets can attest to the consistent involvement of construction workers and tradesmen, especially in strong union areas. These fields of employment rate second only to First Responder professions and rival those in the medical field involved in what TIs refer to as'organized stalking'.

It stands to reason that if you have such a list you could then send people involved in such businesses out to harass people on that list. WHY WOULD FEMALE ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISTS SHOW UP ON SUCH A LIST ANYWAY? What they arent pointing out is its doubtful that those individuals were employed or seeking employment with such businesses!

Blacklisting does connect to a larger system and network. Also, its not the first time Ive heard people like me referred to as 'trouble makers'. I have personally been called that, which, considering all Ive been put through AND ACTIVISM IS MERELY SELF DEFENSE SO I COULDN'T BE KILLED OR SUICIDED OR PUT AWAY AS EASILY, I find being called that one of the highest offenses in all my being insulted in this ordeal.

One peoples' troublemaker is anothers' hero. Remember that.


  1. too bad you're discreted

  2. Now watch all the trolls and perps and low-level stalkers come out of the woodwork and start denying the NSA does this kind of thing and that anyone that believe Snowden is a Kook, mentally ill, or just someone dumb believing propaganda.

  3. Nobody believes you