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Friday, June 14, 2013

Closing In On TIs-The NWO Becomes Normal Reality

I just want to write my book and get medical care. That is ALL I want before I die.

I cannot BELIEVE that I cannot settle anywhere in the United States even for even a few months.

Its worse now than it was years ago and my health is worsening as my age takes my strength away.

These bastards planned this from the beginning I now realize-from 2002 they planned to target many of us into homelessness then thru phases of attempting to induce suicide or careless behavior resulting in death. Then after Hayden left, the rest of Obama's first term was unbelievable pressure in behaviour modification programs-to forget and blindly conform.
Since 2010 its been progressively becoming absolutely miserable to be a Traveler or 'homeless' in American cities. The behavior modification isnt even able to be fought or questioned-nor is the goal to gain amnesia from a Target. Its now to get the Target to accept their situation as part of what life's about-this NWO has required the TIs sacrifice of their life and dreams. So, in order to survive and exist for the remaining years of the TIs life, they must accept their defeat and that dreams are not possible.

That the NWO is simply 'the way life is' and that the person must go along with it. Which seems to include doing anything meaningful to them as individuals and internalizing peer pressures and what others think instead.

World wide fear of the conditions the economy is causing such as miserable conditions of homelessness-are being used to intimidate people like me into not attempting to even try to figure out where to go to escape the NWO.

This appears to be a world wide plan from the beginning.

I look at Spain and see that they are forming electromagnetic free zones, entire towns. In France people are creating electromag free zone villages.
Yet, through intimidation I am not inclined to go to those places becuz homelessness and the economy are so bad.

There is hardly anywhere to get.away from the towers. You look at a map of Canada and the lack of towers looks promising but then you read that Alberta is actually serious about their plan to 'end homelessness in 10 years'.

The message is that no one is aware of organized stalking and no one is going to believe it. No one cares, they are just sick of homeless people and also no efforts are being made to have the homeless empower themselves or define themselves or live or create anything alternative to what the homeless industry and politicians want for us.
And you can guess why homeless people continue to be unable to accomplish any of this-the towers.

Electromagnetic pollution effects either sensitive people while being specifically utilized against Targets..or a majority of homeless people are targeted, which is unbelievable but not considering how much knowledge and control this system has over society.

Much mental illness and many psychiatric disorders people have ARE DUE TO ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION. The companies and institutions making money and manufacturing Big Pharma drugs to correct these conditions know this.

So...a person who's effected by microwave sickness or electromagnetic pollution has to take man made psych drugs to function?

That gives the system more profit and even more control over the human mind and Will.

MK Ultra is proof that there are people and institutions in existence that would dare to actually work on such things in real, clinical setting. Now, people must realize that there are people who have expanded those projects and their findings to include all of society.

They are attempting to crush the last of any opposition to their world wide domination.

The drone strikes and wars in Muslim countries seem straight forward, that they are for counter terrorism.
But what if war and destruction of these areas.are actually being perpetrated becuz the populations in these areas are by nature resistant to a New World Order or a totally consumerist, technological dependent culture? Their attachment to their ancient culture is so strong, their spirituality so pure that the powers that be know they would never accept the future of humanity being presented by the NWO being souless and humanity being completely enslaved?

The location I am in was a mistake. Its gotten ruined for me like every other place I start with that at first seems hopeful.
The east coast chips away at my spirit and the indignity from memories of betrayals so immense, its very damaging. But at least there I can function for a time then flee in hopes of finding a better place, which of course never happens.

I end up only gaining freedom in leaving and traveling on highways between destinations-there is no freedom, no safe place and nowhere that works as it should. How can there be? Every major city has those towers. Every town, everywhere you go. Except for places I can't survive in like the side of a mountain in New Mexico or a dust bowl town in TX where theres no school, no buildings just land for trailers.

The northwest might have been interesting to travel to in 2009 as a Traveler but now its now deadly to a targeted activist trying to write her book and set up doctor's appointments.

There's something about the Pacific Ocean that causes conformity. An Easterner can see this plainly having traveled the coastal states. There's something frightening and powerful about its might that puts mortal fear into humans living near it.

Just as the Atlantic seems to nourish us back east individually and always promises the old countries of Europe are just over that horizon, this side of the USA, this ocean causes the opposite effects.

Ive actually considered going back to MA just to get some time in the Atlantic, its properties have been so special. I always knew I needed to swim in it every summer...but never considered a time when I would not return to New England.
Being away from the north east is actually making me sicker than how sick and deconditioned I get actually going back to that area.

Its been very clever of them to let Targets get comfortable with being Travelers and then ensuring certain conditions uproot us out of the only place that was safe for years after being uprooted and expelled from our lives and communities.

Its a full scale silent, hidden genocide of anyone who knew too much about 9-11, the NWO or anything involved in the mechanics of the NWO like mass mind control.

Now they are finishing us off. While ensuring someone like me doesnt even leave behind an account of what happened.

I refuse to go back to a state where people were shouting "USA! USA!" becuz a guy smoking a cigarette found a bloodied up bomber suspect in his boat in his backyard during a martial law lockdown by authorities.
People do things like that down south...not in Boston. Bostonians might shout the name of their sports teams so enthusiastically but not empty, predictable empty patriotism.

We are supposed to be intellectual enough and OLD ENOUGH as a culture in that area to provide healthy cynicism to the rest of the country. The entire episode is a false flag op and if anyone knows that its me.

The locals, their organized crime buddies and their cronies the cops would have known who and where the kid was in record time before some organized party of anti terror professionals ever would.

Boston has an excellent talent for putting on good fronts, and being clever enough to decieve outsiders. New England generally is like this.
Look around. The women wear lots of black. There's something witchy about women from MA and its hidden.
Take that to heart when considering if Boston is capable of putting on such a production to get their Homeland funding re-enstated. Becuz I am telling you that place is evil. Catholicism and elitism ensures the population are naturally compartmentalized.

And those photos of that cop bringing milk to a family who couldnt go to the store? He does that shit becuz in another part of his brain he knows how many kids have been fucked up by his police force's corruption. How many families have been destroyed. Lives ended. People discarded as if they were tissues in a basket-all for the elite, powerful and special interests in that state. It also looks good to outsiders, always important.
Its also what Catholics do. You do things like housework or provide food or caretake even when you shouldn't or it would seem unnatural to do so. Its called very deep seated guilt.

And btw, if that family displeased the cops or their associates or bosses or they became 'inconvenient' that same police force would brutally destroy any member of that same family if they were powerless and no longer valuable.

The cop is doing it becuz it looks good, and the family is either in good with them or stupid average nobodies who arent a threat. Decency comes with a huge pricetag in Boston and its gotten very hard to come by since Bush.

I am sick of caring about my health or worrying where I am going to sleep. These are not things I had to worry about in the past. I could always sit tight somewhere and get some measure of work done. Now they are making it impossible to even do.that.

So if the system wants to continue this campaign to finish Targets off like this either by getting us to become permanent hollowed out shells by accepting that our losses are permanent and the NWO is the rule not a false time line or by killing us off physically as usual, then TIs need to again rebel by leaving the US or and seeking areas away from the towers and populations that are under mind control. Now you just cannot function in these environments.

There's got to be a way out other than death which, due to the spiritual nature of this system's posession of TIs spirits might actually be the worst idea.

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  1. If the "alternative" people began to attempt to make squatting legal in the US, it would solve many problems but they won't.

    It seems like everything is based in hate, fake sentiment, violence is common everywhere, especially in the media. Loveless sex, pornography, I might sound like I'm quoting some moral religious rant, but these are things that are pushed on the love-starved public, who embrace it and turn away from real love and caring about others.

    However, in Germany, a society where there is not very much homelessness, where medical care is legally required of every citizen, provided for the poor--there is gang stalking, and murder of people who do not conform to their system and these are citizens surrounded by neighbors they have known their entire lives, and they get murdered with electronic weapons and through drugging and torture. I've seen it happen. It's happening everywhere, people doing it are brainwashed but they embrace it. I can't understand it, all I can do is commiserate with what you write and agree, I don't know where it is "safe" in the world.