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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Comcast Another Large Corporation In The NWO Takeover of Humanity

Sounds pretty outrageous and bleak doesnt it? Yet, since I have been living inside with Comcast's WiFi signal Ive noted yet another company who's technology produces in me the inability to do activism, induces illness and all sorts of maladies that prevent my mind and body from working properly and being healthy.

Its not nearly as deadly as a Cisco router. Cisco routers are the height of torture devices for Targeted persons or simply those who experience microwave sickness or 'electromag sensitivity' as its now referred to. (Sounds like the new term makes it seem less harmful as well as puts the burden fully on the person who is sensitive opposed to electromag pollution being harmful to all life on earth. Manipulation is so easy for those in power.)

A Cisco router creating a WiFi signal along with a home that has satellite television creates an environment that is no less than a torture chamber to a person who becomes adversely effected easily and each time that person leaves that environment, they note the effects disappear.

Comcast's signal is a bit less about torture it seems and more about being a part of the behavior modification process as well as providing enough signal to make effected people feel listless, unmotivated and especially forgetful or have 'brain fog'.

Ive had multiple opportunities to write, do research or perform the badly needed revisions and corrections to this blog for a few weeks now. Yet I have done none of this.

The electromag pollution in Portland seems to follow the same schedule no matter if you are in the city or way out in the rural areas. Today is Saturday-always a bit freer from the ill effects on Saturday and Ive posted this about the downtown area as well. Which is a hell of alot better than other cities like Boston/Cambridge where Saturday is the worst day and night and Sundays may have some activity, the only truly clear days are holidays.

I notice that if I get away from the structure I stay in the effects cease. It seems like the only truly clear or safe places are those that block signal(s). I cant say being in a national park or the woods is safe either becuz during a gathering in 2009 in Cuba NM up a mountain in a national forest I experienced some effects, though different from those one would experience in a downtown area.

Most of all what I get in this location is a strong suggestion that no one is going to believe my work and its not important. That it doesnt matter.
Also being diverted from what I am supposed to be working on every time I sit down to begin.
Frequently I will get flashes of the road and an ideation that I should go back to traveling instead of being in one place, which of course is a very bad idea. Ive gotten a few instances of being heartstring-pulled or guilted into going back to my home town area, like ideations of my family missing me and other such nonsense.
It stands to reason that if family members take part in a campaign to get rid of someone and discredit them they wouldnt miss the person nor even bother to look for them but instead continue to be part of discrediting them. Again, the system is producing effects that are nothing more than illusions created for manipulation of the Targeted person.

Ive gotten some info on Comcast as well as now I realize just how and why there are 'media psy ops' or harassment of a TI through the media or from media personalities (which of course potentially creates a stalker of such people whomay or may not become violent which is one of the system's monsters they try to turn you into. Lone shooters, stalkers of celebs or betrayers in personal lives, bombers, extremists. These are the types of people this system can turn one into-if you dont commit suicide early on.)
GE owned NBC for a long time. Sadly, I was only effected and manipulated for a very long time by media psy ops and was unable to understand why certain stations, shows or personalities would partake in such things.

I suppose that the true price for fame or power or success in the west at least is to do this system's bidding. The fact that so many Jews are involved is partially the reason why so many Targets get messed up by that and end up becoming extremists-there does seem to be some sort of connection between a faction of the Jewish population and gang stalking, just as there seems to be legions of African Americans in on harassment and psy ops as well. Yet, there also seems to be people from very racist areas with possible connections to white supremacy like in MI, MN etc, that possibly connect to Odinist Satanists in Nordic countries.

It seems part of the campaign to confuse the Target with dynamics and connections that do not make any sense in the normal world one is used to.

Its true that in MI a criminal opportunist posing as a TI on the FFCHs conference calls trapped me in her home and then would reveal alot of info about my case that she shouldnt have known and one of those things was her telling me about the clash between racial lines in GS. I will never forget her sitting in her lay-z-boy type chair with shot glasses with Confederate flags on them behind her, saying to me "Well, at least staying here with me you wont be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers"
True enough thats what was happening in urban areas and especially on Greyhound buses and in thier stations, yet I was still in the phase of trying to find out what was going on by NOT revealing info to anyone so how did she know?
Obviously she was part of a GS network in that area.  She was trying to get a reduced sentence, turned out she was a multiple felon.
I saw a higher up ranking police officer in an SUV in Port Huron nearby that was involved. Construction workers would wave to me in large groups while doing road work. It was the norm for 2008.
Obviously the entire population of people who perform harassment are working together directly-they do have their differences.
Perhaps it works that there are many different kinds of covert groups that are active and though they all attack or harass the same Target, they dont work together per se.

One thing I DO know now. The powers that be, specifically it seems banks and corporations are using mind control via technologies and perhaps chemical influence and certainly manpower on foot and in vehicles, to CONTROL HUMAN BEINGS in society to get them to do things thier way, think  and act in a way they want.
 Its more than just individually targeted persons, its any city populated by human beings that can be subjected to electromagnetic influence.

NBC, Comcast, and AT&T prepare for Wholly-owned matrimony

Comcast Buys Out GE's Remaining 49% Stake In NBC

“We Steal Secrets”: Film Commissioned By Comcast-Owned Studio Tries To Smear, Discredit Wikileaks, Assange, Manning

List of assets owned by Comcast

List of assets owned by GE

On a positive note there seems to be occasionally a sort of collecting of all the info I have and my experiences and making sense of it as I am so damaged, compartmentalized and traumatized that I cant do that myself. Remember, the corporate system includes the medical field and complex which probably wants such tech to market as assisting those with brain damage or for the military to assist a damaged soldier on his mission etc. Its probably all continued experimentation considering my mother's status as a radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra.

So if thats the case why is that process alternated with my being stifled by negative influence like brain fog or being given suggestion that my work is meaningless, unbelievable and the masses wont care?

I dont trust any of the corporate players now. Every city and town is now managed by the cocktail of tech, chemical influence and human forces. What they do to a Targeted Individual they are doing to the public except they dont seem to realize that this system is in place.

Perhaps in the end, we are the lucky ones. Damaged with our lives and memories ripped from us we at least know that the enslavement of mankind is optional. Unpleasant as it might be there are places to escape the influence of this system. For how long I dont know and it wont be a very fun, cosmopolitan place either. Which is good for the powers that be as well as all thier players becuz freedom fighters in the know are forced out of thier way into being marginalized.

The mindset is how are you one single, discredited person supposed to fight such a superpower with many people working for it in thier best interest that are in respectable positions of power or loved by the public as celebrity? You are not supposed to be able to argue with that much less want to after the system is done tormenting and destroying you for so many years.

Whats interesting is that they have to keep hammering away at a valuable TI's mind and Willpower becuz I personally only want to write an account of my experiences for other fighters I dont care what other people think. They wont know about this system nor will they want to even if its put before them.

This kind of exposing of the system is why they must ensure that the TI is behavior modified so that they become concerned with peer pressure, conforming, what the majority thinks not a specailized group of activists.

Most people involved in this sort of activism sacrifice thier lives to bring you this information. Its never voluntary, the oppressors force the person into reacting that way. If you dont, you could have a normal life or even a good life if you sold out but the people who ruined your life and perpetrated agaisnt you would own you soul, I mean literally. They take it from you then try to smooth the whole thing over and remake you into this robot who is like the living dead. You dont have what you did for life force when the whole ordeal began. Enough brain damage will see to that as well as seperating you from everything and everyone you knew in a way that makes it seem like you had everything taken from you.

If you abide by this, and give up trying to expose what happened to the public or anyone who will listen or read your accounts, you are going to have to walk around like a person without a soul or spirit inside. That is not worth living for, so, many people prefer death with a bit of revenge at least in telling the whole world who may come upon the truth, what killed them. Its worth it.

I read somewhere today that the banks want Europe to get rid of democratic governments and create authoritarian ones.  Its not looking good and they are pulling this off becuz people dont see it as an ongoing fight for freedom and a return to normal life after what basically started with Bush and 9-11 but they percieve only The War and The Economy.

Be  aware that big corporations are connected to military contractors and that is where the conceptualizing of mass mind control began with the paper MINDWAR . Which was co-authored by Temple of Set former Church Of Satan high priest Michael Aquino who was a psy ops officer for the army with security clearances.

The military is running governments and ruling the land but doing it very sneakily so the public thinks they are free. 

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  1. Thanks for the awesome blog. Any chance you could change it to a white background? It would be easier to read. Also, black is the color associated with satanism and death, so it's triggering for me and lots of other targets because the people doing this to us are satanists and they worship the color black and they also worship death. Thanks.