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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tech Torture Has Come To My New Location

The hum is actually more od an outdoor sound. What ive experienced lately seems more localized like coming from inside where i stay.

Thjs is why many Targets become homeless or travelers and sleep outside. Its simply too easy to transform a domicile into a torture chamber.

Ive been waking up for hours at night last few days with that feeling of electric energy running thru my muscles as torture so i have to flex my whole body muscles off and on to endure how uncomfortable it feel
This has happened before but only in the form of looking more like a form of anxiety attack which i know its not. This tine its been every nite past two or three nights accompanied with sensations of my skin being burned and slashed. Definitely torture tactics.

It seems there's a noise in the building at night that ive heard before when suddenly the tech seems stronger- a sort of rumbling or like an appliance running but louder and it pulsates. Ive heard this before in other locations over the years when tech torture seems present and appears suddenly.

Ive also suddenly become ill with something related to female health where the effect is a slashing sharp pain going through my surgery scar on my abdomen.
Im suspicious of it being purely health related due to the other sensations of heated slashing of the skin.

Supposedly theres alot of Romney supporter types out here where i am staying.

I dnt know if the neighbors i have are trustworthy or the kinds of people who wud turn easily-or are already plants to begin with.

They certainly have motive.

Ive actually experienced people wanting to have me around simply becuz taking part in tormenting me wud bring them some payoff they wanted or needed. Of all the underhanded creepy violent greedy behaviors i had seen growing up with my family and how they lived or in my 20s with my old associates i am much more shocked and disgusted at the behavior and total disregard for people that average citizens have had who get involved in this.

The public who hide behind being normal and upstanding are markedly more vile and disgusting when they take to immoral acts than those who have any of the nasty habits that society looks down on.
The public are viscous heartless animals compared to the 'sinners' from all walks of life I'd seen.

The average person who gets involved in this doesnt seem to have any street code of honor at all or any sense of just how damaging their actions are. People who fuck up regularly from all backrounds seem to have an understanding of what they are doing at least and a sympathy for themselves and others.

The small businessmen, union people and medical people are the absolute worst when it comes to a complete and total lack of humanity. Id never seen anything like it.

Eddie Cox that Cajun creep from Louisiana who tried to kidnap me off Greyhound and actually followed me to a few cities on my first trip cross country, as evil as he was, seemed to have a better understanding of himself and his actions AS EVIL than all the 'normal' people who've been in on this in society.
One thing I note is the lack of mob mentality in such a person as means of getting away with a criminal act. He wasnt hiding behind anyone or a community.
Also he didnt commit his offenses with total disregard or with arrogance and aggression, he went forth cautiously. The average person involved in this acts as if its ok to be flagrant or careless or they have this aggression that seems very careless in being criminal. You can tell they are stupid sheep protected by a mob or system. They also have no convictions at all unlike the true criminal or person with nasty habits.

They dont really have a taste for any of this. Its some sort of communitywide amusement or for them to get ahead in business.
This also means they can probably be intimidated easily to turn their actions or attitudes if some power was great enough.

GS perps have more fuckin remorse, guilt or sympathy than the average citizenry who observe or involve themselves in gs campaigns.

I thought I heard someone outside the place i am at late at night two nights ago, for hours it seemed. If so they could have been observing to target more efficiently or installing something to cause these effects. Then again this may just be part of ,what the tech here can do-cause anxiety, fear and dread.

Whatever it is its new as of a two days ago and its painful.

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