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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Portland OR Was Cool But Sending In Ghetto People Now To Ruin It

In Portland OR. No longer MA resident. This place is my last hope.

When I arrived it was chill with very few African Americans. Those that were here seemed very mellow resembling the general population in attitude even appearance.

McDonald's of course is a hot spot for GS activity even remote influence torture. This company has always been at the top of the list for bizarre GS activity, most of which I CANT EVEN BELIEVE OCCURS in real life. Walmart, Target and and major supermarket chains being the next on the list of top places where a Target gets tormented, harassed and stalked-THE WORST OF THIS IS FROM THESE STORES' SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEMS in then the staff, employees and customers perform organized stalking and harassment thus creating a system of torture of TIs.

Starbucks also is a major offender, moreso due tp their baristas being evil pieces of shit. During Bush they were very overt about tormenting me as a Target even being overt, making sarcastic references about committing suicide.

This city is my last chance and a lone safe place in tje USA left. I do NOT want this place ruined.

I need to go inside and I want to call lawyers as well as write and see about taking care of my liver.

There's no way after that false flag bombing in Boston I am going back there.
I know better than that, at least I am sure of that.

Portland is depressing and has that effect on me. I can fight it but I can't make it if they are going to send large perp groups of infiltrating whites, usually kids, and alot of BLACKS WHO DONT LOOK LIKE THEY ARE FROM THIS AREA AND ARE UNVHARACTERISTALLY GHETTO OR WANNA-BE-GANGSTA which I did NOT see when I arrived and checked this place out-which is one of the reasons I liked this place.

Its supposedly got alot of Russian mafia and there's a Chinatown, so you can safely guess what other crime syndicates are here.

Its also got a good amount of white supremacy groups in the east of the state.

I personally didn't want to rely on such things but...if the powers that be want to rely so heavily on Mexicans and moreso blacks, there's little choice.

I worry that those groups are infiltrated by those very powers and are used against TIs. Every place Ive traveled thats known for white supremacy is usually really bad experience for me as a TI.

I dont know but those kinds of people might consider me to not be the kind of person of European descent that is acceptable to them. Ive been raised more like what they consider ghetto or Catholic type ethnic than what a white person should be from someplace like Montana or a strong southern area.

Maybe the blacks are coming in due to summer time like for some kind of business. It could also be that Portland, like Boston, brings in black ops or psy ops groups to run the city to protect tourism. The area around Fenway park known as Kenmore Square is notorious for this starting every June, like clockwork.

I am as of tonight also getting passing vehicles with people taking my picture, the flash being obvious.

I can't go to MA becuz I get GS mercilessly in every city and town as well as its unhealthy and I become so sick and fatigued there I can barely function.
Any of New England is totally off limits.

While here, alot of the mental harassment or intrusive thoughts have been that I should leave and go traveling, specifically remaining soley with truckers and the tricking industry or that I should go back to Boston.

I feel my WillPower or confidence is weakened here. There's no street scene thats political, creative or colorful like Berkeley and there's nothing to do like Cambridge or Boston.

It should be a chill, easy place with services to help.people where I can go thru proper.channels to get on my feet. Instead they are ruining it for me...but only if I go into places that are heavy GS corporations.
McDonalds is safe and convenient becuz I dont know the city yet. Strangly when I come in, it seems the safest place in the city as the area has a feeling of being distanced from the rest of civilization. This city can be very..demotivational. That I don't like about it.

When I wrote about it in my last post, all that mess that was being put out into the environment and into my head, all that torment stopped right after, so there's got to be alot good about this place.

Also the city seems like its going to come down on the homeless soon and I think my presence here and experience with that might be helpful.

I was harassed very badly in Walgreens also and I am going to call and write corporate next week. It was harassment even if it wasn't GS.

Tonight I was harassed heavily by families of African Americans in McDonald's dowtown. The internet was slowed and it took three browsers and two hours to publish one post(on another seperate blog project). I felt watched by the security system in the store. I also felt some sort of remote influenve was being pumped out to make me extremely frustrated as i started tapping my phone in frustration and even twisted it and cracked the screen. I began tapping it repeatedly for an extended period and always between slowly loading pages.

I was given the ideation and feeling that whoever was watching felt bad for me, as.if this was part of the human experimentation program Ive been born into, becuz I reacted to stress by reverting to.violent, ape like behaviors. I got the ideation that I was this way becuz I was born before computers and my mind and system work differently than younger peoples.

That i would always be a failure in the high tech age due to not being born native to technology.
(Which is bullshit becuz i think i am actually more human,normal and healthy becuz of it).

There was some Truman Show effect along with this.

I am noticing that the system is taking whatever Ive read about celebs and using it against me mentally. Again its a precision, surgical like process-as always celebrities are supposedly watching my movements via some sort of tech perhaps satellites that are supposed to be used for national security or military purposes but, in this scenerio, are being abused in order to create reality shows by following Targets around all day long.
And in this scenerio, celebs are watching and I have to deal with a constant interface of their supposed thoughts and reactions.

Of course this is all a total deception and tech is being used to create it probably along with chemical influences, which I know from being sprayed directly by perps, can make the tech more effective on a human being.
And it should be obvious that the illusion of important people having a constant interface with me is nothing but a heavy handed BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION program.

These people know I am and was moreso before multi talented and intelligent, and that I admired powerful, successful people and would USE THEM AS ROLE MODELS as my family sucks and were failures. Its natural I would seek to learn how successful people lived or what their biographies told me about their experiences.

So,.they use this to.keep me a prisoner of THEIR USE OF MY IMAGINATION AGAINST ME..not my imagination under my Will and control-believe me, on holidays or in locations where the tech isnt effective like underground or basements in hospitals I dont have these experiences.

The famous people they use against me are a list I could.reveal but who knows what that would do. All i need is one double of me stalking someone on that list.
Or they use my 'confession' to control me further.
This stressing me is all about getting me to blog so they can firstly get me to confess and tell things as a way of cult mind control and keeping control over me. Secondly is to gain information essentially through interrogation using torture so that they have more material to.use in the next psy ops they do.

But when I texted my former traveling companion,the internet speeded up to a normal.response level, i stopped feeling like i was reduced to a psychotic ape smashing my phone and didnt feel controllled or frustrated.

Sexual arousal is of course being used, low level, to attain this state of frustrstion, violence and when combined with the humiliation of GS (that brings back all the effects of years of their sexual tortures during Bush and early Obama)-an urge to self injure or self destruct.

The sexual arousal was pleasant at first when it was being used to try to persuade this human female mammal to find a local male and seettle down. Even trying to push me into desperation-i know a male who lives outside the city who's been a drunk for years and isnt exactly safe to live with but damn it if that isnt one of their goals for me.

Its always about settling with a needy male who I would have to be a caretaker with who would block me from my goals or its about settling down and conforming and forgetting about what's happened-and not writing my book.

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