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Monday, August 2, 2010

Pete Townshend- not a Jew,not African American and not a victim of smear..just an alleged pedo

America is making me more and more consistently angry that I need to get a passport and get the hell out of here. I am on my way to becoming the kind of person that takes actions against my own country at any level or any cost...which is what a gang stalking campaign is all about. Then its a self fulfilling prophecy and having me under suspicion pays off even though its THIER harassment and psych warfare that makes people hateful and violent.

Here is why: You as Americans have the f*ckin audacity to whine about Townsend getting caught looking at child porn, without being convicted but there are a sh*tload of examples where you DONT care about violence in media or child porn in media (see pic)

or other celebrities caught doing worse shit than just looking. Its pissing me off so badly I think its time for me to take me dignity and my backpack across the ocean, to get harassed in places where people at least admit to the horrors humans are capable of. I will write my expose over there where I can slash my enemies and former associates to pieces and be free of consequences, since being dirt poor and squatting nightly is not the kind of thing one wants to do after ripping one's enemies in an expose.,people,news,child-abuse-groups-ban-townshend-super-bowl-xliv-gig-miami-nfl-the-who

I have absolutely had it with this country. I get hardly any respect for my activism here. This country is a total lost cause and that is the end of it. I am done. I dont care if I need health insurance to live with my health in the balance all the time or if I live on Benydryl. That's what they think, if they ruin my health I will be like my mother, having to return to my family's pathetic house, all fat and sickly like her, and sleep most of the day with no live to speak of due to being targeted. No one is going to beat me down slowly so that I end up in THAT position. I will DIE over seas before the USA, especially the forces here back home, break me down.
Do you know what a social worker in Buffalo had the arrogance to say to me during the height of the harassment years ago? I NEVER told any one at that welfare office any of my relative's addresses or any next of kin. I only gave them my p.o. box end of story and I was homeless. The idiot at the window looks at me with his hand over his forehead, leaning and says "Why dont you just go home to your grandmother's house Rachael?" Who in the f*ck do you arrogant assh*les think you are? I wont ever speak to my family again becuz they tried to suggest I was nuts AFTER months of telling me all about the harassment and things like "There is no guarantee they will stop following you", real manipulative sh*t like that. Why would I go back? I was also bribed with housing in MI if only I would claim I was mental. They actually thought I was that weak, that I would break that easily.

When so many people think they can disrespect you, and you cannot defend yourself, it becomes clear that you live in a country that is NOT free, that is NOT just and has been taken over by factions that its people can no longer control, and thats even if they are smart enough to see its been taken from them. I have been disrespected by people like that across the USA with no end in sight. I am treated like a criminal all the time with NO real crimes in my history, no convictions of crimes other than having some dope on me as a kid. One arrest my whole life and that's all..and my life has been ruined, I have been abused to the point where my mental, emotional and physical being is permanently damaged. (by the way for those of you who keep pushing for me to "be honest" about the whole situation- you are extremely arrogant. Citizens cant just be tortured like this and hounded. Get a f*ckin subpoena then. I dont have to get honest about sh*t, unless of course you work for a faction who is not doing things legally. Like making me think its about me confessing or testifying when in fact its just torture to destroy and no justice would come of it at all. This system knows damn well what telling my whole story in full under conditions of torture. It would destroy my system of compartmentalization and expose me directly to traumatic memories, which should be gone over in a therapists office not alone and publicly under torture. Its forced deprogramming. They also know that after I do such a thing I will most likely commit suicide.)

I seem to have run into people from all walks of life that know about what has been done and its severity and they really get off on it. They will actually say things pertaining to abuse and have this smirk. Its like they are not even human. THAT is who controls my life every day of my life until I get smart and commit suicide or give them what they want and return to the sex industry in some capacity- most likely to be abused more severely than in the past. I am constantly blamed for my situation and treated like a piece of sh*t. No one cares. No one is helping me. So many people act as if I am the last person on earth they have sympathy for. WTF is this sh*t? I cannot believe the extent of the abuse around the USA and the American people do little more than indulge in systematic ignoring.
Even if I told my story and named all the real criminals and as many clients as I could, any one connected or involved in crime as well as told the story of my family and how screwed up they are I KNOW damn well I will still be ignored and no one is going to help me. And why should I tell on people? That only means that any and all harassment or torture I recieved was done to gain confession which is totally unecessary and ridiculous in my situation. It was unecessary and its the same assholes who are responsible for my mother being part of those radiation experiments to begin with.

The USA has a totally out of control military industrial complex, a CIA that still insists on destroying records of its crimes like its still the 1950's or some sh*t, still an organized crime problem as well as many new players that DONT leave the murder scenes nice and neat-"Dont forget the canoli's"..the Russian mafia is brutal, the Mexicans retain the ancient shocking violence of thier Aztec ancestors and blacks have become so clever at playing the same game as the Jews- that no one dare point out that there is a 'gangsta' problem anymore- in real life OR the media. And there are still the old players the mafia (Sicilians), the syndacate (Jewish organized crime) and the Chinese. The blacks are notorious for raising crime to new lows over the past decades by not respecting boundaries of decency while conducting 'business'. I am sure the legit factions loved this as it makes the US seem more violent and makes whites afraid so even MORE call for anti crime, anti terror, war on drugs..get them off recreational drugs and put them on big pharma.
The whole country has been bullied one way or another by multiple factions into submission by the 'create a problem solve a problem' methods. Or at least do the minimal about the problem. Covert warfare on targeted individuals is notorious for including professional neglegence as an act of aggression towards the TI. Dont do your job properly or at all IS taking action.

All this over the decades and you become so obsessed with child porn and molesters. OK SO WHY AM I TARGETED..WTF????!!! I can no longer live with the two minds of Americans. It IS clinical insanity and you would HAVE to take drugs to think this way for life. Only an idiot would be able to suck up how much crime, exploitation and corruption goes down in the US and stand by all that, then become concerned about only certain issues of abuse or decency. I love the statement in the above article whining "Americans are on the sex registry for LIFE". Listen you stupid, pious b*tch, the real dangerous offenders are people who will never be caught and someone like me who can tell you who they are or at least how they hide as well as businesses connected to such things, and protected by your beloved police, fire and union targeted into killing themselves. Of course YOU and people LIKE YOU do nothing to help someone like me other than hang your f*cking heads, avoid it altogether or go along with the ultimate smear- that I am just a mental case.

Here are some examples of how f*cked America is and why whatever pious b*tch that wrote this should give me her address cuz I am a victim who now sleeps outside, has no family cuz they tried to frame me up as mental to keep me quiet about my grandfather screwing up the family and everyone I know WHO IS A REAL CRIMINAL AND IS ENGAGING IN EITHER FRAUD, MONEY LAUNDERING, or DRUG DEALING IS DOING JUST FINE UNDER THE PROTECTION OF THE LOCAL POLICE AND THIER BUDDIES.
Whatsamatta, are the rich men with vices in your own country much more socially acceptable to you than some British invasion rocker?

That is partially the case.
Americans are brain washed like cult members into certain celebrities cults of personality.
-Woody Allen.
He was caught doing more than just looking. I am much more lax in my views on sex due to being raised in the 70's as a child and seeing many girls in the 80's being 13 and having boyfriends or 16 year olds who knew exactly what they were doing going out with 19 year old boys who had cars already. It was much more privately Italian, Irish and Peurto Rican in Waltham when I was a kid and those cultures dont have a hang up about age, at least in the old days. It was how the kid acted towards your daughter not how old he was, and if he misbehaved the neighborhood would take care of it or the family not some faceless arm of the law. Nowadays whites are mostly controlled by the state or federal govt. Their systems of self governance and 'neighborhoods', 'families'- tribes really have broken down. People are now basically all connected on what resembles a grid system, watching the same tv shows across the nation, in the same computer system's, and having the same corporate coffee shops and stores to shop in. It creates a one world governing system, but not officially just socially. And this is the time of the Hoverers. Like aliens come to invade earth we see these new and unwelcome strange creatures everywhere. Millenials are comfortable with them as they were raised with helecopter parents or 'hovering' parents but its drives Gen X'ers crazy due to us being left very much alone to figure things out for ourselves growing up. And we were raised to mistrust this constant Big Brother behavior from our 60's parents so it just makes us paranoid really...which makes the Hovering creatures pay more attention to our then 'suspicious behavior', which in turn creates a cycle of power plays for physical and psychic space so that what should have been a simple check out at the self service check out in CVS or the supermarket turns into all out war with The Man, where Gen X will NOT give up until we feel freed of opression, becuz mom or dad drilled it into us from birth to fight for freedom against Big Brother...which makes the whole episode take like 10-15 minutes when it should have taken 5. Especially when immigrants work exclusively in the store who know nothing about America before 9-11 or Bush, and seem to have taken to the over suspicious current atmosphere as if this is how America has always been. If an American born clerk takes on look at me or speaks to me they can tell I am not a traveler who steals, but becuz many do steal, the foriegn born newcomers can only profile us as theives, due to having no understanding of social cues in our society.

That was supposed to be humorous but much of these changes to our society, though separate issues unto themselves, happening at a relatively close proximity in time FORM A SYSTEM OF VERY STRICT SOCIAL CONTROL OVER THE POPULATION ESPECIALLY URBAN POPULATIONS. Dont you think its odd that so many more people got targeted heavily during a time period that their logical steps in protecting themselves and self defense would be included in the anti terror listings to make them look suspicous? C'mon you must have picked up on that one...its one of the first things a TI realizes. 'Oh shit. I'm homeless, jobless, have a video camera or camera, panhandle or travel with no real address. I am now basically the profile of a possible terrorist if not at least suspicious or the definition of a subversive.' That creates even more psychological pressure on a TI. And the hovering foriegn guy from a super sexist country like Africa for instance is going to stress a female TI out even more, even if he is just trying to do what they told him was his job. But nowadays assisting a customer more resembles nosiness outright and the younger people do not realize how thier actions and thier expressions truly are nosy and very judgemental of a person. They were raised in a spy culture and that is what they are all basically trained to behave like nowadays and they dont have the life experience of years that we have to be able to look someone in the eye and know their basic nature and what they are capable of.
TI's had thier campaigns stepped up to red or 24/7 at that time on purpose. The terrorist situation and the changes in society due to that would and DO serve as added psychological pressure to destroy the person.

Strange who I can be found at any time in any location but they cant get the real criminals. And they know who they are too. That is why a TI's story can never be substantiated by the court system or to a large degree deemed officially acknowledged: becuz then it would be apparent that they can track down real criminals and do what they are supposed to be doing not protecting criminals and the ever lasting pedophile networks/prostitution rings- all protected by police and their buddies and if clients are important enough- the feds or worse. The organized crime around this is very nasty.
We have seen evidence from Boy's town as well as Boncci's case that very important men are usually involved- men of influence, connection and wealth. I can attest to that being true, at least on a level of the sex industry. And I dont think anyone would suspect what they are up to on the sly.

So then what is this b*tch on about? Its not that I dont think Townshend deserves to be defended- that is for a lawyer in a court of law and since he was never brought in and a case made we will never know what the circumstances were. But if I know anything about the excesses of the 70's that I can recall it was an very lax era where any conscience over corruption was covered up by Qualuudes, cocaine and pot. The USA glorifies what it wants to and ignores any unpleasant reality in favor of what it favors.
You know what Pete Townshends biggest crime is? He hasnt done anything for you lately. THAT is the childish mindset of the American public. What about 'genius' Woody Allen? Oh cant touch him becuz Hollywood got his back as well as we all know it- the Jewish community would never let him fall. Ever. And there isnt much the public can do about that is there? Lets blame Mia for being baby obssessed instead...I mean what is a neurotic man supposed to do who's in therapy for years on end? If you get enough babies in the house around him, something is bound to happen. Like it was the natural progression.
Also I dont think he will be performing in any super bowl half times, if he did we might live in a much more interesting world.
(Any act that does the superbowl is on my Z list soon after anyway. Its a portal to death really. You have entered the creepy zone of fame at that point. I dont care how much of a cross pollenation, sell out era we live in. Its like the netherworld of venues..its just...bizarre. )

Michael Jackson was never officially indicted either but more than once accused- and though he was ranked on alot for it and suspected for the remainder of his life- he continued to perform and be loved by many. Ohh, thats right, now the black community has his back.

Lets see... well lets go onto what you dont know wont hurt you..or get you pissed off. The reality of our world especially in entertainment is that plenty of the artists, performers and personalities you love are creepier than you could ever know. If you had to deal with some of these personalities..or should I say alter personalities when they are not 'on' or living in thier famous alters you THINK you know and love, you wouldnt like them very much anymore. And by the way many people who stay in careers for painfully lengthly careers do so is that they either invest in things or indulge in things (therefore have dirt on other people who indulge), that you would find unsavory, or have tolerated such things. The entertainment industry has been and always will be connected to crime and is very nasty as a business.
There are people doing superbowl every year that if you knew thier personal history, you might not want them in your face on such a venue. Especially these old time performers that we idolize, as if things were better during the good old days- no there wasnt any exposure thats all. I would trust a celebrity moreso now or at least that so much bullsh*t isnt tolerated from them as much now than in the old days. I cannot imagine how much more sick and f*cked up coming up in showbiz must have been during say the 40's or the 20's. There must have been absolutely no controls on such people with those tastes as well as disclosure was readily rejected by most people in RA is now.

You better get real about the world we live in and the true nature of human beings- especially human beings in power or protected by power and wealth.
Though the US now thinks its hip and edgy, dressing in Harley D's bike gear ripping out onto the highway as weekend warriors or getting all the tattoos they want now (due to it being legal as well as the ability to get them removed), being rude and uncivil and apathetic as a means to prove how 'gangsta' America is as a whole or with thier beloved jack ass Marine wrestling hero flashing the devil sign during matches or embracing soft core Satanism in general nowadays or letting the kids indulge in Manson and Slipknot- unless you LIVE in a true war zone or you have touched on that at some point in your life you still dont know how brutal humans can be.

The true nature of the darkest evil within humanity is hidden, and it works by staying hidden.

So like going after smokers instead of polluting big corporations around the world, even in our neighboring Mexico, you go after the smoking gun- the one you can see. The one who got exposed.

Do you realize how many old school rock musicians are sick f*cks by today's standards? Artists in general have historically been an unstable and immoral group by normal people's standards. I would like to say something like 'stop policing the world' but I wont becuz its about free Will. What I do suggest is that you look a bit closer at every smiling face on that damn box (or flat rectangle depending on your finances). Also realize that entertainment in itself is illusion. If you want the illusions, if you need them so badly to live in the USA then you must realize that part of the price of having that or being part of that is you turn a blind eye to that system's nasty habits.

The band that gave my ex a job to get him on the map after he was used by the gs system to destroy my life, I was told my someone that in order to work for them he had to have "helped someone" do something pretty f*cked up. This is a band that has been famous for longer than God and have fans that are unquestionably loyal to thier members, it often reminds me of cult leaders. They screw up alot and I was told those moments are kept private and even when they are not its like no big deal with the public. Also, people close to thier camp described it as "a sick scene". There is hardly any negative press about them other than very light stuff or things that use thier obvious public screw ups as examples, even then its treaded upon lightly. There is zero negative press besides the usual 'that guy sucks at his musical ability' fair game material. Nothing. Not a word. Not an article nor an expose at all. Nothing even far out or raising doubt.
One of the members ex spouses wrote a book, and when one compared that material to years of thier camp's material pumped into the media on her, from what I know about the way the northeast works and the way life is, she sounded believable. But the book was a temporary oddity, did a bit of damage, was returned with a bigger autobiographical book to counter hers or crush it was the indication by the size of the book, and I believe she's dead now. They are still working. They will be working until they drop where they are standing.

And they are not great people, I have heard they are questionable parents, as all people in that age group were, and its very typical of show business..thats my point.

I am not half as pissed off at people like them as one would be in my position. Becuz that is the very nature of that business and I saw nothing but bs growing up around it for a time and I saw nothing but people protecting thier own under all circumstances- that is how dysfunctional people survive.

My family does it, the cops do it...there are more dysfunctional people who work and FUNCTION just fine as long as thier group, tribe or family has an agreed upon set of rules, denials etc etc to not expose reality to harshly. And when you are out, you are out.
My own family as well as my associates are a prime example. Even before I got totally left out in the cold I was never really free to be myself or to excel as I served as either scapegoat for my family or work horse for my associates. I had relatively no freedom whatsoever and that was also psychologically, which was constantly enforced by the people around me.

Perhaps Townshend pissed someone off or didnt kiss the right ass or had enemies from his past seeing an opportunity finally, or there was vendetta could be anything. But there are people who do way worse than that and they serve in positions more sensitive than entertaining you.

The issue with what Townshend is trying to pull off is that becuz he IS the Anglo Saxon white male, he is actually attempting to get into the Superbowl gig. Michael Jackson or Woody Allen wouldnt even try it after being exposed.
But so many artists you love are screwed up or just sick and so are the people around them.

Also consider this: Townshend did a few very political albums, very meaningful and actually would make one think, not just consider to do so. That along with how much celebrity he has might have just gotten him an enemy or two or even targeted. Its not to say whether he has a past as a pedo or was victimized himself. Its that the smear people will take WHATEVER dirt you have and really work it into the spotlight. In other words in a business chock full of sick f*cks and crazies, sociopaths and psychos- why is he getting caught on his computer? What cuz he wasnt smart enough to travel outside to Cuba or Thailand where there is little exposure or protections like many men do?

By the way if you had any idea what your tax lawyer might be wearing at his desk or your real estate agent or the owner of a textile factory or a major clothing store were up to on thier own time you wouldnt want to deal with them either. You have a problem with Townshend getting exposed...that is what I believe about the public now, being on the this side of years of gang stalking to keep my silenced about what I do know.

It embarasses you and inconveniences you to have to deal with that reality. Even if you suspect it all along it doesnt matter to you until you HAVE to deal with it. I have seen the public so hate and ignore victims of abuse as well as remain purposefully ignorant regarding the sex industry as well as the homeless population, continuing to believe what the Man requires you to believe to make his corrupt system work for everyone to have a 'good life' here, that I believe you are more angry at someone for getting exposed than for what they actually did.
From my perspective I see many hanging heads and people looking away, or believing corrupt authority and supporting the cops and thier cronies even if they are wrong or murderous. You dont care about victims..thats bullsh*t. You dont even take the time to understand victims of trauma but instead lean on the industry of psychiatry to medicate people or shut them away, making the disorder model ever more popular than the trauma model to explain why people are so messed up.

You dont care about what goes on outside your little worlds until reality messes up the illusion that things are just fine. And this is mostly due to you having absolutely no guts whatsoever in fighting a ridiculously oppressive system that has formed. So you worry about what Pete Townshend is doing or what I was doing or what reality stars are doing or what Britney is doing or what Brangelina is up to, or watch TMZ - a show that could only exist in the public abuse humiliation culture we have created with our spy culture. It shouldnt even exist and it should be deemed illegal if not totally tasteless that a bunch of no talent bitter kids are egged on by one cranky littel Jewish man to insult and harass whoever is not untouchable. What are they working for Mossad? WTF? That show is so damn unreasonable its ridiculous. Cheaters is another piece of crap- why WOULD an obviously satanic looking very GAY man want to do anything but destroy hetero relationships? I want to see a gay version of cheaters, where they bust his ass ( not pun intended) for being a the wrong place wrong time. If he's capable of human emotions or frailties at all.
And that ridiculous 'Gotcha!' journalism show where that idiot entraps 30 yr olds who like 16 yr olds. OK its off age. 30 is too old for a 16 yr old girl. But I dont think 20 would be..and I dont want to hear any bullshit or arguments becuz if you dont have a womb at this moment you are disqualified from any discussion- just like at pro life/choice rallies. I was a teenage girl once and I think I know what its like. Again we dont need MEN telling us what to do with our bodies outside of what is reasonable- and the system has become very unreasonable towards young people today. They are treated like they have no brains of their own from birth nowadays. And the messages in media are that if you DONT come from a good home, being irresponsible and ghetto is your best choice to conforming to YUPpyism. Not much room for people to think for themselves really or be survivalists. That is what we were in my day...survivalists. If a kid ran away you'd go and help them or your family would let them stay. The govt or the system wasnt intruding into our lives to the extent it does today.
It reeks of social control. For young people to be so afraid of living is a shame. I have heard of young couples both 17years old and when the boy turned 18 he was in trouble for being with his girlfriend. Your society is very stands now only to create an order that gains unquestioned compliance from human beings not justice or law and order. The younger cops I deal with as a squatter have only a law and order mentality, they have little understanding of how to mediate or to negotiate with the realities of common people's lives- either that or they are on the phone swearing and just being glad they got the job chatting to a friend while the 'bad' rookie spouts law and order heavy. Cops used to be people that judged if you were a real threat or not and act accordingly- not enforcing the law to the letter- which is laughable considering how much corruption they HAVE to partake in in order to exist, and that means NOT enforcing the laws for one of thier own, their families or some elite person or their families.

Its a disgusting and extremely stressful world out there now where those groups and individuals targeted or spotlighted are being paraded before the public as major diversions, or simply made examples of to insist that the new facist system is right and good and working for society.
That isnt the result I see.

What about my life? My life is ruined beyond repair and I was NOT a career criminal. Many people in the Boston area knew what was happening and actually thought it was either funny or that it was so great how much power this system has to destroy someone. You have to then question exactly who is in charge here and who or what has infultrated our world to the point where cops now enforce the laws with a high and mighty stance using things like "Thats why we pay taxes, its public land and your not supposed to sleep here", but I am sleeping there becuz of corruption and actions taken against me that are unethical, disregarding all laws, civil rights and human rights. So how does that make any sense?

It seems that there is a covert faction that is very large in number nowadays that manages such affairs in the USA without the knowledge of the common man, like our friend the rookie cop who, if older might look me over, see I am not as dirty or as young as the other kids, that my pack is more expensive and durable, and I seem organized, and take a moment to try to assess why I am not 'the typical' and why the hell am I out here anyway especially being female. But profiling has taken over the cops natural inclination to process details for himself I suppose. THIS is what a bum looks like, THIS is what a terrorist looks like, THIS is ....whatever.

And the excuses I have heard for gang stalking as legit are ridiculously self pitying. That the jobs in MA arent what they used to be? Give it up people.

When a culture starts to pick on details, target people and be overbearing and intrusive yet at the same time tolerates the kind of corruption and removal of humanity I have seen in the behavior of recent years there is something very very wrong.

This young kid spoke with me this morning, his question being why does no one seem to care about how things are going in the US, that things are so corrupt and rarely make sense. He asked "Why does no one seem to care?", this is the general attitude of his generation. They have either accepted the "why bother" turned off thinking mode (rationalized by the actions of the adminstration they grew up with) or they seem truly perplexed that nothing makes sense.
It rarely has made sense but conditions now are extreme and brutal. What people like him are experiencing is the pain of NOT turning off to the world around them either with medication or consumerism or compliance with a system that demands it as well as not to question its authority. The kid will probably be bullied in life due to actually thinking about what he sees and he sees too much already. Its no surprise that he's been to a psych ward already- you have to understand, going to the psych ward is not like it was when we were young. In my day you had to be pretty f*cked up to be committed. Eccentricities or odd human isms or personal weirdness or personality traits were just considered part of who you were. The problem with today's world is that its been made so expensive, and so conditional as to who makes a comfortable life for themselves, that no one can afford to be themselves anymore. Being socially acceptable or fitting in is now part of people's very survival for food and shelter. That is a pretty heavy yolk for thier necks and its working just as the oppressor wants it to.
People are caving in. Especially scared sh*tless are the young who never knew a culture any different than that. And the ones that DO question or act out are drugged or put away. Many end up in the street, as they always have. But in my day there would be some mom to take the kids in or some person letting them crash who was safe. There still is but not like it used to be when people were allowed to take care of each other.
Also the kids ending up in the streets is being focused on now like its something new. Its not. Kids have been splitting from abusive homes or acting out thier nomadic nature for as long as any of us living can remember.

I can understand people not wanting the arrogance of what Townshend is trying to pull off, but to him these things are just tolerated in his business. And the public does have a notoriously short memory. Maybe he should do what Marky Mark did or Puffy? Change your handle so that the stupid thing you did dies with that 'alter', cuz that is what they did. Marky Mark used the word N*gger and Madonna exposed that to the world- but Mark Wahlberg is such a different guy. Puffy got caught with a gun in his care that was unregistered, P. Diddy is such a different guy. Maybe Pete Townshend can remake his image and come up with a nifty new name so that old guy PETE TOWNSHEND was caught looking at child porn for research purposes..WHATS-HIS-FACE is such a different guuuy.

I notice 50 cent doesnt have to worry about his weirdness too much...oh thats right the hardcore black community has his back. And also those guys are always in trouble- they are trouble. Thats the other thing about Townshend...he WAS one of those guys back when he was young, always in trouble. But thats when he was young. Like I said he isnt doing anyone any favors at this age as one is only as good as one's last whatever or in his case his huge repetiore of creations. He's outaged them and no one really recalls how great they you're in trouble old man...and the charges are as follows:
-not being young and attractive anymore and making girlies moist themselves
-not wrecking guitars anymore on stage like a madman..making young men moist themselves
-not getting the public off of late with something that is so good that you are forgiven of all sins due to your artistic contribution to thier world of escapism, especially needed in America like a junkie needs dope to function and survive. You are the popular artist- you are the dealer, and you must deliver
-not being relavent
-making comments hating on rap music in the press
-being an Anglo Saxon white guy
-being a rock and roller from the 60's where you will always be hounded by authority who hates your guts for even being there or acting out at all and for life seeks to put you and your mates in your place, and like the weather men will get you even if it takes 40 years to do so.

I know damn well that a person of his ilk probably gets plenty of special treatment and no its not right, but I am more disgusted at the naivete of the public. Is pro sports that squeaky clean in your minds that an old perv rocker would screw it up that bad? Do you have any idea how much drug taking and women beating goes on in pro sports? Have you even looked at the numbers connected to domestic violence instances during pro sporting events on TV? Instead of whining about the nasty habits of the act in half time do as I do: sit there and think of how much worse some woman somewhere is going to get it just becuz of some testosterone driven tv content, which by the way, off all venues of entertainment, creeps me out the most in how much money is involved in it as a sport. Millions of dollars? WTF? There are good looking athletic people who get wasted when they are no longer of use in their profession (see my life story), and their jobs are not easy and require qualities not alot of people have...not paid off so they can mend their injuries later in life. And stop making women volleyballers and basketballers wear tight little shorts and mascara--or else I demand you start doing the same on your time clocked in, in which case I may tune in more.

If you want to catch pedo's you need to start believing victims- all kinds. Not just famous people who get caught doing something you all KNOW you wondered about the person all these years anyway..but you never questioned did you?


Anonymous said...

And remember the massive effort levied to make you look and/or feel like a pedo. This is very ironic, given that there were people photographing you (in erotic poses?) as a young child. You were clearly taken advantage of -- violated -- yet, there is an effort by these "groups" to make YOU into the sex offender. Interesting. That goes to show you how disgusting and arrogant some of these perps are. You suffered, yet, you have to suffer for what you were a victim of in the first place.

Oh yeah, and you can bet that Pete Townshend was framed up as a front to cover for THEIR sex offender crimes. Potentially, the purpose would be to get all eyes on him, while the other hardcore pedos were slamming their cocks into tiny children.

Anonymous said...

The worst part about being targeted is no one has my back. Sure, there are various factions and perps within factions retaliating against the other, but really, nobody has my back, and nobody really is standing up to the oppressor. I think people really like it that way, because most people are just your average person who is benefiting from somehow or enjoying watching someone being destroyed. They don't understand true talent, and even if they did, they still would want them destroyed to make themselves stand out. I think the general consensus is, people think this One World Government is a good thing for them. No more hunger; everyone will be equally poor and stupid, while the Ruling Elite get to fuck around doing non consensual human experimentation on the masses, while nobody gives a fuck. Because everyone will be equally below par and dumb. Awesome.

I had perps spamming me an hour ago, telling me it's time for bed. I actually almost fell for it, before telling myself to go tell the perps to go fuck themselves, I am a free man and will do as I please. See, that's one aspect of the New World: everyone will go to bed at the exact time the Ruling Faction tells them. And when it's time to wake up, the Ruling Faction will wake them via remote influence or having designated street urchens screaming in the streets or having loud conversation. It will be just like we TI's are experiencing, except since the New World Govt. is firmly in place, it will apply to everyone, no more TI's. The Masses will be in the same position the TI's are now. Awesome again.

Anonymous said...

You mean Chris Hanson? LOL. Interesting how he goes after the "little guys", but where is he going after the abusers in the National Security Agency, FBI, CIA? Those people that he "Catches", any competent law enforcement agency should be in charge, not some asshole journalist. Now let's see him "catch" this guy:

LOL, "you think that's fake"? Of course, it's nothing more than a humiliation show, so the rich and those abusive factions can sit back and laugh at something that will never happen to them.